6 Day Doors

6 Day Doors is a prominent supplier specialising in bespoke aluminium windows and doors. The company serves a dual market, offering products for DIY enthusiasts under a supply-only model and professional trade customers through supply and installation services. Operating on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, 6 Day Doors has established itself as a trusted partner for homeowners, architects, and developers seeking high-quality windows and doors for their projects.

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6 Day Doors – Company Information

Based in Essex and with four showrooms in Epsom, Brentwood, Loughton and Romford, 6 Day Doors is a manufacturing business designed to provide a fast delivery on windows and doors for homeowners, glazing installers and the construction trade.

The company distinguishes itself with a unique customer service and logistics approach, starting with fast delivery times. These are designed to provide windows and doors in the most popular colours on the promise of reliable and swift delivery, supported by a dedicated fleet of vehicles. This logistics approach ensures products made by 6-Day Doors arrive in pristine condition at the installation location. This service is particularly tailored for trade professionals and builders, who benefit from a seamless and efficient supply chain that supports the timely completion of projects.

6-Day Doors Supply Only Service

For those who prefer a DIY approach or for trade professionals with installation capabilities, 6 Day Doors offers a comprehensive supply-only service. This includes an expansive selection of windows, doors, and roofing products to meet various architectural and design needs. The service is backed by an innovative online platform that allows quick and easy ordering, instant quotations, and a hassle-free procurement process.

Delivery and Technical Support

Understanding the critical importance of timelines in construction and renovation projects, 6 Day Doors commits to delivering selected products, including their market-leading bifold doors, within 6 days to locations across London and the South East. This swift delivery commitment is supported by excellent technical support, a 10-year product guarantee, and a professional measuring service, ensuring that customers receive both products and guidance and assurance throughout their projects.

Product Range available from 6 Day Doors

Efficient Supply of the latest windows and doors

6 Day Doors offers an extensive selection of aluminium window and door products, known for their durability, sleek aesthetics, and energy efficiency. The range includes:

Trade Supply Bifold Doors

Available in one to six panels, fixed or open corner designs, glazed or unglazed, 6 Day Doors is an expert manufacturer of aluminium bifold doors.

The bifold doors come in a range of configuration options, including fixed or open corners, steel-look, flush tracks and with matching single and double doors.

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Supply Only Sliding Doors

Chigwell Window Centre offers an extensive selection of sliding doors with both standard and ultra-slim profiles. All supply only sliding doors feature narrow middle mullions, as slim as 20mm, and are designed to accommodate large, expansive openings with seamless flush tracks.

Sliding doors come from various systems, including Smart Systems Visoglide, Cortizo Cor-Vision and Cor-Vision Plus.

Trade Aluminium Windows

6 Day Doors offers a complete collection of residential and commercial aluminium windows direct to homeowners or installers on a trade supply-only basis.

These include the full Smart Systems Alitherm Collections (300, 400, 800) and steel-look options in many colours and glass options tailored to each project. Additionally, sash and tilt-and-turn windows are available.

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black gloss aluminium front door with side panels in 6 day doors showroom

Supply Only Front Doors

Three collections of aluminium front doors are available for homeowners and the trade from 6 Day Doors. These all comprise premium insulated aluminium and high-end decorative panels, with high security, and low U-Values as standard.

Available in modern or classic styles and all made to order, 6-Day front doors come with numerous accreditations, extensive guarantees and first-class quality.

Why Choose 6 Day Doors

Customisation and Quality

6 Day Doors strongly emphasises customisation, allowing clients to tailor their orders to the specific needs of their projects. The options cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, from the material and colour to the finish and design. Additionally, the high-quality construction of their products ensures durability and longevity.

Energy Efficiency and Security

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of 6 Day Doors’ product design. Their thermally insulated doors and windows help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, reducing energy costs. Moreover, advanced door-locking systems enhance the security of homes and buildings, providing peace of mind to homeowners and occupants.

Comprehensive Support and Reliability

The dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in 6 Day Doors’ personalized service approach, including the provision of an account manager and a customer services team ready to assist with any queries or needs. This commitment extends to their reliable 6-day delivery promise on selected products, showcasing the company’s understanding of the importance of meeting project deadlines without compromising on quality or service.

Trade and Direct Suppliers of Windows and Doors

6 Day Doors stands out as a leading supplier of bespoke aluminium windows and doors, offering a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, architects, and developers.

Focusing on quality, customisation, and fast service, the company provides a reliable and efficient solution for those seeking to enhance their properties’ aesthetic appeal and functionality. Whether through their swift supply-only service or expertly installed products, 6 Day Doors is a valuable partner for any construction or renovation project.