Sunflex Slide and Turn Doors

SUNFLEX Slide and Turn doors offer expansive floor to ceiling glazing as well as flexible configurations and opening options. SUNFLEX slide and turn doors and framing are ideal for a garden room, creating an outside sheltered area, a room divider or glass enclosure. Also desirable for restaurants, cafes and bars.

There are four Sunflex slide and turn doors products all providing a minimal framed system with the best in uninterrupted views. Made by Sunflex and fitted by ID Systems is a luxury vistaline product too.

sunflex slide and turn doors installed in a cafe

The Benefits of Sunflex Slide and Turn Doors.

SUNFLEX slide and turn doors create frameless glass doors, with independent panels for convenience and ventilation. One of the most popular uses for this product is closing off outside areas and general glass enclosures,  thanks to the minimal framing and all glass appearance.

One reason to consider slide and turn doors is their larger panels, discreet appearance and discreet aluminium frames. Single glazed product benefit from virtually no visible mullion thanks to discreet gaskets or thin frame. Furthermore, the operation of slide and turn doors differs from conventional bifolding doors.  Every panel moves independently.  As a result, there are more options for ventilation as well as how many panels you leave open.

Another benefit is virtually no visible hardware or the visible hinges of conventional bifolding doors. As a result, most of the door components sit at the top and bottom of the frame, hidden from view.

Good design means slide and turn doors are easy to use with a single trace on most versions. There are also doors offering open corners, sliding around corners and panels all stacking on the one side. A reduced version of slide and turn doors creates frameless and minimal windows.

Frameless SF25 Doors.

SUNFLEX SF25 slide and turn doors come with single safety glass up to 10mm thick.  Ideal for creating glass enclosures for weather protection and enhanced comfort for outside spaces.  Depending on the exposure, panels come with or without a vertical seal.

The thin top and bottom frame come in a choice of colours as well as the latest silver anodised or metallic finishes — a versatile system for most commercial or residential projects, with maximum panel sizes of 800mm wide and 2600mm high.  Key or turn-knob locking is available.

Slim Frame SF25f Doors.

The SF25F Sunflex slide and turn doors come with a minimal 45mm visible frame where doors meet in the closed position. Ideal for those looking for a minimal framed slide and turn door with more visible aluminium. A single glazed system with glass up to 10mm thick allows panel sizes of up to 2600mm high and 800mm wide.

Four different bottom tracks offer the option of a recessed or more prominent detail, with neat inside and outside finish.  There is also the option of suitable draining for installations where there is higher moisture to deal with.  Like the SF25, this system is top running.

slide and turn doors

Frameless SF30 slide and turn doors.

The frameless SUNFLEX SF30 slide and turn suite allow bigger door panels thanks to the bottom running design. Door panels of up to 3metres high create excellent floor-to-ceiling panels for the best views through the quality glass up to 12mm thick.

Choose from either straight sliding panels or those opening around a corner.  As a result, multi-sided glass rooms create a contemporary outside space in the home. Also suitable for garden rooms, internal sliding folding walls, moveable partitions or balcony enclosures.

Double Glazed SF35 Doors.

For projects requiring improved thermal performance with the benefits of double glazed panels, choose the SUNFLEX SF35 product. Discreet aluminium frames in a choice of colours create comfortable garden rooms, room dividers and a more insulated balcony enclosure.

A very thin system, with sizes of just 41mm for enhanced views.  Each panel comes with 20mm toughened safety glass units. Thermally enhanced glass also comes with a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  Additionally, a flush handle on the lead door with key locking cylinder provides secure locking.

The SUNFLEX bifolding door range offers German-engineered and made aluminium products with certified weather performance and security.

How and where to buy SUNFLEX slide and turn doors.

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