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Bifolding doors

Bi-fold doors or Sliding Folding Doors are some of the most popular home improvement products. Also referred to as concertina doors, accordion doors, folding doors, or multi-folding doors they allow the creation of glass walls and open up to create a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces.

Why choose a Bifold door for your Patio

The rise in the popularity of bifolding doors may put down to the lifestyle and home design programmes such as Grand Designs.  Others say it is down to the change in living environments.  Homeowners have adopted the trend for open plan living, more family rooms and combined spaces in the home.   Another reason is the recent changes to property trends with homeowners choosing to improve and renovate the home instead of moving house.

As a result, today’s bifolding doors are better than ever with significant options for styling, sightlines, sizes and colour options.

Who makes the best
Bi folding door

Confused about which system is best? Find out what makes a premium German system special, or what to look for in a budget friendly brand.

Your Bifolding door buying guide

There’s never been so much choice. While many systems are similar, we explain what to look for to find the perfect match for your home.

Even if you currently have a standard set of french or patio doors, they can easily be replaced with bifolding doors. Bifolding doors today come in over fifty different brands or systems and our website helps you navigate these and help you choose the best folding sliding doors for your property project or the trade looking for good bifold suppliers.

Bifolding or sliding doors open up views out over the garden and patio. The improved light and views giving the illusion of more space. Research carried out by the Halifax shows that adding bi-folding doors is the third most profitable home upgrade (after roof conversions).

Advantages of a Bifolding Door

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With a bifolding door, the main advantage with the ability to open up an entire space when open.  When closed, bifolding doors can enable similar views outdoors associated with patio doors.  As well as this, there’s the capacity to create flush floor levels and a seamless transition from inside and out. Then you have the choice for new extensions of creating open corner bifolding doors – an excellent way to create a dramatic home extension.

Another great feature of these functional patio doors is how they work in large openings. Many bifolds go up to 1.2m wide per panel, the high end even wider at 1.5m wiode. For the height, the upper-level brands achieve heights of 3.2m therefore also creating impressive floor to ceiling glazing.

With the broad range of products in the marketplace the consumer has a huge choice when it comes to bifolding doors with several benefits over french doors or patio doors:

  • Some doors will create a 90% clear opening.
  • They are a fantastic alternative to French doors or patio doors which only offer a 40% opening.
  • They enable open plan living areas and can convert two rooms into one.
  • Improved light thanks to large glass panels.
  • High security, energy efficiency and weather sealing
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.
  • Now available slimmer and even in a steel-look style
  • Wide variety of opening combinations

Who are the main providers of aluminium bifolding doors?

Bifolding doors today are available with many different aesthetics, colours, hardware choices and specifications.   Most window and door systems companies now have bifolding doors to their product range.  There are over 50 different bifolding door brands in the UK.  Some of the best bifolding doors in the UK include:

To choose the best type of bifolding door, consumers now have access to more information and dedicated bifolding door showrooms.  This very website is unique, providing independent and impartial information about bifolding doors.  Finding the best bi folding doors can be a challenge when faced with so much information.   The Aluminium Trade Supply Website can give you advice on all aspects of bifolding doors. Contact us for further information.

Bifolding doors are complicated to engineer, design and fabricate.  A good installation means bifolding doors operate reliably.  Many of the perceived problems associated with folding doors are usually down to installation.

Deciding between PVCu and Aluminium Bifolds

The significant benefits of aluminium bifolding doors are slimmer lines, less visual bulk, larger panel sizes and an overall more reliable product long term. It’s for these reasons that many PVCu double glazing companies choose not to supply PVCu bifolds alongside their window ranges. 

A PVCu folding sliding door is vastly improved on early generation products and provides a low-cost option. However, thick profile dimensions, bulkier hardware and greater thermal expansion are characteristic of the product. Aluminium bifolds are significantly more reliable.

Aluminium bi-folding doors can be made larger and taller than their PVCu counterparts.  In aluminium, bifold doors have far less obtrusive and more attractive hardware. They can also last much longer.  Furthermore, their slimmer sightlines, especially since the doors are closed most of the year, enable larger glass areas compared to pvcu. Check out who makes the slimmest bifolding doors.

Aluminium bifolding doors when correctly made and installed, provide long service life with little maintenance.  The non-welded construction of aluminium (compared to pvcu) means that individual sections can easily be replaced should any damage occur.

You can also find information about bifolds and other patio doors in other materials.

Bifolding doors in a range of styles

While white remains a popular colour, for patio doors such as bifolds, other colours are more popular, creating a visual contrast. Woodgrain colours, plain and wood-effect foils, metallic, anodised or a different colour inside and out are all available, as well as the option for hybrid bifolds with wood inside and aluminium outside.

Which bifolding door is right for you?

Bifold doors make a perfect replacement for existing French doors with side panels or dated patio doors. Any of the current bifolding door products are designed for fixing into an existing structure thanks to frame depths making replacing your older doors easy.

With so many brands to choose from, your choice of the right bifold depends on what style you want for the frames, how slim you want the meeting panels and the number of these as well as your budget. Get in touch for more information and advice

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for something more luxurious, again all bifolding doors are designed to work brilliantly in a new opening. Your options are extensive here having the choice of a standard or low track, for seamless flooring and outside decking or slabs. Open corner designs are available with most products and slide and turn doors also create an excellent alternative to a conventional bifold.

If your bifold doors are used everyday or are the only back doors in the property, a traffic door is highly recommended and should be an important feature of your design. All bifold doors come with a traffic door option.

A traffic door works just like any hinged regular door letting just one panel open without having to fold all the panels back. Traffic doors start on doors with three panels or an odd number of panels. An even number of panels folding in one direction generally can’t have a traffic door and here a middle set of doors opening like French doors work best.

The mid-range brands offer an excellent solution for stylish, reliable and functional bifold doors for those on a budget.

Smart Systems Visofold come at a great price with the Visofold 6000 model being one of the slimmest. Aluk bifold doors, Senior Systems and other versions of these brands are also great for those on a budget.

Looking for bifolds with a wow-factor? Then it’s the upper-tier brands giving you the best aesthetics and even more design and opening options. The thinnest lines are also likely to be an important consideration statement-piece bifolds. Schuco bifolds or the Express Bifolds product goes up to 1.5m wide per panel giving you an altogether different bifold that looks like a minimal sliding door when closed.
Slide and turn doors give you even more functionality and these models can even move out of the way entirely. Reynaers, air doors, Sunflex, Solarlux, Dutemann FD85, Origin OB-49 and Sieger Lux are also some of the slimmest bifolds promising more of a wow-factor.

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