Hybrid Windows Explained

Over many months, we have been asked to feature Hybrid Windows also known as composite windows. Like sliding folding doors, set to be the next big thing and we will be running a series of posts on hybrids.

So what is a Hybrid Window?

Hybrid windows offer all the benefits of powder-coated aluminium windows externally with the added advantages of engineered timber internally. These are a high insulation composite timber/aluminium mix and most systems companies offer matching door and framing systems.

Windows are available in a wide choice of RAL colours for the aluminium element of Hybrid Windows and the timber internally can be either natural or treated.

One major advantage of Hybrid or Composite Window Systems is the high thermal efficiency and most produce U values which exceed the current standards and indeed look very likely to exceed the future standards due to change in 2013 and 2016.

Similar to Aluminium Windows and Doors hybrid windows offer the low maintenance of a polyester powder coated finish externally.  Inside the composite window the timber is engineered which means there is no risk in the future of warping or twisting. Maintenance is obviously going to be required on the timber internally at some point.

Reputable manufacturers and systems companies will, of course, be promoting that all the timber in composite windows comes from sustainable forests and there should also be waste control management systems in place.  Naturally, all the profiles, whether wood or timber are recyclable.

Hybrid Windows are available in side and top hung and tilt and turn configurations. They are more expensive than normal aluminium windows but generally high spec houses, commercial and quality residential developments will specify these.

Currently there are a variety of systems available but we think the one from Senior Aluminium Systems is very worth a look. Alternatively, contact us for a list of manufacturers and suppliers.

Hybrid or Composite Windows and Doors.

Hybrid Windows will most likely be the next big thing.  There are already established businesses in the UK such as Velfac, Scandinavian Window Systems and Senior Systems, all with an established product range available now.

Most of the aluminium wood composite systems available today are achieving wider exposure and starting to appear in specifications.  Manufacturers of these systems will in most cases supply them fully fabricated and glazed and treated.

It is common to see these today in both Residential and Commercial projects as like aluminium not only do they offer a true very low maintenance solution, they are beautifully contructed, very attractive and natural looking as well.  Above all they really do offer the best thermal, acoustic and aesthetics even over aluminium and certainly over bland, welded thick and chunky plastic windows with fake woodgrain foils!

Hybrid or Composite Windows offer you the advantages of powder coated aluminium externally and engineered timber, pine or Oak internally.

The aluminium element of the window or door can be polyester powder coated or anodised in the hundreds of finishes available today.

Internally the wood can be left natural or treated with paint, stain lacquer or other treatment.

Most systems will accommodate double glazed units from 28mm to over 40mm with triple glazing options.

For Window Energy Ratings Composite windows offer the lowest possible U Values  with a double-glazed U-value of approx 1.5W/m2K or triple glazed with overall U-value of up to 1.0W/m2K.

All Hybrid Window Systems are available today in casment, tilt and turn, pivot windows, french and patio doors and sliding folding doors.

They offer all the normally expected levels of security, whether this is to  BS7950/Secured By Design Standards.

Hybrid Window, Door and Curtain Walling Systems from Senior Aluminium

In the UK, Senior Aluminium Systems are being very prominent in the promotion of Hybrid Windows and Doors.  Hybrid windows combine all the benefits of aluminium externally with engineered wood internally.

The Hybrid System from Seniors is a high insulation product, available in window, door and curtain walling systems.  Recently installed at the expanded campus of York University where almost 1000 windows were installed.

Seniors Introduced the system recently and having worked with the curtain walling and window systems in the past they really do design some excellent products.

Their hybrid system uses engineered timber and with a specially developed jointing system between the timber and the aluminium.   We in the trade will know that aluminium expands with heat and timber contracts with moisture so you have the issue of external heat and internal moisture.  Seniors developed a clip system that is strong enough to join the two materials together, yet still allows the required movement of the profiles.

The Seniors Hybrid Range includes:
Series 1 traditional composite windows and doors
Series 2 slim-line windows
Series 3 composite curtain wall system.

If you are a fabricator and considering hybrid windows you may think you need to have joinery skill.  In fact, aluminium fabricators can use much of their existing machinery, skills and operations in fabricating Senior Hybrid Windows.

Another advantage to the Senior System is it is in the UK.  Having worked with imported products recently, the lead times can be horrendous and seriously hold up projects on site.  It is good that there is a very well designed quality hybrid system available here in the UK.

Price, whilst more expensive than aluminium is not an issue with composite windows.  This is one clear example where you definitely get what you pay for and any customer of chunky plastic windows who baulks at the price really doesn’t get the point of hybrid windows at all.

Published on July 18, 2011