About the Aluminium Trade Supply Website

The ATS website is a unique, impartial, independent, knowledge-based website whose sole purpose is to inform the consumer and promote and support the aluminium systems companies trading in the UK.

The team behind the ATS has over thirty-five years of experience with door and window systems and can provide information about all aspects of aluminium in fenestration. As well as the homeowner, the information is suitable for architects, specifiers and builders for residential and commercial projects. 

What makes us unique is that we are the only dedicated platform that provides comprehensive information and independent coverage of virtually the entire UK market regarding aluminium doors, windows, and home improvement products. From the latest bifolding and sliding doors to steel replacement windows or traditional and contemporary windows, we provide all the information about all the products you will not find on other home-improvement websites. 

We do not sell windows and doors. We are an independent and impartial information resource. Anyone can contact us to find a supplier or ask questions to seek advice. 

Since 2010 helping homeowners and the trade buy aluminium windows and doors

about the aluminium trade supply website.

The ATS website started as a blog website in 2010 when aluminium was nowhere near as popular as it is today. We started by addressing much of the misinformation around residential aluminium windows and doors and challenging some of the misleading claims from those companies and salespeople not selling aluminium.

We provided impartial advice to homeowners and the trade and put balance to homeowners deciding between aluminium and PVCu.   Our work also involved helping installers wanting to enter the residential or commercial aluminium market.

Over the years we’ve helped installers choose the right aluminium products to sell, helping them grow. We’ve also provided advice and consultancy to start-up glazing firms advising them on the right aluminium products to sell, and today these startups have grown into successful businesses.

How we help thousands every year 

Today, the ATS website remains a unique and substantial knowledge resource regarding aluminium door and window glazing systems. 

Here’s what we provide: 

  • Independent and impartial information and advice. 
  • Reviews of brands, products and systems. 
  • Help to make better choices – what to consider before you buy, how and where they are manufactured, and other essential considerations the salesmen won’t tell you! 
  • Provide knowledgeable advice pages – product choices and brand comparisons. 
  • Technical jargon, U Values and security measures explained. 
  • Personal help and guidance regarding products to consider and installation company options. 
  • Putting installers and homeowners in touch with each other.  

Every year, we help thousands of homeowners, architects, and tradespeople who contact us. We respond personally to all enquiries, helping people get the right aluminium doors and window systems from the right suppliers. 

We know virtually every aluminium door and window on the market

With experience in the glazing industry since 1989, we are in the unique position of knowing or having worked with most products, brands and systems available in the UK today.  

Our extensive knowledge uniquely positions us to suggest brands and products to homeowners, architects, and the trade. For instance, we understand that sightlines are one of the most crucial considerations for consumers and the trade. We’ve invested significant time and effort in collating extensive research on this topic and many others, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. 

reynaers sl 38 windows in an architectural illustration of a modern house

Impartial consumer advice  

Of course, professional home improvement businesses today possess much knowledge about aluminium and PVCu windows and doors. Still, they understandably have to adhere to the manufacturer’s brand product messaging they sell. 

This is where ATS stands out as an impartial website, as we’re free to review any brand products without ties. 

Every day, the ATS website provides you, the consumer, with unbiased general and technical information. Via our contact form, we will answer direct questions, connect you with professional and experienced door and window companies, and much more. 

We do not sell to you – we only inform and advise, and our service is free. 

Help for the homeowner, architect, specifier and builder 

If you are a homeowner looking to improve your home or embark on a renovation project, you’ll find everything you need to know about purchasing new or replacement aluminium doors and windows on our website. Here is how we can help you for FREE: 

  • Provide information for your research. 
  • Help solve the confusion around the many brands and products. 
  • Provide names of suppliers and installers in your area. 
  • Even help with steel, PVCu or timber products. 

If you are an architect, specifier or builder and need help selecting the right product for your customer’s project, here is how we can help you for FREE: 

  • Suggest suitable products for residential and commercial projects. We carry in-depth technical information about commercial uses of aluminium, such as curtain walling, shop fronts and entrance systems. 
  • Suggest brands suitable for your customer’s budget. 
  • Help with technical information. 
  • Provide names of suppliers and installers in your area. 

    Our product reviews are impartial and expertly written, providing detailed information. We focus on delivering knowledge rather than selling, offering insights into different brands and systems and how they compare to other products.  

    Our product buying guides have been carefully written to help you understand technical jargon, navigate the sales process, identify window manufacturers, and decipher various brand names. Our independence from any specific company or brand allows us to provide information about virtually every type of window and door available. 

    With PVCu products now better than ever, you can find everything you need to know to help you choose between aluminium and PVCu windows and doors. 

    Our articles will help you understand who makes the best bifolding doors,  how to choose the slimmest sliding doors and  what you need to know to find the best aluminium windows. We even explain what to look for if you’re considering replacing your conservatory roof.  

    With patio sliding doors making a comeback, check out our detailed sliding doors section. We even cover the latest full-glass frameless bifolding doors, windows and screens. 

    Help and services for installers and trade 

    about the aluminium trade supply website.

    Why choose ATS for your business needs? We are specialists and passionate about this industry only! You will be gaining from a team with over 35 years of fenestration industry knowledge and extensive business and website development experience. 

    For installers, home improvement companies and property professionals you’ll find all manner of information about suppliers, systems companies and the wider supply chain. In addition to aluminium windows and doors products, we help put you in touch with the right trade manufacturers, where you can buy in fabricated doors and windows in a variety of systems. Or take a look at our comprehensive commercial aluminium door section, which helps you with systems, accessibility, door control options and hardware. Our architectural glazing section highlights the most technically superior brands and installers for Grand Designs style projects for architects and clients looking for ultra-premium windows and doors. 

    Commercial contractors, building firms and the trade benefit from contacting us to get connected with suppliers and installers of residential and commercial windows and doors for housebuilding or commercial projects.  Or let us put you in touch with suppliers for aluminium panels, powder coating services, door and window hardware and procurement of aluminium extrusions and components. 

    Our website is continuously updated and offers advice about today’s on-trend designs and products. Find out everything you need to know about steel replacement windows and doors, including information about heritage, contemporary, and steel-look products. Or check out our patio doors area, which offers every possible door option for a new extension project or property renovation.  

    Additionally, we carry in-depth technical information for commercial uses of aluminium, such as curtain walling, shop fronts and entrance systems. 

    Over the years, the ATS team has helped many suppliers and installers find excellent trade suppliers and provide technical information and advice on residential aluminium doors and windows.  In addition to our website, we provide marketing, website creation, and consultancy services to the fenestration industry.  Here is a summary of how we can help:

    • You are new to the aluminium glazing systems and require advice on which brands and products to sell or you are already in the aluminium glazing market but are struggling to make sales and wish to generate more enquiries.
    • For the installer, we can advise you on the best sources of supply and the most suitable aluminium doors and windows brands and products for your business. 
    • For the trade supplier, manufacture or in any aluminium-related business we can help promote your business. 
    • For businesses, we provide website creation or a current website overhaul, content writing, Google/Bing Ads management, marketing and consultancy services and help with lead generation. 

    Our fenestration background and experience  

    The team behind ATS has been actively involved in fenestration, architectural aluminium, general fenestration, hardware and associated industries for over thirty-five years. 

    • We have been co-owners of one of the largest and most respected trade manufacturers in the UK, still active in the industry today. 
    • We helped a major UK aluminium systems company introduce a new aluminium commercial door into the marketplace. 
    • We trained the sales force of a major national window company that introduced commercial and residential aluminium products into its portfolio.
    • We have helped leading home improvement companies expand their aluminium sales by helping them sell the right products and assisted in the creation of innovative and class-leading window showrooms. 
    • We have helped architects and specifiers choose the right commercial aluminium products for major developments and construction projects such as Preston Riversway, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Canary Wharf and many others. 

    We have been actively involved in manufacturing, supply, specification, technical and sales across the entire fenestration and home improvement supply chain. Our work is focused purely on this sector with an understanding of the industry, products, terminology and “speaking your language”. 

    ATS is a trusted website, recognised as one of the leading fenestration websites in the UK today 

    We know of no other website like ATS and believe we are the largest information resource promoting and advising on the use of aluminium doors, windows, screens and associated products. We fairly promote aluminium’s many advantages over PVC as a door and window material. Our website has substantial traffic and visitor numbers consistently returned by the search engines for the majority of searches relating to aluminium in fenestration

    Website creation and marketing services for fenestration businesses 

    Our team has built quality, high-performing websites for clients since the late 1990s. Quickly recognising the benefits of Content Management Systems over manually created websites, we have created effective websites on the WordPress platform since 2005. Our client base for which we have either written, designed or managed websites includes: 

    • Established small to medium-sized home improvement companies 
    • Hardware suppliers 
    • Successful powder coaters 
    • Trade suppliers 
    • Bifolding door specialists 
    • PVCu, timber and hybrid window suppliers 

    What sets us apart from other marketing companies is our unique perspective as ‘door and window people’. We understand the intricacies of your business and can write and provide all website content with minimal demands on your end, saving you substantial time and money. Whether you sell PVCu, aluminium, timber, hybrid, or steel windows, we have the knowledge and expertise to craft your website content for you. 

    Our approach is to focus on our clients’ specialities and ensure their online marketing is consistent with their core values and processes. We don’t make rash promises about search engine rankings. We help our clients acquire the new business they are looking for by helping them stay focused. 

    We have a dedicated and growing client base and focus on providing expert information about aluminium products and personal, tailored services to the window and door sector. The marketing services we provide are: 

    • Website creation 
    • Website update and revamp 
    • Lead generation advice 
    • Google and Bing advertising management 
    • Tailored content writing for blogs and social media. 

    Please note: We do not advise or work with any marketing agencies or consultancy companies; we only direct to the trade or public. 

    How we get paid 

    In addition to the paid consultancy work discussed above, we accept payment for advertising and promotion on the site. We also undertake research and project work with systems companies and have a portfolio of fenestration websites and customers whose websites we manage and grow day-to-day. 

    It is worth stressing that we absolutely do not accept payment for simply writing content about an individual company or for reviewing a product. We are impartial, independent and here to promote and support all aluminium systems companies, their products and services. 

    We welcome feedback about the companies and products we feature on the website, both good and bad. We strive to cover the entire range of aluminium products, so if you feel we need to include something, please get in touch.