Steel Look Internal Doors and Screens

Steel Look internal doors and screens create a stylish interior inside the home, complementing the exterior steel look windows and doors . Minimalist, slimline and distinctive, there’s a range of Crittall style internal doors and aluminium steel look internal screens. Everything you need to know about steel-look internal doors and screens and aluminium Crittall style room dividers.

Steel look internal doors and screens explained

Only genuine steel products such as Crittall® Windows, or other steel brands provide the best sightlines and true steel look. The aluminium versions of Crittall style room dividers or doors take inspiration from steel.

Steel always provides slimmer lines, but aluminium comes close. As well as this, other distinctive styling hues from the original products include the grid-like appearance, consistent lines, optional deep bottom rails and the thicker plate or panel behind any handles.

It’s also worth knowing many of the products in aluminium markets as interior system are actually external-grade products. Only Aluco Aluminium provides a dedicated interior system. It’s different from steel but highly effective.

If you’re choosing exterior systems it’s likely you’ll get double glazing and thermally insulated profiles – two elements you don’t need inside but perfectly acceptable nonetheless.

You’ll also find the same sightlines with the exterior-use models but there’s some excellent customisation available from specialists giving the right functionality, look and feel.

It’s also worth remembering with the exterior systems that you’ll quite likely get the same locks used on exterior doors such as multi-point locks. Again it’s not required as many internal doors only have a basic latching system, but many customers are happy with this arrangement.

Where you can use aluminium steel look internal doors and screens

aluminium crittall style room divider in a modern kitchen

Every one of these aluminium steel look doors or room dividers offers a more cost-effective aluminium solution and alternative to steel. Whether known as steel look, Scandi, Hygge, Art-Deco or industrial, the styling works inside any interior. As a result, you can use these products for:

  • Interior doors with or without side or top glazing
  • Room dividers either as windows or with doors
  • Separating a conservatory from the main room
  • Dividing an entrance hall
  • Closing off a doorway with a glazed design.
  • Doors to ensuite bathrooms and shower rooms

In aluminium you get a credible and stylish alternative. But do also check out the genuine steel product so as there are differences between steel and aluminium.

Fire-rated steel look internal doors and windows explained

steel look internal doors and screens in an apartment

With many interior doors and screens having a requirement for fire-resistance, how do these products stack up?

Aluminium has no fire rating. Therefore, if planning or building design calls for a fire-rated or resistant product, these are not suitable in standard aluminium product. Some think simply glazing with a fire-resistant glass is enough. It’s not and not recommended.

Fire-rated interior doors, regardless of material are specialist products. They undergo testing, certification and their core function is safety over looks. Therefore, if your property has a requirement for fire-rated doors and you want the steel look, only certified products from specialist installers are suitable. You can find out more about this style of glazing, also has fire protection.

The choices are either steel with a fire-rating or steel-clad aluminium, also having the appropriate certification. Always seek professional advice. Schuco Jansen and other suitable systems do come with fire protection and in the steel-look. IQ Glass is one good business also offering these protective screens in a frameless and the Mondrian product. Of course, Crittall® makes Innervision FR and Crittall®Fireline. Clement Windows and other independent businesses also have their own tested fire-rated products.

Aluminium steel look internal doors and screens

steel look bifolding

The products available as interior steel look include single and double doors, fixed screens, sliding and bifolding doors.

If you’re looking for interior doors, these also come with no threshold. Therefore, you don’t get the step-over of typical doors leaving your existing floor as-is and completely clear.

Here are just some examples of well-known brands and systems and how they’ve been used internally, in aluminium.

Aluco Aluminium

aluco steel-look internal doors and screens in a london home
The Aluco system is a dedicated interior system and one of the best. Supplied by FGC Bespoke Aluminium in Kent.

Another standout provider of interior steel look doors and screens is Aluco Aluminium. 

You’ll find Aluco products only available through an approved dealer network. 

Shown here, is a tall screen featuring a steel look door with sidelight and tall toplight above. 

Notice the consistent rail proportions to the door and sidelight as well as the surrounding frame. Elegant, stylish and on-trend.

aïrMOD System

airmod aluminium crittall style room divider in black

Made in London by Everglade Windows and available to the trade and homeowners is the aïrMOD system.

It uses an exterior grade door either as standard or customised for interior use and offers flexible design options and slim sightlines. There’s also a broad range of handles and hardware in contemporary or art-deco styles.

Alitherm Heritage steel look internal doors

alitherm interior steel look doors and screens in black crittall style

Widely used, tried and tested and one of the best selling is the Smart Systems Alitherm Heritage product creating steel look internal doors and aluminium Crittall style room dividers. 

It’s widely used inside the home and comes as both a door system, windows and fixed glazing. 

Available in multiple combinations and designs, it’s one of the best product in aluminium on the market and widely available.

Duration Windows aluminium steel look internal doors

duration steel look showroom

Duration Windows supply the trade with a complete aluminium product portfolio. But they’re also excellent in making steel look products. 

You’ll find all manner of interior steel look screens and doors. Shown here is their Heritage Bifold product. 

This door uses a heritage style door sash, similar to those found in the popular French doors. In our view one of the best looking steel-look bifolding doors on the market. Other products simply put bars on standard doors.

FGC Crittall style internal doors and screens

internal steel look doors and screens separating a lounge and kitchen
Made by FGC, super-slim internal steel look doors and screens

Frameless Glass Curtains, (FGC) is a family business specialising in some of the best frameless bifolding doors on the market.

Also in their single glazed range of interior glass doors and room dividers are steel-look doors and screens. Consistent 20mm sightlines make these screens ultra-modern and maximise the use of glass.

You’ll find single doors, double doors and matching sidelights. The doors come with minimalist handles and even self-closing hinges.

Smart Systems Aluspace Steel-Look Internal doors and Screens

smart systems ida interior doors and screens

New, incredibly beautiful, brilliantly designed and with the most options for doors, is the new Smart Systems Aluspace product range.

Sliding doors, pivot doors, hinged doors, and fixed screens are all within this range. Super slim, elegant, stylish and totally on-trend. This is one of the few dedicated interior systems available in aluminium.

You won’t find Aluspace widely available and they’re at the upper end of the price range, but do get in touch for more information via our contact form for details of where to buy. You can also read our overview and review of this new internal product.

Origin OI-30 Steel Look Internal Doors and Screens

origin oi-30 internal doors

Launched in June 2022 is a great range of new internal aluminium steel look doors with matching screens by Origin.

Typical of Origin, they’ve catered to the needs of the modern customer and developed a range of steel-inspired internal single doors, double doors, fixed screens and corner arrangements. The system only comprises hinged doors so you won’t find sliding or pivoting doors like the also new Aluspace by Smart Systems. However, the new Origin OI-30 collection with Aluco and Aluspace gives homeowners three excellent internal aluminium systems to choose from. Get in touch for more information and where to buy the new Origin interior system.

Aluco Aluminium interior screens

aluco interior steel look doors and screens

Whether designed as fixed windows or with optional single or double doors, the interior range by Aluco provides some of the best designs for interior systems and some of the best options.

Windows benefit from slim lines and elegant window hardware. Doors come with careful thought and design, having a latch or locking methods and even suitable locks for bathrooms where privacy is needed.

Even better is the high-quality range of hardware available. Stylish handles, functional door accessories and durable finishes are just some of the options available.

Understanding interior fixed windows and New York Style screens

internal aluminium window in an apartment

When it comes to fixed windows and screens, there are substantial options available. 

You can simply use a slimline window product with applied aluminium bars such as this image of an Alitherm 600 window. 

Here it’s used to close off an unused doorway in a terraced London home previously leading to the front room. 

There are, of course, other systems and providers and you can get in touch with us with your particular requirements as a homeowner or anyone in the trade.


Homeowners or the trade can get in touch with us for product information and we help with suitable suppliers of steel look internal doors and screens.

The trade also benefits and we can help you with suggestions for trade suppliers and manufacturers making these products. Use our contact form to get in touch.

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