Cero Sliding Doors

Solarlux Cero sliding doors are made in Germany, and offer ultra-premium sliding doors with contemporary looks and sightlines. They form another luxury patio doors product from Solarlux, alongside their bifolding doors, wintergardens and glazed extensions.

cero sliding doors by solarlux
Cero sliding doors by Solarlux

Cero sliding doors with minimal sightlines

CERO sliding doors are minimal profile doors, designed for slim sightlines. Depending on their installation they create two types of looks. One is the minimal and ultra-slim door arrangement. The other is a near frameless version when inset into the structure. This arrangement also provides a consistent and unique 34mm sightline around the entire door set.

Technically excellent, engineered and designed for extreme performance. Solarlux Cero sliding doors are perfect for standard sizes. At the same time they’re capable of doors up to a tonne in weight or up to an impressive 15m2 of glass to each door panel.

You can use Cero in projects demanding high performance sliding doors at all manner of sizes. Even better, the design of these doors suits floor-to-ceiling glazing, including doors spanning more than one floor.

Cero patio sliding door models

Solarlux Cero comes in a double or triple glazed model with enhanced insulation. Each one of these provides multiple opening configurations with the same minimal sightlines and smooth slide action.

Cero 2 is the main model offering all the advantages of this advanced sliding door with double glazed safety glass. Therefore this model meets the needs of most projects. Using Cero 2 sliding doors provides an overall frame depth of 71-243mm depending on the number of panels and tracks required. Despite being double glazed, this door goes further than other sliding doors on the market when it comes to glass thickness. Glass units of 30-36mm provide superior performance compared with typical 28mm glass used on other doors.

With Cero 2, glass panels go up to 3m wide and 4m high or a maximum 12m2 in area

For triple glazed doors the Cero 3 model offers larger door sizes, as well as a higher insulated model. This comes with the insulation, acoustic and enhanced security benefits of triple glazing. The triple glazed units with Cero 3 come in thicknesses from 46mm up to an impressive 56mm thick.

With Cero 3, glass panels go up to 4m wide and 6m high or a maximum 15m2 in area.

solarlux cero sliding doors in a new extension
Solarlux cero sliding doors in a new extension

More information about Cero by Solarlux

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