Bi Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors or Sliding Folding Doors are one of the most popular home improvement products. Also referred to as concertina doors, accordion doors, folding doors, or multi-folding doors they allow the creation of glass walls and open up to create a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces.  But the bifolding door has been around in other countries for many years already.

The rise in the popularity of bifolding doors may put down to the lifestyle and home design programmes such as Grand Designs.  Others say it is down to the change in living environments.  Homeowners have adopted the trend for open plan living, more family rooms and combined spaces in the home.   Another reason is the recent changes to property trends with homeowners choosing to improve and renovate the home instead of moving house.

Even if you currently have a standard set of french or patio doors, they can easily be replaced with bifolding doors. Whatever the reason bi-folding doors are currently very attractive, and this is evident by a significant number of manufacturers and installers now in the market and bespoke door manufacturers.

Bi Folding Doors Enhance Living spaces

With a bifolding door, the main advantage with the ability to open up an entire space when open.  When closed, bifolding door enables the same extensive views outdoors associated with patio doors.  Capacity to create flush floor levels and a seamless transition from inside and out is another benefit. Choosing open corner bifolding doors is another way to create a dramatic home extension.

Another great feature of these functional patio doors is how they work in large openings. With some doors going up to 1300mm wide per panel and up to 3.2m high with some brands, they not only open up an entire wall but also create impressive floor to ceiling glazing.

With the broad range of products in the marketplace the consumer has a huge choice when it comes to bifolding doors with several benefits over french doors or patio doors:

  • Some doors will create a 90% clear opening.
  • They are a fantastic alternative to French doors or patio doors which only offer a 40% opening.
  • They enable open plan living areas and can convert two rooms into one.
  • Improved light thanks to large glass panels.
  • High security.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.
  • Inward or outward opening.
  • Wide variety of opening combinations
  • Bifolding doors add value to property.

Who are the main providers of aluminium bifolding doors?

Bifolding doors today are available with many different aesthetics, colours, hardware choices and specifications.   Most window and door systems companies now have bifolding doors to their product range.  There are over 50 different bifolding door brands in the UK.  Some of the best bifolding doors in the UK include:

aïr doors and windows

Aïr doors and windows are a top-of-the-line, expertly crafted collection of aluminium patio doors and brand new suite of aluminium windows for the residential and commercial markets. Air doors sit within the top brands of aluminium systems in the UK.… Read More

AluK Bifolding Doors

AluK bifolding doors are one of the most popular bifolding door products that have already been installed in countless homes and businesses all over the UK. It is a modern, well designed and very attractive bifolding door. Offered in a… Read More

ALUMIL Bifolding Doors

ALUMIL bifolding doors are one of the best bifolding door systems in Europe and also available to buy in the UK.  The ALUMIL SF85 bifold is part of the Supreme range of ALUMIL products with high thermal insulation, enhanced security… Read More

Alumina Bifolding Door by Liniar

Liniar window installers The Alumina bifolding door is one of Liniar's latest products; an aluminium bifolding door. The Liniar brand for PVCu windows and doors is widely used by installers all over the UK, providing a high-quality range of doors and windows.   Liniar PVCu range… Read More

Centor Bi fold Doors

Centor bifold doors offer premium, highly engineered and expertly crafted products.  Besides offering folding sliding doors, the company provides also provides single doors, french doors and glazed screens. Centor bi folding doors, sliding doors for the home. The range of… Read More

DeWall Bifolding Doors from Debar

Debar Hardware provides DeWall Aluminium Bespoke Aluminium Bifolding Door Systems.  This new generation of bifolding doors is an existing successful European aluminium bifold, designed to offer a customisable bifolding door for any business that wishes to sell it as a… Read More

Dutemann FD85 Bifolding Door

Dutemann is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of bifolding doors, sliding doors and aluminium front doors. Within their range is an advanced range of aluminium doors based on successful aluminium systems. The Dutemann FD85 arrived in 2017 as a… Read More

Frameless Glass Bifold Doors

Frameless Glass Curtains offer sliding and bifolding doors as frameless doors without the aluminium sections found on many other bifolding door systems.  FGC offers high quality and ultra-modern products that give a dramatically different type of bifolding door. Frameless Glass… Read More

Kawneer UK – Aluminium Doors and Windows

The Kawneer name is known in the UK and all over the world for sophisticated and cutting edge architectural aluminium systems. Kawneer aluminium windows, doors and framing have a solid reputation for quality, innovation, design, performance and high standards. From… Read More

Origin Bifolding Doors

The range of Origin bifolding doors comes from Origin Frames Ltd, one of the UK's most prominent manufacturers.  Designed and manufactured at Origin’s impressive Buckinghamshire factory, every door is bespoke. Also available with Origin folding sliding doors is many different opening configurations… Read More

Panoramic bifolding doors review

Panoramic bifolding doors are designed unlike other folding doors on the market.  It is fair to say these aren't actually bifolding doors because of its hingeless system as well as the way the doors slide, turn and open.  A well… Read More

Reynaers Bifold Doors

Reynaers bifolding door made by Everglade Windows Trade Reynaers bifold doors come from one of the best known systems companies with an international reputation and innovative, well-engineered products.  For nearly 50 years, Reynaers have provided window and door solutions to some of the finest homes all over the… Read More

SAPA Crown Bifolding Doors

The SAPA Crown Sliding Folding door is an addition to the successful SAPA Crown range of windows and residential doors and completes the Crown range with an aluminium sliding folding door. Designed for residential or commercial applications bifolding doors from… Read More

Schuco Bi Folding Doors

Schuco systems made by Dutemann UK Ltd The German engineering and thought out design of Schuco bi folding doors places them as one of the best bifolding doors on the market.  Not only do Schuco products offer premium aluminium, durable components and high performance, but they also… Read More

Senior Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Senior Architectural Systems offer two ultra-modern and thermally efficient bifolding doors.  Both the Senior PURe® FOLD and the Ali FOLD doors feature advanced thermal break technology, slim sight lines and available in many different configurations.  Senior aluminium bifolding doors are… Read More

Smarts Bifolding Doors

Smart Systems are one of the largest aluminium systems companies in the UK with a long history and wide range of products.  They are also one of a few companies to offer more than one bifolding door to suit a… Read More

Solarlux Bifolding Doors Review

solarlux bifolding doors In our Solarlux bifolding doors review, we look at what makes these German-made premium products , so desirable. As well as aluminium, Solarlux products come in wood as well as a combination of wood inside and aluminium outside. We specifically… Read More

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SUNFLEX Bifold Doors

The range of SUNFLEX bifold doors forms part the comprehensive suite of products from SUNFLEX.  The Bifolding door range comprises seven different versions. Every SUNFLEX bifold is made in Germany, with three decades of experience and reputation in sliding folding… Read More

Sunfold Bifolding Doors

Update June 2020. Since this page, Sunfold have ceased trading. It is hard to obtain further information about replacement parts for those homeowners however there are a few companies offering service and repair for Sunfold products. One of these is… Read More

Sunparadise Bifolding Doors

For bifolding doors, there is a choice of exterior and interior door sets. These comprise the Supertherm 80 with high thermal insulation, the Thermo 60 insulated door and the non-thermally broken Fiesta 42 for interior applications and where compliance with… Read More

Vufold Bifolding Doors

Vufold Bifolding Doors are based in Macclesfield Cheshire and have been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of bifolding and sliding doors for over 25 years. The company provides a range of high quality door products that comprise internal… Read More

Warmcore Folding Sliding Doors

The Warmcore Folding Sliding Door System from the well known systems company Synseal is a brand new bifolding door with a new generation of "warm aluminium".  Designed as a completely new product, Warmcore bifolding doors offer excellent thermal performance in… Read More

To choose the best type of bifolding door, consumers now have access to more information and dedicated bifolding door showrooms.  This very website is unique, providing independent and impartial information about bifolding doors.   Finding the best bi folding doors can be a challenge when faced with so much information.   The Aluminium Trade Supply Website can give you advice on all aspects of bifolding doors. Contact us for further information.

Bifolding doors are complicated to engineer, design and fabricate.  A good installation means bifolding doors operate reliably.  Many of the perceived problems associated with folding doors are usually down to installation.

While PVCu bifolds also have their place in the market, aluminium is the preferred choice.

Many pvcu double glazing companies choose not to supply PVCu bifolds alongside their pvcu window ranges.  While fit for purpose, pvcu bifolds have much thicker sight lines than aluminium, heavier looking hinges and are not as attractive a product.  Additionally, PVCu bifolding doors can suffer thermal expansion particularly in south facing elevations giving them problems in use and ongoing service issues compared to aluminium bi-folding doors.

Aluminium bi-folding doors can be made larger and taller than their PVCu counterparts.  In aluminium, bifold doors have far less obtrusive and more attractive hardware. They can also last much longer.  Furthermore, their slimmer sight lines, especially since the doors are closed most of the year, enable larger glass areas compared to pvcu. Check out who makes the slimmest bifolding doors.

Aluminium bifolding doors when correctly made and installed, provide long service life with little maintenance.  The non-welded construction of aluminium (compared to pvcu) means that individual sections can easily be replaced should any damage occur.

Bifolding doors are one home improvement product that can contrast with the entire home.

While white remains the best selling colour in replacement windows, it is now vogue for to purchase bifolding doors in bolder, contrasting and even different colours inside and out. The powder coating of aluminium profiles enables virtually unlimited colour choice, durability and protection.

We help thousands of homeowners and industry professionals every year choose the right bifolding door from the best suppliers.  Contact us today.

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