Thermotec roof panels review

Thermotec roof panels are replacement conservatory roof panels designed to improve old conservatories.

Made of aluminium, our Thermotec roof panels review takes a look at this product improving the insulation on both aluminium and PVCu conservatory roofs.  We also compare it to some of the other conservatory roof refurbishment products on the market.

What is Thermotec?

The conservatory refurbishment market is a growing sector.  There are over 9000 conservatory installers in the UK (Source: Insight Data) with a widely reported 3 million conservatories installed in the UK.  Many first generations and older conservatories came with poorly insulated polycarbonate or basic glass units.

In 2010, a relaxation of planning laws meant these types of products are ideal for conservatory refurbishment without planning permission. For many homeowners not wanting to deal with local authorities or planning applications, products such as these do help improve a conservatory.

Today there are specialist conservatory refurbishment companies operating in the UK.  These businesses offer products designed to turn an old conservatory into a useable room.  Many offer to change virtually the entire conservatory structure also using the existing base work. Others offer several types of new conservatory roof systems.  Then there are companies offering to fit an internal insulated ceiling to an existing conservatory.  As a result, homeowners have several options to improve an old plastic or aluminium conservatory.

What all of these conservatory roof companies do identify is why your old conservatories are too hot or too cold.  The conservatory roof is where most of the heat loss occurs on the one hand, with the solar gain in summer on the other hand.  Consequently, when you improve the internal temperature and regulation, you instantly improve the comfort.  Therefore, Themotec conservatory roof panels also offer another product option designed to refurbish a conservatory.

What are Thermotec conservatory roof panels made of?

thermotec roof panels review

First of all, Thermotec roof panels are insulated aluminium conservatory roof panels.  They come with internal and external 2mm thick aluminium faces with dense insulation between the two.  At the same time, Thermotec panels fit in any aluminium as well as a PVCu conservatory. For us, this is one of their best features. They fit quickly and easily, using the existing roof bars and overall conservatory roof structure.

  • Thermotec roof panels are typically 75mm thick, although any thickness is possible.
  • The panels come as a tray with welded edges.
  • You benefit from a durable powder coated finish in a choice of over 150 colours.
  • They use the existing conservatory roof structure without any modification.
  • You do not need planning permission or Building Regulation compliance.
  • Thermotec panels are cheaper than virtually all the other refurbishment products on the market.

It is worth pointing out in this Thermotec roof panels review that these panels are so easy to fit, a typical installation takes just one day with most conservatories.  Fitting these panels is quick, easy and with instant benefits to your old conservatory.

How are Thermotec replacement conservatory roof panels supplied?

To get a quote for Thermotec roof panels, you can complete a form with some basic information if you know a little about your existing conservatory. However, in most cases a home survey is necessary.  The benefit of a survey is establishing your requirements correctly.  The process is generally as follows:

  •  A survey on your existing conservatory measuring the existing panels and roof angles.
  • Confirmation of your requirements.
  • The manufacture of the Thermotec roof panels.
  • The powder coating of the panels.
  • Hand finishing and final inspection.
  • Installation of the panels in the existing conservatory.

In line with other quality home improvement products you also get a 10-year guarantee.

replacement conservatory roof panels

Features and Benefits of Thermotec conservatory roof panels.

In this Thermotec roof panels review, it helps to illustrate some of the features and what they mean. Above all, the entire process is much easier than other products on the market.

  • Thermotec panels are longer lasting and more effective than insulated conservatory blinds.
  • They are more insulated than the latest conservatory glass with integral blinds.
  • Better insulated and quieter than even latest generation polycarbonate with solar coatings.
  • Better insulation than the latest blue or solar control double. Triple glass won’t fit in an existing roof.
  • Virtually no disruption compared to the latest tiled insulated conservatory roofs.
  • No condensation concerns often associated with fibreglass or plasterboard internal false ceiling products.

The lightweight advantages of aluminium

First of all, these conservatory roof panels are light in weight.  As a result, Thermotec replacement conservatory roof panels need no additional reinforcement to the overall conservatory or the entire structure.  As well as this, these panels are light enough to go directly into the existing roof.  The benefit is, therefore, less cost and no risk of the conservatory falling under the extra weight.

The installation is also simple with the panel corners cut, pressed and made at the exact sizes to suit your roof just like your existing glass or polycarbonate. The panel edges even fit under your existing conservatory roof rafter. Even better is the panels not affecting your existing lead flashings or gutters.  As a result, there is no risk of affecting the existing weather tightness of the conservatory.

The insulation is so dense, Thermotec claims a 75mm panel thickness offers the same insulation as 300mm of loft insulation. You benefit from a panel with U-Values right down to 0.29Wm2K. This is a very low U-Value with excellent thermal properties. Therefore these panels should substantially reduce heat loss and help lower energy bills.

 Conservatory System Polycarbonate RoofGlass Roof
Marshall Tufflex
Monarch Aluminium
Smart Systems
Sainsbury’s Homebase
Many other brands.

Thermotec Works with most aluminium or PVCu conservatory brands.

If your existing conservatory has glazing such as 24mm double glazed units, 4mm up to 35mm polycarbonate sheet or any other material on the roof, Thermotec conservatory roof panels should fit.

Additionally, they work with all styles of conservatory. We have even compiled a list of some well-known aluminium and upvc brands. Thermotec replacement conservatory roof panels will improve the comfort and thermal performance of any of these brands, subject to survey.

Thermotec advantages over glass or polycarbonate.

  • A substantially quieter conservatory when it rains compared to polycarbonate or glass.
  • Instantly more comfortable inside, therefore allowing the old conservatory to be enjoyed all year round.
  • The obvious advantage of powder coated aluminium.  Over 150 colours to choose from including a different colour inside and out.

Disadvantages to Thermotec replacement conservatory roof panels.

If Thermotec roof panels replace your existing polycarbonate or glass, then some loss of light from above is expected.  However, with most conservatories having three or more glazed sides, you should not notice a significant loss of light.  Better still, when you consider the benefits of a better-insulated roof, this is a small trade-off.

Furthermore, it is worth talking to your supplier to get the best colour match.  Many upvc conservatories in a woodgrain finish will need a plain powder-coated brown colour. Options include RAL 8080, BS08B29 Satin, RAL 8040 as a possible colour match to woodgrain, albeit without the grain effect. There is no Thermotec panel with a woodgrain finish.

Alternatives to the Thermotec Roof

While Thermotec panels provide a fast solution for improving a conservatory roof, there are some factors to be aware of. There are also solutions that are better.

Corepro Systems Replacement Conservatory Roof Panels

First of all, is Corepro Systems based in Devon. The company has a similar product offering using the long-established Stadur panel. As well as aluminium replacement conservatory roof panels, there’s also a more affordable PVCu product.

Another benefit to Corepro Systems products is larger size capability over Thermotec. Their panels come at longer lengths up to 7.5m long and up to 2.2m wide. And you’ll also get an optional acoustic interlayer within the panel helping reduce noise. For added security, Corepro replacement conservatory roof panels have the option of aluminium reinforcement creating a more secure panel.

Corepro Systems also provide a trade supply only service that we understand Thermotec does not provide. As a result, installers interested in offering these roof panels as part of their service has an easier route to a trade supplier. Contact us for more information and where to buy Corepro conservatory roof panels.

Finding alternative suppliers to Thermotec panels

Then, is the method of supply that may not suit every potential customer. The majority of the UK from Cornwall across to the Kent Coast, South Wales to Norwich and up to Nottingham is covered by Greenspace Conservatories. As a result, homeowners only get the choice of one company to deal with which doesn’t give them choice or a way to compare prices. So do bear this in mind.

If you get in touch with other Thermotec roof panel suppliers, that don’t serve your area, it’s quite likely you’ll get passed back to Greenspace. Get in touch with us and we can help with alternative suppliers.

There’s also HomeLogic in Southampton marketing these panels, Superior Conservatory panels covering the North West of England and North Wales. Kingswood Conservatories Cover the North East of the UK. Spire Window Systems in Lincoln also provide Thermotec roof panels.

There are substantial benefits to all conservatory replacement roofing products. Moreover, any conservatory refurbishment project should only be done once!

We also suggest visiting the RefurbishMyConservatory Website, that’s excellent in providing more information about replacing a dated conservatory roof with alternatives to the Thermotec roof.

Get a quote for your replacement conservatory roof panels.

These replacement conservatory roof panels are easy to fit, simple to survey and provide a lot of benefits.  Other than these two points, and only dealing with Greenspace, there is little to criticise about the product.

Above all, these are quality aluminium panels that offer a cheaper, easier solution than an entire tiled roof. We must stress the weight considerations on an existing structure with other types of roof systems.

Please ensure your installer goes through all the options and the work involved with solid conservatory roofs.

If after reading this Thermotec roof panels review you would like to find out more or about Corepro Systems alternative replacement conservatory roof panels, contact us using our form.  

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