Solarlux Systems Ltd

Solarlux Systems Ltd is one of the premier aluminium systems available in the UK and frequently used in high-end projects featuring architectural glazing.  Every Solarlux product is made in Germany and comes with impeccable quality, design and a high specification.  Solarlux is a German company trading for over 35 years. For anyone looking for the very best bifolding doors, sliding doors and roof glazing, Solarlux for design, aesthetics, features and specification is the go-to name.

Solarlux Systems product range

Available from Solarlux are seven product groups. Every one of these products comes with the same meticulous attention to detail, high performance and impeccable product quality. For contemporary extensions and home improvements, Solarlux Systems offers the following innovative glazing systems.

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  • Bifolding doors boasting unique features and some of the slimmest proportions
  • Slimline sliding doors with advanced engineering and size capability as well as high specifications
  • Interior and exterior slide and turn systems,
  • Sophisticated glass rooms, glazed extensions, wintergardens and summer rooms or canopies
  • Balcony glazing for weather and sound protection as well as extra useable living space
  • Horizontal sliding glass walls for commercial premises

In the UK, these products are available to view in the Solarlux Showroom in Welwyn Garden City. They’re also available through a network of quality home improvement companies choosing to sell the Solarlux product.

solarlux systems cero door
Solarlux systems cero door

Solarlux bifolding doors

The bifolding door range from Solarlux has a collection comprising aluminium, aluminium and wood systems, also known as hybrid products.

In aluminium, Ecoline or Highline bifolding doors firstly offer impressive slim sightlines of only 99mm and expansive panels up to 3.5m high. These are the popular aluminium bifolds in the range, offering contemporary sightlines and exceptional hardware.

SL35 Solarlux bifolding doors are a slimline system with a frame depth of just 35mm.  The Solarlux SL35 model combines with other Solarlux windows.  This non-insulated system suits internal doors or where U-Values and energy efficiency are not part of the specification.

For deeper frames, the Solarlux SL45 is another non-insulated folding sliding door system with sizes up to 1100mm wide and 2200mm high or up to 2800mm high with a narrower door panel. Again these doors suit environments where thermal performance is not required.

The new Solarlux Megaline takes what’s possible with a bifolding door to new levels of technical excellence. Designed for larger openings, Megaline is capable of panels up to 4.5m high or 1.5m wide.

Solarlux Hybrid Systems

Besides premium aluminium products, Woodline Solarlux bifolding doors come in sustainable wood, having beautiful finishes and premium door furniture.  The bifolds offer a 143mm mullion sightline, double or triple glazing and up to 2.8m high door panels.

Combiline hybrid bifolding doors have wood on the inside, powder-coated aluminium on the outside. The specifications of these are generally similar specifications to the Woodline product.

Solarlux SL82 aluminium bifolding doors offer the most design freedom, thanks to its more versatile 80mm frame, thermally enhanced profiles and outstanding engineering. The key design feature of the Solarlux SL82 is the minimal frame and a near frameless appearance.  For a hybrid and high-specification version, the SL97 comes with hand-crafted mortice and tenon joints and a luxury look and feel..

Sliding Doors by Solarlux Systems

Seven sliding door products meet the needs of both exterior quality sliding doors, interior partitions, room dividers and balcony enclosures.

The all-glass systems include the SL20E, SL22, SL23.  For aluminium sliding doors SL142, SL160 offer excellent engineering and manufacturing quality. Then there is the SL178 wood sliding door and the SL179 as a hybrid model.

cero by Solarlux Sliding Doors.

Illustrating the best in sliding door quality with the top-of-the-line design is Cero sliding doors. These sophisticated sliding doors offer a unique look, minimalist proportions, expansive sizes and several unique design and performance features.

First of all, is the minimalist design at the heart of the Cero product.  Sliding panels come in sizes up to 15 square metres, creating large scale patio doors, and floor-to-ceiling glazing. Furthermore, the Cero system has an exceptional weight-bearing capability of nearly 1 tonne.  Even better, Cero sliding door designs offer flush thresholds, open corner arrangements, and an automatic sliding opening option too.

The Cero sliding door range comprises two different models. First of all is the standard double glazed product, Cero II available in all manner of styles, colours and configurations. Then, Cero III brings even better thermal insulation, triple glazing and a deeper frame depth. Moreover, Cero III meets Passivhaus standards.

solarlux systems bifolding doors
Solarlux Systems bifolding doors

Glass Canopy and Wintergarden by Solarlux

One of the best known Solarlux Systems products, in particular, is the range of glass rooms and canopies.

For the ultimate in all-year-round comfort and useable living space, there’s the glazed extension designed and built by Solarlux. Using cutting edge design and exemplary manufacturing, these advanced roofing systems, combined with Solarlux door products transform a home. The Wintergarden glazed extension is a full thermally insulated system offering high-end extended living.

The uninsulated glass canopy works with products such as slide and turn glass panels. These provide open or sealed glass enclosures for making the most of outside spaces at other times of the year while. At the same time, they provide weather, wind or rain protection for a patio or terrace. Within the range are also free-standing glass rooms or garden room constructions.

Horizontal Sliding Systems.

For commercial buildings, retail premises, cafes and restaurants, the Solarlux Horizontal Sliding System provides slide and turn bifolding doors opening up entire walls. These come in the SL60-HSW aluminium system or the SL GG-HSW glass version.

Balcony Glazing

A smaller design creates balcony enclosures using the same slide and turn system as a single glazed product.  The SL23, SL25 and SL25XXL come as full glass or the SL 25R in aluminium.

solarlux systems showroom
solarlux systems showroom

Further information on Solarlux Systems Products

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Solarlux provides homeowners with probably the best aluminium brand on the market and certainly one of the most premium. Contact us for further information about Solarlux products and where to buy.

Interested installers can also find out about the sales opportunities of becoming a Solarlux Partner.