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SUNFLEX UK is a premium brand of windows, doors and glass solutions, established over thirty years.  Based in Norwich and available throughout the UK, the SUNFLEX range of products comes from a specialist network of Approved Distributors.

Glazing professionals, architects and professionals associate the SUNFLEX name with sought-after, specialist windows, doors and glazing solutions.  Quality-conscious homeowners also benefit from a premium brand offering a full range of home improvement products having some of the best quality and design features available on the market.  Home improvement firms offering SUNFLEX products are regarded as specialists in their field.

Bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows from SUNFLEX UK.

The SUNFLEX product range meets exacting standards and specifications as well as top-of-the-line quality, function, performance and design. At the same time the engineering behind SUNFLEX products ensures customisation for one-off designs and individual requirements.

Every window and door comes with a professional installation from Sunflex-trained installers and with a long guarantee.

The prestigious, in-demand SUNFLEX bifolding door range is designed and made in Germany. All other products come from SUNFLEX UK’s dedicated production facility in Norwich.

Reasons to consider Sunflex windows and Doors.

Homeowners and the trade looking for premium, German bifolding doors and other advanced home improvement products benefit from SUNFLEX.

  • One of the best-known and most desirable brands in the world.
  • Substantial design features not found on other products.
  • Premium product and manufacturing quality.
  • Greater capability and performance than other brands.
  • Award-winning products such as “Best Glazed Door” for the SUNFLEX SF55 bifold


sunflex uk bifolding doors

The Sunflex UK product range.

The entire SUNFLEX product range comprises over 30 different aluminium, timber and hybrid products as well as frameless glazing and glass structures.

As a result, every product works as part of a new extension or build as well as replacing existing windows and doors with a latest-generation product.

Bifolding Doors

sunflex bifold doors

Bifolding doors from SUNFLEX are regarded as some of the best on the market.  Few bifolding doors offer features, materials, and high specification. As well being as a premium luxury bifold, SUNFLEX bifolding doors are also one of the slimmest you can buy.

Furthermore, bifolds also offer added features such as doors up to 3.5 metres high, curved or faceted doors and a German-made product.

Sliding Patio Doors

sunflexuk pocket sliding door 005

The SUNFLEX sliding door is one of the best-selling aluminium patio doors in the UK. Furthermore, the product comes with extensive re-engineering and substantial improvements. The SVG30 and SVG range are top-end sliding doors with several unique features and specifications.

Sliding Patio doors come in a variety of configurations, colours and hardware options.

Slide and Turn Doors

sunflexuk svg30 sliding doors 025

SUNFLEX slide and turn doors provide frameless single and double glazed doors ideal for outside spaces, internal partitions and glass enclosures.

Four innovative glass and slim-frame products from the Slide and Turn range.  Also available with minimal framing and an all-glass design as well as panoramic views. Therefore ideal for balconies, gardens,  and year-round outside rooms.

Moveable Walls

frameless sunflex

Moveable Wall products offer an innovative solution for creating flexible spaces in swimming pools, commercial, retail and office environments.

Where spaces need converting and opening up, quickly and easily, SUNFLEX Moveable Walls come in thermal, non-thermal, timber clad and full timber products.  Ideal for uninterrupted views and also converting a space quickly. Furthermore, they provide low U-Values, several glass options and acoustic performance.

Aluminium Windows

sunflex sf55c composite bifold 006

A premium range of home improvement products comprising casement windows tilt and turn windows or bespoke glazing.   SUNFLEX aluminium windows offer contemporary sight lines, high security and an extensive choice of colours.

The window ranges offer high security, multiple opening options, low U-Values as well as a frameless glass-on-glass corner. Suitable for replacement window projects as well as new extensions and buildings.


Front Doors and Residential Doors.

sunflex aluminium doors

SUNFLEX provides a quality range of bespoke front doors as well as residential doors for the side or back of a home.  The Front doors come in a big range of contemporary designs using a combination of strong, reinforced and highly insulated panels, with modern glass accents. Also available is a range of designer architectural hardware, creating an impressive front door.

The SAF and SEF range of residential doors creates single and double doors also available with matching screens, side panels and glazed windows.

Lantern, Rooflights and Patio Roofs

sunflex sf55 aluminium bifold 065

For glazed extensions and general roof glazing, SUNFLEX provides lantern roofs, lean-to roofs, rooflights and general roof glazing.

Key features include minimal structural support, a contemporary appearance as well as high-specification thermally insulated aluminium.  All roof products work with the entire range of bifolding and sliding doors.

Where to buy Sunflex products.

SUNFLEX UK products come through a specialist network of professional glazing and home improvement companies.  Contact us today for further information on the entire SUNFLEX range and where to buy.

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