Steel look windows and doors

Steel look windows and doors in aluminium create the look of industrial, Heritage and Art Deco glazing. These are the aluminium alternative, although never the same, as the authentic Crittall® doors and windows and steel glazing by other manufacturers and brands.

Highly sought-after, desirable and on-trend. Whilst aluminium originally only offered doors and windows as a cheaper alternative to steel, now these products have matured into systems and an even wider range of products in the look of industrial or classic steel. Other terms for these include steel-replacement, Crittall® style, Scandi, Hygge and even contemporary.

Information about steel look windows and doors

Importantly, while aluminium versions of Information about steel look windows and doors offer credible alternatives to steel, only genuine steel products are best. Nothing beats the authenticity, quality and longevity of a genuine steel window. Steel windows are the real deal, offer even slimmer sightlines and arguably the finest aesthetics for this style of glazing. However, the incredible quality and craftsmanship of steel windows also come at a higher price. And this is where aluminium steel look windows and doors offer a similar look and meet today’s trend without the cost of the genuine product.

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So whilst aluminium steel look windows and doors are never intended to 100% replicate steel or a particular brand of steel windows such as Crittall®, they do come with similar details found in the genuine product. These include:

  • The grid-like pattern using slimline glazing bars
  • Slimline frames with traditional or modern styling
  • The desirable black matt colour or other suitable shade
  • Doors with deep bottom rails and a panel or backplate behind the handles
  • Suitable for exterior-grade doors as well as internal doors and screens

Where you can use steel look windows and doors

Aluminium steel look windows and doors are suitable for both new openings and also designed as replacements for existing metal, plastic or timber windows.

Exterior doors and windows are the obvious location, but it’s patio doors of all types, where these doors are particularly effective. For ground or first floor doors, steel-look suits single or double doors, side access doors and even at the front of the house as a porch.

Windows offer the same multiple solutions as other materials, coming with all the required security, energy-efficiency, weather protection and configuration.

steel-look windows in a new home made by everglade windows trade

For new build openings, these windows come in several frame depth options, opening types, colours and glass specifications.

Of course, aluminium steel look windows and doors provide an alternative solution for the replacement of old metal windows. Many original metal window installations use single glazed, non-insulated products with basic locking. Whilst modern steel windows today do come with the insulation, security and benefits of modern windows, aluminium remains cheaper and in many cases better thermal performance than steel. Steel windows typically offer a C or B window energy rating – aluminium does offer better thermal performance depending on the brand and glass specification.

When replacing older windows, one of the benefits of aluminium is how well they work as new windows in stone surrounds or hardwood subframes. With narrow frames and different edge designs, aluminium steel look windows and doors work well within these often retained building features and, done well, give a similar look to the windows they replace.

When replacing old steel windows, it’s worth considering the style of window being replaced. Crittall® and other metal windows came in different styles and descriptions. Examples include putty line windows, hopper windows, French Casements, W20.

Like other products, old metal windows have names, depending on who made them and when. For example, most steel windows fitted during the 1960’s may often be the W20 type. Other versions include the Universal Range made even earlier or the SMW (Standard Metal Window) also widely used. Aluminium windows are generally intended to replicate these types of steel windows exactly.

steel look windows and doors and crittall style windows in modern grey colour in a new house
Steel-look windows made by Everglade Windows in Middlesex

Understanding steel look windows and doors vs steel-replacement

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Doing research for this style of glazing often brings up different terminology. There are two distinct differences in the intent for this type of window. First of all, is those seeking new or replacement windows in this style. The second are those looking for replacements for their existing steel or old Crittall® window.

Therefore steel-look and steel-replacement usually imply the same range of products. It’s how and where they’re fitted that often results in different designs and frame styles, for instance, odd leg frames for timber or stone surround, equal leg frames for more standard openings.

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There’s additional information when buying bifolding doors in a steel-look.

There’s also more information about buying replacement or new aluminium windows in the steel style.

We’ve also put together information for interior doors or screens needing a fire-rating.

Steel look windows and doors products available

Depending on where you buy from, steel look windows and doors now come in many different product types.

Windows, screens, residential doors, single and double doors with sidelights. These are the best-designed steel-look products.

With folding sliding doors in this style, most products are basic bifolds with applied bars, although some suppliers provide more credible versions. For exterior sliding doors, there’s presently no dedicated system in aluminium. Here, you’ll get the best result using a thin sliding door product with applied slim bars.

The trade can get in touch for details of some of the best fabricators and suppliers of steel-replacement systems. Homeowners can also get in touch with us for further information and where to buy.

For interior glazing, you’ll find either exterior doors with minor modifications fitted inside, or dedicated internal steel-look products including single doors, double doors, fixed screens and sliding doors.

steel look windows and doors in black fitted to a large surrey house
Steel look windows and doors by expert supplier Aspire Bifolds of Surrey.

Steel look windows and doors systems and providers

On each of the specific steel look pages we have listed some of the popular brands or providers. Some of the products arguably aren’t dedicated steel-systems, instead using basic aluminium windows. That said, they’re marketed as steel look and customers remain happy with the end result.

Other options to achieve the steel-look

steel replacement interior doors and windows

Many aluminium systems companies offer slimline aluminium windows that are not specifically intended as Steel Replacement Windows. Despite this, they’re widely used for this purpose. You can obtain odd leg or equal leg windows with minimal sightlines. At the same time, you get a similar aesthetic to traditional steel windows.

Steel replacement windows in aluminium still offer the slim lines, strength and extensive colour choices.

There is also some useful information about the cost of steel replacement windows and factors affecting the price. 

Windows images are steel replacement windows manufactured by Everglade Windows of Middlesex.

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