What is better – Aluminium or PVCu?

To help you understand and decide which of these materials is best for your home or commercial building, we will explain various aspects and features. We will also tell you how the aluminium and PVCu supply chains differ and where each material is best suited.

The “what is better, aluminium or pvc” debate has no real answer.  The decision process will largely depend on the information presented to you the customer that needs to be accurate and relevant. If you are presently in the market for replacement windows or new windows for your home extension, one of the things you may be considering is what is the best material – aluminium or PVCu/upvc.

If you are new to replacement windows, much of what you will find out depends on how it’s presented to you. You may do your own research or seek help from a double glazing firm. Therefore it is vital that you are given with the right information online, in brochures or by a double glazing salesman.

Choosing between aluminium or PVCu and why it matters.

aluminium or PVCu

The home improvement industry is diverse, multi-tiered and multi-faceted.  Unlike other consumer products, information on windows and doors is broad ranging.  For many years we relied on the information given to us by showrooms and double glazing salespeople.  Often these sales messages were biased towards selling us any window, not the right window.  As a result, many people were sold PVCu thinking it was the only option or the best option.

Much of the dominance of PVCu came about because the vast majority of home improvement companies only sold plastic and never offered aluminium. Additionally, early generation aluminium products when compared to PVCu simply weren’t as affordable or as appealing.  This is no longer the case today.

Today, thanks to the internet, a different marketing approach and more professional industry, homeowners are better informed and products more transparent.   There are also more aluminium providers than before.  Aluminium windows and doors are as thermally efficient, as secure and with some brands, also very affordable.

Products available in PVCu and aluminium.

For many years, PVCu was the dominant material for residential windows. As the table below shows, PVCu predominantly focused on residential windows and doors where aluminium concentrated on commercial buildings and high-value residential work.

 Products previously available in
Aluminium and PVCu
Function Aluminium PVCu
Shopfronts and Commercial Doors
Commercial Windows and Glazing
Commercial Buildings (not dwellings)
Residential Front Doors
Residential Windows
Residential Conservatories
Residential Porches
High-End Building Projects
Architect-designed homes
Soffits and Fascias

This explains why for many years, aluminium was considered and sold as a commercial system that was not suitable for homes.  Today we know that this is not the case. Here is where aluminium is used today.

What you can buy in PVCu and aluminium today.

Products currently available in
Aluminium  and PVCu
Function Aluminium PVCu
Shopfronts and Commercial Doors
Bifolding Doors
Sliding Patio Doors
Timber Look Windows
Sliding Sash Windows
Commercial Windows and Glazing
Commercial Buildings (not dwellings)
Residential Front Doors
Residential Windows
Residential Conservatories
Residential Porches
High-End Building Projects
Architect-designed homes
Soffits and Fascias

As a result of the substantial investment in products and design, you have never had as much choice in windows and doors as you do today. Modern windows and doors serve virtually every design and customer requirement.

The people behind aluminium and PVCu windows and doors.

One of the differences between PVCu and aluminium windows is the supply chain. Both aluminium and PVCu products are designed, tested and brought to market by systems companies.   The network of manufacturers then make the windows and supply them to the consumer as follows:

  • Trade Manufacturers supplying installers only.
  • Manufacturers that also install direct such as Anglian, Everest, Safestyle and others.
  • Trade counters supplying buildings and home improvement companies.
  • Installers buying in ready-made windows and doors.

Therefore as a homeowner, your new windows will come from one of these sources. PVCu windows and door manufacturers are substantially bigger businesses than aluminium manufacturers.  There are companies set up to produce thousands of windows a week. As a result of these ‘super fabricators,’ many of the smaller plastic manufacturers have ceased making windows, finding it much cheaper to buy them in.

We believe our website to the only one of its kind covering all the major systems and helping you understand aluminium doors and windows for homes and commercial buildings.  In the construction sector organisations such as the Council For Aluminium in Building work with Government and the entire supply chain. Many of the best aluminium providers, material suppliers and related business are members.

Understanding where aluminium windows come from.

The aluminium supply chain is much smaller.  Super fabricators of aluminium do not exist although substantial manufacturers are supplying the trade.  The main reason for this is the more hand-made nature of aluminium windows and that they now often come in so many colours.

Therefore when comparing aluminium or PVCu windows, you are arguably getting a more bespoke product with aluminium from a more short supply chain.  There are also many smaller manufacturers of aluminium as well.

Because aluminium windows and doors are today such a favourite material, colour choices are better and lead times significantly reduced.

Where previously PVCu sold on its ready availability, it is now possible to get white, grey or black aluminium windows as fast as you can get PVCu.

How double glazing is sold to you, the consumer.

Much of what you read or hear about aluminium and PVCu windows will largely depend on the window firm and the double glazing salesman. There are many websites to be found comparing the various window materials but, many of these still provide incorrect information about aluminium as well as pvcu.

A company that only specialises in pvcu windows may discredit another product citing reasons why it should not be considered. A company that is experienced in all door and window materials will be able to give accurate and balanced information about the advantages and disadvantages of each and its suitability for your home, individual requirements and budget.

The reality is that most professional window companies will offer you a choice of materials.  However, a professional window company will admit to not offering a product rather than trying to discredit it.

Some things you may be told from those wanting to steer you towards PVCu windows include:

  • That aluminium windows condensate
  • Aluminium doors and windows are only used commercially
  • You need to constantly maintain aluminium windows
  • Aluminium windows are not energy efficient
  • Externally beaded aluminium windows are not secure
  • Aluminium windows need hardwood subframes.

If you hear any of the above as part of a sales pitch, we recommend you seek an alternative window company to quote for your new windows and doors.

origin aluminium windows

Quality differences between aluminium and PVCu.

Homeowners contact us with questions asking what is the best aluminium window or what products to avoid.  There is no bad aluminium window on the market.  If you’ve ever had issues with a double glazing firm before, bad manufacturing and bad installation is usually the cause.  Systems companies do not design sub-standard or bad products. The investment that goes into making sure all windows and doors are fit-for-purpose is substantial.

Aluminium and PVCu systems companies invest substantial sums of money in designing and bringing to market a suite of windows and doors.  These are accompanied by substantial technical and fabrication manuals.  In addition, systems companies assist their fabricators with tooling, training and product support.  Furthermore, aluminium windows today all meet or exceed established industry standards for quality, weather performance and security.

Therefore, it is not the aluminium or PVCu system that is ‘bad’. It is errors and not following the procedures set down by the designers.

Both aluminium and PVCu windows will be fitted with the correct specification glass, fit for purpose hardware and will carry their respective guarantees for manufacturing, installation, colour fastness and general finish.

Quality PVCu windows come with many different features such as timber look mitres or authentic period features on sash windows.  Whilst aluminium isn’t as good on these kinds of features yet, what it can provide is better mitres and joints compared to a basic welded PVCu corner.  The welded corners on pvcu windows can at times look unsightly and inconsistent.  Where reverse butt welds are used on PVCu windows to join the mullions and transoms, you will often see a cruciform where the two or three components are welded together.  Mechanical joints are available on PVCu windows, but the majority choose the welded option.

Where PVCu windows are better than aluminium

You are reading this article on an aluminium website, but that does not mean that we do not possess knowledge of where PVCu windows can, in fact, be better than aluminium.

The PVCu replacement window market is diverse with a wide variety of products in the marketplace. There are a number of areas where PVCu can provide the better product for specific aesthetic reasons. Therefore if your property has a requirement for any of the following products the PVCu option may be better. Such products include:

  • Sash Windows
  • Timber Windows
  • Panelled Entrance Doors
  • Windows with the aesthetics of traditional wood windows.

For these products, there are plenty of aluminium alternatives.  However it is fair to say aesthetically for traditional looking windows, PVCu lends itself better where things like run through sash horns, antique or period looking hardware on sash windows, corners replicating the joints on traditional wood joinery and moulded panels on doors.

Where aluminium windows are better than PVCu.

There are a great many excellent window companies that specialise in selling both PVCu and aluminium windows, and they do this brilliantly.  Speak to most of these window companies and cost issue aside, it is aesthetics that generally convince a customer to go with aluminium over pvcu.

There is no doubt that the customer will always prefer the slimmer sight lines of aluminium.  Presented with the correct facts about both products again, price issue aside, the customer will usually choose aluminium.

However, for specific products such as contemporary frameless glazing, slimline sliding doors or Crittall® style and steel replacement systems nothing compares to aluminium or can beat it. For steel-look windows, the authentic Crittall® window is always the best choice.  For a cheaper product (although nothing like the real steel product) aluminium provides a lower-cost option.

How much does aluminium cost compared to PVCu?

Our research shows that the cost of an aluminium window should be no more than 50% to 65% more than PVCu.

We get reports of price differences of over 100% and sometimes even up to 200%.  If your quotation is expensive, contact us for help.  We can put you in touch with companies that can offer aluminium windows at the realistic market rates.

It is very important to remember that the price points of PVCu windows vary substantially.  There are very cheap PVCu windows on the market which when compared next to aluminium will make the latter seem much more expensive.  Similarly, there are upper market PVCu windows of exceptional quality that will make the difference seem much less.  Therefore, if your quotes are expensive against PVCu ensure you understand the differences.


The great thing about the current market when choosing between aluminium or PVCu is quality and standards. Security, product guarantees, product quality and longevity, apply to both materials. There are no substandard products on the market.  Correctly made and properly fitted, both materials will be reliable and dependable.

If you are looking to buy new windows for your home, these five factors will probably influence your decision.

  • Cost
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality.

The differences you will get when choosing between aluminium or PVCu.



More expensive than PVCu

Cheaper than aluminium although luxury, top-end PVCu windows are available 

Ideal for heavy use such as doors in bars, shops and restaurants

Ideal for property renovations to sell on or rental property 

Less energy efficient than PVCu using standard glass.

A-Rated windows are more widely available in PVCu

Aluminium is much slimmer than PVCu 

Unlikely to find a PVCu window with the proportions of aluminium

The best for colour choice

Broad range of colours not as extensive as aluminium

Woodgrain colours now available

The best for woodgrain colour choices

As secure and weather resistant as PVCu 

As secure and weather resistant as aluminium

Better for creating bespoke, customised or one-off designs 

PVCu is hard to customise

Regarded as the better product for sight lines and general aesthetics 

The better product for matching the appearance of traditional sliding or timber windows

Comes with long guarantees

Comes with long guarantees

Better for swimming pools, exposed or city centre environments

Better suited to standard and less harsh environments

Therefore both aluminium and PVCu windows and doors serve the market well and will generally meet most customer requirements. However, each product as you can see offers its own set of features and characteristics.

Professionals like architects and the discerning customer consider aluminium superior to PVCu.  Both aluminium and PVCu products today are excellent and have their place in the market.  Ultimately the customer chooses what they like and what they can afford.  But it is important to have the accurate and correct information from an unbiased window company if you are considering both materials.

Contact us if you would like our help with where to buy your new aluminium windows and doors.

This article was last updated in June 2019.

Published on April 19, 2012

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  1. Louise Westley says

    Hi , we are having an extension and want sliding doors across the front to enjoy the view. Were having quotes from window companies who have to order the doors . I was wondering if i contacted manufacturers of Aluminium doors myself would it be cheaper? and also if possible could you recommend some please ? we live in the west midlands 30 mins from Birmingham.
    kind regards Louise

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Louise

      Due to the increasing volume of comments, we are struggling to manage these via the comment forms. Therefore, please can you use our contact form where these are managed and always responded to.

      Kind regards

  2. Peter Smith says

    Hello Nick thanks for the article which is really informative. I am currently in the process of getting quotes for a sliding door patio system to replace our old alloy two pane system. We really want to keep the two pane system if possible which is 3.86 metres wide. We have been told by Anglia that the alloy system is far inferior to their PVCu ones and that the alloy patio windows are not so rigorously tested. Is it possible to get a reliable alloy system for this size; your article seems to suggest that it is, and are there any recommendations that you can make as to reliable installers in west Cornwall ?

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Peter, thanks for your kind comment.

      Anglian, are not giving you honest advice. They’re more a PVCu company so I’m only guessing they would prefer to sell you a PVCu product instead of an aluminium one.

      All alloy/aluminium systems are reliable and bearing in mind all aluminium patio doors go higher and taller than any PVCu product I’m surprised you’re given this kind of information. All products have security and certification testing in the major systems. So do the PVCu doors and they’re all subjected to the same kinds of tests or standards.

      Therefore, suggest you go get comparable prices on aluminium doors and PVCu and compare. Be aware though that all PVCu doors will be substantially thicker than aluminium.

      I do think you’re not being given the full information about aluminium doors.

      I can suggest Aluk, Smart Systems, Origin products, Reynaers doors, Sunflex and many others, all having good security, weather ratings and reliability.

      Worth speaking with
      Cornwall Aluminium
      Bude Windows

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  3. Dani Rosen says

    Hi there, thanks for this web page, it is helpful information and doesn’t seem too biased.

    I’m currently looking to replace a set of French window style patio doors that have glass panels left and right, so are wider, with a large sliding door, to have less bars, more light and a better view of the garden. This door and the whole house is currently uPVC double-glazed. At a previous property I had 80s aluminium sliding doors which I liked a lot, although one needed the bearings replacing as it had gone very stiff to slide.

    My question is, would you recommend aluminium or uPVC for sliding doors for this situation? As it is a freqeuntly used living room, thermal insulation is a concern, and of course uPVC would be more in keeping with the rest of the house, so I would lean towards that unless an aluminium sliding door would be considerably better to use, better looking or more durable. Weather can be harsh and windy as I live in the Derbyshire hills.

    Any aluminium-based companies you can recommend in Derbyshire or Manchester areas?

    Many thanks!

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Dani, thanks for your question. PVCU doors today are well-engineered, reliable and reasonably priced. You should be fine with a PVCu door and brands such as PatioMaster, Deceuninck and others are good doors. With aluminium, you’re getting slimmer sightlines and bigger door sizes. It really is a choice of aesthetics rather than what is the better door. If you want to keep with the rest of your home, then another upvc door will be fine. Both will be durable, both offer similar performance in terms of security and weather. So go with the doors you like the look of and work best in your home. Both will be reliable when well made and installed.

      I can suggest the below to help you.

      Basfords Ltd
      01159 226000
      Nottingham Road
      NG9 6DP

      0800 587 4068
      North West Bifolds 
      12 Crucian Way
      L12 0AW

      Haus Glass
      102 Gainsborough Road,
      WA4 6BN

      Telephone 01925 571557
      Showrooms in Warrington, Chester, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Macclesfield and Liverpool.

  4. alix says

    Hi Nick Thank you for your illuminating article. We have just put in an order for uPVC bifold doors, only to be told that they can’t do uPVC for our property as the uPVC would expand in the heat and the aluminium would not so they were not prepared to supply the uPVC ones only aluminium.. I am very confused by this as I thought metal expanded and contracted in the heat and plastic didn’t. I am concerned they are just trying to sell us the more expensive aluminium option. Our doors are roughly south facing so do get a fair amount of sun but they are replacing old uPVC doors. I would value your advice and any names of decent contractors who sell both in the Herts/Bucks area (we live near Tring in Herts) . Thank you in advance

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Alix.
      It’s the other way round. PVCu expands roughly two and a half times more than aluminium, but both materials have thermal contraction and expansion.

      It is right to be fair and balanced when it comes to PVCu vs aluminium for bifolding doors especially. Several years ago, it is true that PVCu bifolds were generally avoided as they were prone to long term reliability issues as well as thermal expansion. Additionally the hardware was bulky as were the profiles and not that attractive to look at.

      Over the years many PVCu systems companies have engineered out many of the faults around PVCu bifolds. They are still not as good as aluminium from a slimness, aesthetic or size capability, however they are no longer as unreliable.

      Many PVCu window companies continue to stay away from offering PVCu bifolds alongside their windows. Some of the reasons are aluminium doors are easier to fit and adjust. However, by far there is just not the demand for PVCu – aluminium is widely considered as the better looking, slimmer and more reliable option.

      It is hard to comment on how your door will perform on a south facing elevation and especially during a very hot summer.

      Speak to Open Living in Letchworth they may be able to help you with a PVCu bifold but by all means take a look at the aluminium ones as well.
      Open Living
      01767 448005
      11 Amor way
      Letchworth Point
      SG6 1UG

      Also, for PVCu, take a look at the Liniar bifold door in PVCu. We understand this to be a very good door indeed. Liniar also offer the alumina bifolding door which is their aluminium version to match the foils, aesthetics and other features of PVCu windows. Well worth looking at this door as well.

      If you speak to Liniar, they should be able to put you in touch with suppliers covering Hertfordshire with both PVCu and alumina bifold doors on display.

      Hope this helps you
      Kind regards

      • Alix says

        Hi Nick Thank you so much that is so helpful, I will look at both the options you have suggested. I am grateful for your time!


  5. Jennie says

    Our conservatory is 25 years old – hard wood ( teak?) brick to a height of 1 metre, ribbed plastic ? roof panels. The roof is apex with lead covering the struts and central beam. Generally in good shape. However the doors – French window style also (painted) teak – have become rotten along the bottom edge – the ingress of rain over the years has eaten into the substance of the door creating a hollow inside where the wood has perished. Also wood is splitting near the bottom. We need new doors but not sure whether we should replace with upvc , aluminium or timber. The house is a Victorian villa built circa 1880 and I would say the conservatory reflects that style. Having read your interesting articles we are leaning to timber or aluminium. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks in anticipation

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Jennie, thanks for your question. I think you ought to go with timber doors as its a wood conservatory you have. The good news is that timber products today have excellent guarantees and protection so you should get another 25 years out of a latest engineered timber or other wood product. I don’t think you will get the right look by having PVCu and aluminium. Yes there are woodgrain alternatives with both but nothing beats real wood – it’s such a good material.

      A good installer will be able to incorporate the new doors regardless of material into your new conservatory although some modification work to the existing door frame will obviously be required.

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any questions or need further information. 
      Kind regards

  6. Joyce says

    I am looking at replacing my aluminium patio doors which were originally external, but now internal (to conservatory). They are at least 40 years old & very heavy to slide at 5’ opening panel. Are the modern ones any lighter & can you recommend someone in North Lincolnshire?

  7. N Kavanagh says

    I live 30 metres from the sea in a property with a south facing aspect in East Devon. Can you recommend a firm who’s products are able to cope with the extreme weather combination of salt, sunshine and high winds.

  8. Joyce says

    Any recommendations for good bifold doors in Edinburgh? We’re doing an extension in the house.

    Many thanks

  9. Faris says

    Hi jam currently building my new house and I have a circuler bay area and I intend to making iit in coloured glass with curtain wall. The overall dimensions are 3m redious ,arc length 6m with total hight 5.8m.. What will be the best materail to use upvc or aluminum?

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Faris, curtain walling needs wind loading and other structural calculations to determine from the size of your opening and arc, the size of mullions that should be used. Whether there is an intermediate floor is also quite relevant. PVCu curtain walling is fine if it meets the criteria and aluminium is good too and won’t rely on additional reinforcement like PVCu probably will.

      Have emailed you directly as well.

  10. H Forrest says

    I am building an extension and not sure which type of windows to go for (Al or PVCu) Can you point me in the direction of a good supplier for both in Bedfordshire to get design / pricing for both?

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello, thank you for your comment. Open Living in Letchworth should be able to help you, they have a fantastic showroom with a big range of different products. http://www.openliving.co.uk. Hope this helps.

  11. Geraldine Seabrook says

    Can you recommend a firm who can replace a sliding patio door in aluminium in the Sussex area

  12. Mrs Geraldine Seabrook says

    I what to replace a sliding patio door in aluminium is are any company you can recommend is Sussex

  13. Wayne Orton says


    I am currently sourcing a sliding door and window for an extension, I have narrowed by search down to Alumina Bifold and BSW Systems who seem the most competitive in terms of price. Are these companies well known and respected in the industry?
    Could you recommend any others that would provide a good product at a competitive price?