Sunvista Sliding Doors

Sunvista sliding doors come from Compass Glass. A London company with 30 years experience in contemporary glass, structural glazing and minimal glass products. Amongst the range of frameless glass structures, doors, and windows is the Sunvista product. It’s a sleek and slim inline slide door with clean contemporary sightlines, enhancing residential extensions with its expanses of glass.

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Ultra-slim Sunvista sliding doors

These minimal sliding doors are entirely designed for the UK market. As well as this, they use mostly British components. The company is also part of the Made in Britain organisation.

Doors created for the UK housing and extension market have advantages over some European sliding doors. Cortizo or Metra, two popular European examples, have design, performance, operational and hardware characteristics typical of balcony and patio systems. They don’t always meet the requirements of UK homes. For instance, the locking method, Building Regulations regarding trickle vents and the design of the track often mean compromises elsewhere.

Slimline doors not only need to cater for the British weather. Doors must accommodate more time we spend indoors and doors closed for lengthy periods of time as a result.

Sunvista sliding doors come carefully thought out for British homes and property projects. Even how Sunvista doors fix to the floor is highly-engineered and substantially better than the basic ‘packing’ of other doors.

Slimline sliding doors for new extensions

Widely used in all manner of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, Sunvista doors are ideal for small patio door openings, up to expansive sliding glass walls.

  • Available as 2, 3, 4 or 5-panel doors
  • Open or fixed corners
  • Pocket sliding doors sliding into or in front of the wall
  • Curved and faceted sliding door designs.
  • Double, triple or quadruple door tracks

Slimline sliding doors in the steel look

Keeping with the on-trend design of steel-look systems for the home, Sunvista doors also come as a highly credible sliding door in the heritage and steel styling.

The minimal profiles and excellent proportions create very desirable steel-look doors using slimline glazing bars and of course, the desirable black finish. Even better with these doors is the option of a pocket sliding version, going into a wall.

Key design features of Sunvista doors

The design of these doors meet the requirements of the current trend for slimline doors, typically with a 20mm mullion.

Sunvista doors are first of all, slimmer than many of the best-known brands of slimline sliding doors. With a 19mm mullion, the beat Cortizo, Sunflex SVG20, Origin OS-20, Express’ range of sliding doors, Inifiniglide and others.

The next feature of these doors over other brands is the track. Other sliding doors have open channels and visible track grooves. Sunvista sliding doors come with neat fully covered thresholds. Consequently, it’s neater, flush looking and an altogether better design.

The sizes of these doors are also more flexible than other systems with widths of up to 3.5m wide and 3.0m high.

Weather performance of Sunvista

Just to let you know that we finally had the Sunvista doors tested this week and the results were quite good. It just failed at 900pa and achieved an E750 classification. However, if you read the Senior Engineer’s report (below) he was quite impressed.

We achieved Class 4 for air and Class 3 for wind which I understand is the highest category BSI test to.

I queried a couple of our competitors’ performance figures and the engineer also commented on those in his email. One competitor being Vitrocsa who allegedly achieved E1050. I have seen a Vitrocsa installation and could see daylight through the doors. I don’t know how they could have achieved that standard

grey sunvista sliding doors

More information about minimal Sunvista

Widely used for property renovations, building projects, basement extensions and a slimline alternative to existing sliding doors. Sunvista sliding doors provide a premium sliding door product for residential property. These doors are also widely used by architects and integrated within the designs of stunning home extensions and renovation projects.

There’s an excellent example of this fine door brand used extensively within a stunning property renovation of a five bedroom home in North London.

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