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Is your conservatory cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, noisy and rarely used? These powder-coated insulated conservatory roof panels give old conservatories, and lean-to’s a new lease of life.  We explain more about them in this article using products by Thermotec and CorePro Systems as two examples.

One of the more recent innovations in refurbishing old conservatories is aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels.  These highly insulated aluminium panels provide many benefits for old conservatories glazed with polycarbonate or glass. 

Thermotec Aluminium Replacement Conservatory Roof Panels

Superior Conservatory Panels based in Coventry are part of a group of companies specialising in architectural aluminium powder coating and the manufacture of insulated aluminium panels.  The insulated aluminium roof panels from  Superior Conservatory panels are the Thermotec product and serve the residential market in replacing old polycarbonate and glass with a solid aluminium roof panel, therefore improving an old conservatory considerably.

These quality aluminium conservatory roof panels also offer homeowners looking to refurbish their conservatory several advantages.

  • A new conservatory roof in under one day with the majority of installations.
  • Panels made to order to suit every conservatory roof.
  • Roof panels suit aluminium, PVCu as well as timber conservatories.
  • Cheaper than other methods of conservatory refurbishments such as an entirely new roof or a hybrid system.
  • Works with the existing conservatory roof bars, without additional supports or beams.

Suitable for any shape and style of a conservatory with a rafter-roof design, they provide an insulated roof solution that can once again make a usable room, regardless of the weather, the temperature or the season.

CorePro Systems aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels

Similar to Thermotec is the insulated conservatory roof panels by CorePro Systems. These provide the same easy and fast installation, and instantly improved conservatory and come in flexible sizes and options.

Three products by CorePro Systems provide solutions for standard or traditional conservatory designs as well as a dedicated product for lean-to conservatories. You’ll also find the CorePro Systems product comes in better and larger sizes than the Thermotec product and has options for improved acoustics and security.

Specifications of aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels.

The specifications of products such as those by Thermotec or the German-made panels by Corepro Systems do differ, but essentially provide the following specifications:

Furthermore, these conservatory roof panels have U-Values of 0.29Wm2K surpassing even triple glazing, typically offering 0.7Wm2K. These panels use the Thermotec system which we have fully reviewed. 

Four immediate benefits by replacing a conservatory roof with aluminium panels.

The fast installation of aluminium insulated roof panels brings some instant benefits to an old conservatory.

Improved thermal insulation and comfort.

The aluminium panels comprise thick insulation that corrects many of the downsides associated with single or twin-wall polycarbonate sheet or early-generation double glazed units. There is an improvement in noise levels with the aluminium roof as the insulation deadens the noise from heavy rain or wind. This provides a useable conservatory in autumn and winter especially.

The thermal insulation also controls the heat loss and heat build-up in the conservatory.  The aluminium panels are substantially more thermally efficient than polycarbonate or glass.  The result is an instantly more comfortable conservatory, losing less heat through the roof and drawing in less solar gain.

Aluminium panels create a warmer conservatory in the winter.

Heat loss through the poorly insulated roof means many old conservatories are rarely used in the winter owing to the costs of heating.

With these thermally efficient aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels, the room loses substantially less heat in the winter as there is no heat loss through the roof.

A cooler conservatory in the summer.

With U-Values lower than glass units and better UV protection, the room is cooler in the summer and comfortable to use.  It is also more effective than conservatory roof blinds and does away with other methods of cooling the space.

A conservatory that is quieter to sit in.

Walk into the conservatory after the installation of the roof panels and the solid aluminium roof creates a quieter environment.  There is a noticeable reduction in echo and noise, feeling like other rooms in the house.

Alternative replacement conservatory roof products

One excellent resource around the replacement and improvement of conservatory roofs is the RefurbishMyConservatory Website. Do visit this as it offers alternatives to the aluminium products in this article as well as lots of useful information and advice. The key products include:

A new roof with latest generation glass

This solution still gives you the clarity and brightness of an all-glass roof. With solar control, self-cleaning, highly insulated and other modern glass solutions, don’t dismiss altogether replacing your old glass or polycarbonate with the latest and substantial better glass product.

Solid or tiled new roof

While more expensive, a solid or tiled roof creates a more authentic ‘new extension’ style compared with the visible plain coloured panels of Thermotec. Tiled or solid roofs come configurable, robust, long-lasting and highly insulated. They’ll cost you more and more work is required to the conservatory itself, but the end result is like having a new extension built. You can also integrate rooflights and give the look of a plastered ceiling internally.

Complete replacement

Another option is a completely new product. Solutions include Skyrooms by Ultraframe, a new orangery as well as other solutions. Again the cost and work involved is substantially more than a Thermotec product. However the end result is entirely different.

conservatory refurbishment

Where to buy aluminium conservatory roof panels

The Thermotec brand specifically, we understand has an exclusivity arrangement where Greenspace Conservatories work with significant areas of the UK. As a result, getting comparable prices for these products, not to mention an alternative supplier to consider, is limited.

The CorePro Systems product is much more flexible in its availability to both homeowners and especially the trade. You can get in touch using our contact form for more details.

Our recommendation is to also check out the Refurbish My Conservatory website. This is an excellent conservatory refurbishment resource. You’ll see several alternatives to the Thermotec product, albeit more complicated to execute, but certainly providing a greater choice of solutions.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about these transformational aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels for your old PVCu, aluminium or timber conservatory and where to buy them.