Aluco Aluminium

Aluco Aluminium is a specialist manufacturer of Heritage, Art-Deco, and contemporary steel-look doors and windows. The Aluco product range is made in the UK and supplied nationwide through a network of approved Aluco Dealers.

Information about Aluco Aluminium steel-look doors, windows and screens

The entire range takes inspiration from iconic steel windows such as Crittall® and the general aesthetic of slimline frames and the grid-like appearance. The difference, like all aluminium products in the steel look, is a substantially cheaper alternative to the genuine steel product.

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Expertly made with attention to detail. All Aluco products suit residential or commercial property. They also come with several unique features and benefits compared with other brands of these sought-after and highly desirable products.

Whether known as Steel-Look, Art-Deco, Scandi, Hygge, Contemporary or Industrial, every product within this brand follows the same signature styling and detailing.

The significant advantage of Aluco Aluminium products is they all use purpose-designed products differing substantially from other steel-look products on the market. An excellent example are interior doors or screens as well as sliding doors. Here, most other brands in aluminium provide an exterior grade door fitted inside the home.

Aluco interior systems are dedicated products without the thermal break found on exterior glazing that’s unnecessary inside the home. As well as this, there’s a single glazing option available, again where double glazing isn’t essential internally.

The advantages of interior products by Aluco extend to internal sliding doors. Again, many other brands use exterior doors, only available double-glazed with applied bars giving the grid appearance. They also require the sliding door track on the floor. Aluco interior sliding doors come designed like steel products as suspended sliding doors without needing a track on the floor and the obviously aesthetic and functional benefits this provides.

The Aluco aluminium product range

A substantial range of doors, windows, screens, bifolding doors, and more allows Aluco products to create a complete one-brand solution for the home.

aluco aluminium black doors in a lounge

Steel-look Doors

Available in the popular single or French door design, with or without sidelights, are Aluco steel-look exterior doors.

With the signature details of original steel doors, they come with the signature thicker lock backplate, optional deep bottom rails and applied glazing bars. With thermally insulated frames, high-specification glass and modern locking systems, Aluco steel-look doors are ideal exterior patio doors.

aluco steel-look window in contemporary grey textured colour

Aluco Aluminium steel-look windows

With multiple configuration options, period glazing bars, premium colour finishes and designer window hardware.

Aluco aluminium windows provide a complete solution for general window replacements in the steel-look style. Thermally insulated profiles, highly insulated glass units and multi-point locking systems are just some of their features. These expertly-crafted bespoke windows also integrate perfectly within door sidelights for ventilation.

interior doors in the art-deco style

Interior steel-look residential doors

Distinctive slimline internal doors take inspiration from Scandi-interiors and are one of the most sought-after doors in this on-trend steel look. Aluco interior doors are unique aluminium interior doors providing a contemporary solution inside the home.

Single and double doors with optional fixed top or side panels create functional yet aesthetically excellent interior doors. Contemporary hardware combines with period or model glass such as reeded, clear or sandblasted with refinement. Being interior doors, these products come without a threshold, leaving floors clear and a smooth transition between rooms.

aluco aluminium sliding interior doors in a hallway

Interior steel-look sliding doors

Elegant, slimline, functional and aesthetically excellent. Aluco steel-look interior sliding doors have unique styling, such as deep bottom rails and the thicker backplate behind hand-applied Art-Deco glazing bars.

A top-hung system offering smooth sliding action and a seamless floor between rooms. These products come as single sliding doors, bi-folding openings or panels moving behind side panels. A pocket option going into a wall is also available.

black interior screen in a modern home

Steel-look screens and partitions

For fixed windows, floor-to-ceiling glazing or picture windows in the steel-look, Aluco offers exterior and interior steel-look screens and partitions at made-to-order sizes and colours.

visofold 6000 steel-look bifolding doors in a new extension

Heritage and Steel-look folding sliding doors

Aluco bifolding doors with slimline glazing bars and some of the thinnest bifolding door mullion sightlines on the market.

Available from two up to six or more panels, with optional low threshold, hand-applied glazing bars and authentic styling.