Who Makes The Best Bi Folding Doors?

It is well known that some of the best bi folding doors are available in Aluminium, PVCu and Timber. There is also the choice of hybrid materials which consist of aluminium on the outside and natural wood inside.

For this article, we will concentrate on the choice of aluminium bi folding doors, and try to offer some guidance.  We also explain how bifolds are similar in specification and give you some of the many brands available.

Helping you choose the best bi folding doors for your home.

First of all, people ask this website “where can I view several examples of bi folding doors in one place?”  There are some good reasons why this is not always possible.  One important reason is space!  Unlike window samples, a double glazing salesperson may bring into the home, bi folding doors must be full size working and correctly installed doors to give the right customer experience. Only a full-size door provides a good overview of the product.

As a result, to display many different doors, typically 4 metres wide would need substantial showroom space.  Now, good bifolding door showrooms are commonplace. Express Bifolds in Leeds, Romford, Redhill and Glasgow has some of the best showrooms in the UK. Hehku in Sussex, Aspire Bifolds in Epsom, Open Living in Letchworth, Everglade Windows in Middlesex, Sunflex in Norwich, IQ Glass in Buckinghamshire. These are just a tiny fraction of outstanding showrooms with many doors on display.  Contact us as we can put you in touch with showrooms where you can see several products.

Home improvement companies choose which system they sell to you in the same way as retail shops choose which brand of product to stock. Most home improvement firms offer windows, entrance doors, conservatories and bifolding doors.  Other businesses specialise only in bifolding as well as sliding doors.  Consequently, you are more likely to see a greater variety of bifolding door systems at a bifolding door specialist.

Brands like Origin, AluK, Smart Systems, you will see everywhere.  There are substantially more brands on the market than these.

best bi folding doors

Bifolding doors remain a desirable home improvement product.

First of all, one of the most important things to know about bifolding doors.  The reliability of the product is down to the quality of the manufacture and precise installation. Finding the best bi folding doors is therefore also about who makes and fits it.  Find the right installer, and your new bifold door will serve you well. With any quality door and installer, you get several ‘peace-of-mind features, such as:

  • Extensive choice of colours.
  • Certified security and weather performance such as PAS24 or Secured By Design.
  • Multi-point locking, security door cylinders and durable door handles.
  • A selection of door brands.
  • Matching windows and other doors where required.

With most bifolds being exterior doors, another factor is weather resistance. Virtually every reputable brand comes tested to current weather performance requirements.  Therefore, bifolding doors today have excellent weather performance. We do not hear of bifolding doors suffering from water ingress.  Seals, gaskets and great design allow any water to drain to the outside.  And remember a bifold door is weather resistant only when correctly made and fitted.

Over the years, substantial improvements to hardware and running hear means bifold doors work better than ever.  As a result, your doors provide reliable operation for many years to come. As well as hardware improvements, bifold door design is better. Modern doors come substantially improved over previous generations of sliding folding doors.

So it is fair to say that the bifolding door has progressed significantly over older versions of sliding folding doors. To find the best bi folding door means understanding who makes it too.  To illustrate this, we explain the role of the bifolding door within the aluminium supply chain.

Bifolding doors come direct from many different manufacturers or exclusively produced by the systems company that designed them. Learn about Systems Companies.

The Bi folding door “system”.

Many of the best bi folding doors in the market come designed and extruded in raw material form by Aluminium Systems Companies. These are called bifolding door systems.

In general terms, these Systems Companies supply the aluminium bars, hardware and accessories to nationwide manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers then sell the fabricated bifolding doors to the installers, home improvement firms, general builders and companies specialising in home renovations.  Some manufacturers also make and install your bifolding doors.

As well as this, some home improvement companies choose to rebrand these bifolding doors with a different name. They remain for example a “Smarts System” (or Smarts Door), but a simple marketing exercise enables a Company to have its own particular “brand” of a bifolding door.  In many cases, the door is the same as any other of the same system.  Some other companies do choose to fit different handles or customise the design in some way to differentiate their door from another.

The systems companies support all these manufacturers and provide detailed fabrication manuals, technical support documents, tooling and machinery.

All reputable bifolding door manufacturers adhere to the guidance in these technical manuals, ensuring the product comes manufactured, glazed and installed as intended by the systems company.  Moreover, this is important in the event of a problem with the finished product.  The Systems Company only stands by and supports issues with their products when manufactured and installed correctly.

The only perceived risk with any door supplied to more than one fabricator is that quality can differ from company to company as will the guarantees. In reality, this is nothing to worry about.  Some of the best names in bifolding doors such as Schuco or Reynaers come fabricated by many different businesses all over the country.

One company only manufactures some of the best bi folding doors.

By comparison, some companies offer bifolding doors unique to them. They retain their own bifolding door “system” but also manufacture the doors themselves.  These are then be supplied ready-made to their approved dealers and installers. Such companies include Origin Bifolding Doors, Sunparadise, Solarlux, Sunflex, Centor, are just some.

Origin Bifolding Doors are one of the most highly regarded bifolding doors in the UK.  The Origin door is an excellent example of a large business that fabricates bifolding doors to an exceptional standard. Only Origin makes their doors. In 2019 Origin has introduced new products such as sliding doors and the new OB-49 bifolding door. The brand new OB-49 by Origin now comes with ultra-slim sightlines of just 110mm at the door mullions and is now one of the slimmest doors available. It comes with Hafi handles as standard and has the same expert craftsmanship, quality and engineering of their original product, now called the OB-72.

Another benefit to one manufacturer is consistent quality, greater control of the product as well as an after-care service.  Origin, for instance, actively engages with its customers where many other systems companies less so.  Moreover, the way Origin exclusively supplies its quality folding doors also enables them to offer a 20-year warranty.

SUNFLEX is another excellent, sought-after brand of bifolding doors with a German-made product. This brand bifold comes with several unique features over other bifolds as well as being one of the thinnest.  Well worth looking at alongside any other premium brand.  There are seven different door models to choose from in aluminium, timber and hybrid materials.

Dutemänn based in Dartford is a premier manufacturer of Schuco doors. Dutemann additionally offers their FD85 bifolding door giving you three panels when most other systems on the market need four panels.  The Dutemann FD85 uses the Greek Alumil system. Express Bifolding doors also use Alumil in their XP View door.

Sunparadise Systems come with Swiss design, engineering and quality influences and are widely regarded as one of the upper-tier bifolding doors on the market.  Some of the best installers operating in the high-end residential market use Sunparadise products.  These sit with Centor, Solarlux, Sunflex and Schuco as some of the best bifolding doors you can buy.

Therefore if who makes your bifolding doors is essential, do your research and ask each potential supplier for a full background. Or contact us for more information on a brand or system.

Many factors affect your choice of bifolding door.

Another factor around which is the best bifolding door comes down to features and benefits. Professionals in the door and window industry all have their view of what is the best bifolding door.  They base their reasons on factors such as ease of installation, previous experience with reliability as well as, for manufacturers, ease of fabrication.

After product considerations come service levels from their supplier.  Long-term reliability is another consideration. Finally, brand perception is important too.  To begin with, suppliers like to offer an affordable bifold like the Smart Systems Visofold or AluK Optio BSF70 bi-fold door. After this, they then sell a door with a better brand perception such as Schuco, Reynaers, Air, Sunfold or Sunflex.

Also important to bifold doors sellers is a choice based on styling and aesthetics. For instance, Origin doors are widely available in the UK, but the OB-72 is not the thinnest.  Therefore many dealers supply Origin with a thinner alternative for comparison and choice.  Schuco, Reynaers and SUNFLEX is usually the one.  To help with your research, we’ve compiled a comprehensive article showing who makes the slimmest bifolding doors.

Importantly for the end-user, the best bifolding door also relates to price, guarantees, aesthetics and of course confidence in the company they’re buying them from.  Having considered the supply chain, we now examine the technical, aesthetic and other features standard in some of the best bi folding doors.

Frameless bifolding doors by FGC

The best Bi folding Door Brands

We say there are no absolute best bi folding doors. Rather, the leading systems can be grouped for comparison.  This list is to help you compare the various systems should you wish to do so. We have compiled this through our experience of having worked with many bifolding door products, the companies and their customer base.

The following Bifolding Door brands are considered by this website and many professionals to be the market leaders in terms of design, build quality and service levels. Obviously, the price reflects this too.

Brands of Aluminium Bifold Doors

Alumina by LiniarSunflex Bifolding Doors
Smart Systems Visofold RangeAir 800 Bifolding Doors
AluK Systems RangeSchuco ASS Systems
SAPA Building SystemsReynaers Aluminium Systems
Senior AliFoldSolarlux
Greenways ArchitecturalSunparadise Supertherm 80
Kestrel Aluminium SystemsOrigin
Comar Aluminium SystemsSolarlux
Kaye Building Systems KBSFrameless Glass Curtains
New Wave DoorsCortizo Bifolding Doors
Panoramic DoorsCentor Bifolding Doors
Warmcore DoorsExpress Bifolding Doors
DeWall Doors by DebarAlumil Supreme SF85
Express BifoldsSieger Systems & Sieger Lux

What about Everest and Anglian Bifolding Doors?

We must mention the two biggest home improvement firms in the UK and their bifolding doors. The reality is there is very little information about them as Everest and Anglian don’t reveal much.  They rarely provide detailed information when asked so we can review the products.

It is our understanding that the Everest Bifolding Door uses the SAPA bifolding door with minor modifications to make it ‘unique’ to Everest.  Anglian, we believe uses modified AluK bifolding door profiles.

Bifolding doors for apartments.

Bifolding Door Quality & Standards

If the sheer choice of bifolding door brands and products seems like a minefield, we can help. The technical specifications of many bifold doors are similar. Thanks to the many industry standards in place to produce doors and windows, bifold door specifications are broadly the same.

Paint finish, aluminium profiles, glass and gaskets all come from high up the supply chain.  Therefore, our advice is to concentrate on the aesthetics and personalisation options as the material quality is pretty much the same.

All bifolding door manufacturers operate within strict guidelines for material quality, glass specification and security standards. Other companies will have their own in-house Quality Assurance Systems and procedures to ensure product and manufacturing quality is consistent and of a high standard.

FeatureRelevant Industry Standard
Quality of aluminium profiles and extrusions Aluminium Alloy 6063.T6 to BS EN 755 Part 9: 2008 or BS EN 12020
Quality of polyester powder coated finishBS EN 12206-1:2004.
Quality of glassBS 6262 and Approved Document N
Quality of glassBS 6262 and Approved Document N
SecurityPAS 24, Document Q, Secured by Design, BS7950, BS EN 12209
Weather resistanceBS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Water resistanceBS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Air permeabilityBS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Quality of rubber gasketsEPDM Rubber manufactured in accordance with BS3734.
Quality of woolpile sealsBS 7386:1997
Polyamide Thermal BreakPA66 GF25
Anodised coloursSilver or bronze anodised BS3987 (AA25).

U Values

A U value is the name given to how heat transfer is measured through a building material such as a door or a window.  In simple terms, it is a measure proving how-how energy efficient a door will be including its glass.  This is to comply with new Building Regulations that came into effect in October 2010.

All parts whether windows, doors or building materials that contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a home must achieve a  U Value.  Generally, the lower the U Value, the more energy-efficient the product.  The current Building Regulations require the overall door energy rating to have a U value of less than 1.8wM2K. On bifolding doors, U-Values will vary from system to system, but each must meet the minimum standard as determined by the Building Regulations product to product as well, but each should meet the minimal standard.  As a result, several good doors offer great U-Values when glazed with a standard double glazed unit.

Powder Coating

The powder coating process and the way aluminium doors are coloured and finished is one of the most appealing features of aluminium bifolding doors.  Most leading systems companies such as Smart Systems, Senior Architectural Systems and others have invested in their own powder coating plants.  Other systems will outsource the painting of their aluminium doors to approved and expert powder coating companies.  It does not matter who paints your doors as long as it is to recognised industry standards. Most powder coaters have Qualicoat Approval.

Some of the best bi folding doors come with thicker paint finishes for enhanced durability. Great for exposed or coastal locations.

Salt and Chlorine

For doors installed in a coastal or swimming pool environment, it is imperative that the powder coating applied takes into consideration the location. Any bifolding door system can, therefore, come with an extended paint guarantee. This guarantee protects powder-coated bifolding doors against salt, chlorine and other contaminants.

Several brands come with this enhanced powder-coated finish (coated to thicker microns) as standard. Be aware that guarantees are offered only by the powder coating applicators.  There is a difference between a thicker grade paint finish without a warranty and one where an application for a special guarantee to the powder coater needs to be made.


Locking mechanisms will mostly meet minimum or maximum security requirements depending upon what testing standard has been carried out. Some bifolding doors meet Secured by Design accreditation; others do not.  We suggest you always ask about testing and certification with your doors.


Weather performance on bifolding doors will also have been carried out to established industry standards. Some doors will have a more severe weather rating than others.  This does not imply that the bifolding doors with the lesser standard will leak!  You may wish to consider a door with a higher weather rating for doors in an exposed location. If your doors are simply for an extension to a typical terraced house, the lesser standard will suffice.

What about the best bi folding doors you rarely see?

Look at many of the most beautiful bifolding door showrooms, and it is the case you will often see the same brands of doors available. Good examples are Smart System Visofold and AluK bifolding doors.  These are good quality bifolding doors, widely available and at competitive prices.

Alumil SF85. One of the newest bifolding doors in the UK is the Alumil SF85. Alumil is a Greek systems company offering very high specification bifolding doors and other glazing systems. Their SF85 has excellent technical specifications, outstanding proportions and goes up to 4 metres high.

Kawneer bifolding doors.  The Kawneer name has a global reputation providing their glazing systems in some of the most famous buildings in the world.  The Kawneer AA3720 is hard to find in the typical showroom.  Kawneer doors are manufactured and installed by the most experienced and professional manufacturers and installers.  Their expertise is in commercial and complex work they don’t sell directly to the public.

Senior Architectural Bifolding Doors.  Senior Architectural is one of the biggest independent systems companies in the UK. Like Comar or Kawneer, they remain highly specified in the commercial market.  Presently Senior Systems offer the AliFOLD and PURe FOLD suite of doors.  Both versions are well designed, attractive, provide a wide choice of sections and are very adaptable doors.

Senior doors also offer the glazing bar option for those wanting a steel look door with multi-panels. Senior bifold doors we say deserve much more consumer consideration.  You won’t easily find them in your average showroom – contact us, and we can put you in touch with a local installer.

SAPA Crown Doors.  A well priced bifolding door featuring a continuous hinge.  SAPA has a great name in the UK for aluminium doors and windows. In 2020 SAPA rebranded as Technal in the UK

Schuco and Reynaers doors.  The first choice for anyone wanting a more luxurious door from two of the best known brands in the world. Take a look and see how Schuco and Reynaers doors compare with each other and with the Origin bifolding door as well. 

Bifolding doors to match PVCu windows.

Many homeowners are adding bifolding doors to their homes after they’ve installed new PVCu windows.

Liniar has an excellent reputation for PVCu windows and doors.  The Alumina door from Liniar provides a  sculptured profile to replicate the aesthetics of Liniar windows.  Alumina matches other sculptured PVCu windows too.  The new Stellar  Bifolding Door also comes in this finish.

One of the many advantages of this product is that it’s available in a foiled finish to match modern PVCu windows.  Also, its sculptured profile makes it the only bifolding door on the market that can match the Liniar range of PVCu windows and doors. This gives a matching bifolding door.  But if you’re looking for a bifolding door with all the advantages of aluminium, yet can create a similar look to PVCu elsewhere in the home, Alumina by Liniar is well worth considering.

Another great feature around doors like Alumina is how they benefit installers. Using PVCu beads, these doors are one of the fastest to glaze compared to bifolds with aluminium beads.


The aesthetics of bifolding doors will vary from system to system. Therefore it is advisable to consider whether you want a door with profiled or rounded edges to the frame and door leaves, or a more flatline and contemporary appearance. Bifolding door aesthetics vary greatly. Do your research, shop around and find the bifolding door that will best match your home.

For grey colour doors, the flat appearance of some systems looks better. A wood effect aluminium bifolding door looks more authentic with rounded profiles.

For those wanting the slimmest possible sightlines, there are also all glass bifolding doors available that consist of virtually no aluminium framing. These offer far less visible aluminium frame than many standard and popular products.

Some bifolding door systems come with a limited choice of profiles. Other brands give you contemporary or traditional looking doors.  Examples include a chamfered door or a contemporary flat-looking door. Warmcore doors by Synseal Systems offer four different profile combinations.

In our experience, security, performance, thermal efficiency and product guarantees are significant to consumers.  But at the same time, aesthetics is highly important and will often be the critical decision when buying a bifolding door.  Therefore, it has to look right.

Maximum and minimum sizes of doors

Bifolding door systems vary in what minimum and maximum door leaf sizes you get. Some bifolding door systems stop at 2500mm to 2700mm high. Other door systems come in a maximum height of 3 metres. Some, like Sunflex go up to 3.5m high.  As a result, bifolding doors for larger openings create either floor to ceiling glazing when closed or even large open apertures in the summer.

Therefore, if you have a particular requirement, make sure you seek advice. If your local bifolding door suppliers offer a system at smaller maximum sizes, look at other brands.

If you’re designing a new extension and looking for wide and tall doors, you’ll see some products stating their maximum door sizes. Many of the best bi folding doors like Schuco or Dutemann come with wide and tall door sizes.  Some systems report big sizes but not always possible.  For example, a 3 metre high door is possible with narrower door leaves. A wide door leaf may need a reduced height.

Quality of the Running gear and hardware.

The running gear is one of the essential components in a bifolding door.  Bifolding doors with the weight on the bottom are more reliable than those bifolding doors that “hang” from the top. A bifolding door is a complex product and reliability is essential. The best bi folding doors come with reliable, quality running gear taking the weight on the bottom with guides at the top.

Some bifolding door manufacturers use proprietary running gear. Other companies have developed their running mechanisms, unique to their doors.

The same applies to door handles and hinges. There is diversity in the quality, and some bifolding door manufacturers differentiate themselves with the high quality construction, design and feel of their door handles. The door handle, the intermediate pull handles between the doors remain visible at all times. Therefore you have to be happy with how the handles will look.

Likewise, other bifolding door manufacturers offer pull handles that are more concealed than others or recess entirely. SAPA provides a bifolding door with a continuous full-height hinge. Origin doors offer safe finger gaskets that can colour match the rest of the door. Schuco offers excellent, distinctive door hardware that is instantly recognisable. There are differences between all systems, so again shop around.  Most doors on the market have finger protection between the doors.

The bifolding door low threshold

The threshold on bifolding doors is important as most people want as flush as possible threshold.

The dimension of the low threshold will vary by millimetres from system to system.  Find out more about Thresholds on Bifolding Doors.  Therefore always speak to your builder, door provider and architect if you’re looking to achieve an ultra-flat look to your door threshold.

Again beware the marketing literature. Many systems will state they offer a slimline or ultra-low threshold.  Always check the small print that this threshold is suitable for external applications as many systems offer this very low detail with doors intended for internal use only.  As a result, you may find weather tests and security tests carried out apply to a product with a standard threshold.  This doesn’t necessarily mean your doors will leak or be easy to break into, but it is worth checking if this factor is important in your buying decision.

We have mentioned Aluhaus’ Alufold doors in this article already for their engineering and quality.  Alufold bifolds come with a weather-rated low threshold.  Alumina bifold doors do too.

Guarantees and Service Levels for bifolding doors.

Almost all bifolding door brands provide good guarantees. You will find differing service levels and customer care from company to company.  Some manufacturers give a guarantee to their installers, assuming a correct door installation.  Installers offer their own guarantee (typically ten years).  All of these guarantees will largely depend upon the door system. Remember glass or glass with integral blinds often comes with only five years guarantee. Check with your bifold door provider.

Therefore there is no disadvantage to the consumer with doors supplied and guaranteed via several parties.

Origin Doors have a 20-year guarantee.  Aïr 800 bifolding doors have a 25-year guarantee – one that no other bifolding door company offers.  This does not imply that a door with ten years will be any less reliable.  It merely means such companies who make their doors have greater control of all their processes internally, involving fewer parties. A guarantee is a deciding factor for many choosing the best bi folding doors.

It’s important to understand that guarantees will vary between a window company installing bifolding doors and your builder fitting them.  The supply process is complicated, so always check what guarantee you get depending on who fits your doors.

Buildings often buy doors a trade supplier or trade counter.  Trade Suppliers do not offer much beyond the powder coating and hardware guarantee.  Consequently, the company fitting your doors give you a better guarantee.  Bifold doors from the builder will be cheaper than an installer, but the latter gives you better peace of mind.

Alufold bifolding door


This article aims to help you understand the various features of some of the best bi folding doors and what to consider. We have given some background about the different parts of the supply chain. And how the guarantees work, along with some general questions relating to bifolding doors.  Therefore there is enough information to ask the right questions, and fully understand the answers.

A reputable and experienced home improvement company will be able to advise you about bifolding doors fully.  Similarly, a company providing a range of bifolding door systems will explain the features and benefits of each.  Our advice is, be happy with the product, the price and your chosen supplier.

Of course, there are many other brands of bifolds and some quite impressive brands like Sieger from IQ Glass, Fineline and others with a different design, functionality, specification and cost.

For homeowners seeking the very best high-end doors whether in design, engineering, customisation or product quality we consider the following brands in a different category compared to others.

Frameless Glass Curtains

Contact us whatever your questions about bifolding doors.

Every year this website helps thousands of consumers and those in the trade.  We provide answers to bifolding door questions, finding the right product and from the best suppliers. Whatever your question about finding the best bi folding doors or where to source them, please contact us and we can help you.  Our service is free.

Published on April 25, 2014

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  1. Sophie says

    Hi, we’ve been quoted by two different companies one is fir origin doors and the other is for cortizo. The cortizo quote comes in at nearly 1K cheaper and that includes installation . What brand to go for here? From my research they are both good, reputable brands. Thanks

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Sophie, both are indeed good brands and systems and both, well-made and (importantly) well fitted are reliable doors.

      There’s lots of information around the origin sole-manufacturing, manufacturer warrany and other positives. Cortizo really depends who you’re buying it from and how it comes. We know some manufacturers making quite standard doors such as Alutech, the Eurocell product and others using Cortizo but rebranded as their own. Then there are specialist fabricators making these doors even better with different locks, handles and gearing.

      One good indicator of quality is how the doors feel when they slide and fold, so if you’ve not tried both brands do open and close them and see how they feel.

      You don’t mention if you’ve looked at the OB-49 or OB-72 model from Origin, the former being a little slimmer than Cortizo.

      The only ‘advantage’ Origin has is the personalisation options with handles, hardware, gaskets etc, so if this is important to you then this brand has the edge.

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards,

  2. Adriana Mirica says

    Hard to chose between Alu-k or SAPA for our bi-folding doors. Any advise , please?

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Adriana, thank you for your question. Both doors are just fine although different in aesthetics. Some people like the sightlines and the pop-out T handle found on the Aluk doors, others love the continuous hinge of the SAPA.

      Go with the door you like the look of the best and the one that also feels best when sliding and folding. A smooth slide action is a great indicator of quality. But both doors well made and fitted should serve you well.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards,

  3. Renato says


    Very interesting article – I never imagined spending time reading article about bi-fold doors, but apparently it is tricky choice.

    I am looking for a slimline bifold system (3 panels h:230cm w: 300cm) to replace smaller UPVC bifold doors.

    What do you think about the slide&pivot solution from Sunseeker? It costs almost twice other alternatives and and to open the first panel you have to slide it few cms. Is it practical and durable? I have seen a cheaper identical alternative, but the seller didn’t share any specs. Do you know what is the maker of these pivot&slide systems?

    Alternatively, I have found some websites with incredibly cheap Cortizo offers, but very few and mixed (or even fake) reviews. I understand that the Cortizo platform is great, but I am afraid to end up with inaccurate, poorly assembled or even scratched frames. Does the manufacturer make a great difference or they all use the same tools and templates provided by the maker of the system?

    Finally, can you suggest an excellent Cortizo manufacturer in London?


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Renato

      The Sunseeker doors are a good product – it’s hard to comment on price points as price comes down to many factors including your own home and accessibility for fitting, profit margins, etc.
      Due to the increasing volume of comments, we are struggling to manage these via the comment forms. Therefore, please can you use our contact form where these are managed and always responded to and can put you in touch with a Cortizo manufacturer.

      Kind regards