Steel Look Internal Screens and Doors

Steel look and steel replica screens for internal use continue to attract a lot of interest. One stand-out product, looking unlike any other on the market, is the minimalist version by FGC (Frameless Glass Curtains) and available nationwide.

FGC is already renowned in the UK for their advanced frameless bifolding doors, porches and other contemporary glass products.  However, for authentic steel look internal screens, this particular product, we think deserves an in-depth look.

Steel Look Internal Screens
Minimal ultra-slim and contemporary sight lines for a steel-look screen unlike others on the market.

Information about steel-look internal screens.

First of all, the sightlines of this steel look internal screen are thinner than any comparable aluminium system.  Bear in mind that most aluminium steel look systems remain exterior windows and doors, fitted internally.

The steel look internal screens are for internal use and this product specifically, comes with minimal sight lines of about 20mm all round. This slim dimension extends to the horizontal and vertical glazing bars too. Therefore, this particular product lends itself brilliantly to many different uses inside the home such as:

  • A steel-look room divider
  • Contemporary industrial style fixed screen or with a door
  • As interior doors when used with just the door leaf
  • Screens for hallways or large picture windows.
  • An internal set of doors between a lounge or dining room and to separate off a conservatory.

If you are considering an industrial or steel-look screen in the home, the ultra-slim sight lines of this screen are hard to beat.  For aesthetics alone, you get consistent sight lines on the entire arrangement.

Standout features of internal steel-look screens and doors.

Next is the construction of this product. What isn’t obvious is the construction being from interior frameless glass doors.  These types of doors are popular in offices and around the home. The system is also excellent as a frameless glass porch. Creating this steel-look design means re-engineering and modifying a frameless door and screening system. However, the result is excellent.

The core construction is 10mm toughened or 11.5mm thick laminated glass with smooth, polished edges.  The doors use simple metal patch fittings to connect the glass or hang the doors.  You get options of open in or open out single or double doors.  These steel look internal screens use the same product.  However, it is capped with aluminium trim on the glass edges, giving the metal-framed door appearance. Then, the glazing bars applied to the glass,  create the grid-effect typical of metal screens and Crittall® style windows.

  • Thin proportions replicating the sight lines of industrial look screens and metal windows.
  • All metal components come powder coated in the desired colour with black, the most popular.
  • The screen construction is around polished toughened or laminated safety glass.
  • The door uses a smooth closing system and features no threshold at all.

For the door, you get a choice of locks, but a simple black lock body and the modern handle is all that’s needed for an internal screen. The screen houses the lock keep making this door functional and reliable, yet with the minimal amount of visible hardware.

Find out more today and get details of prices and where to buy.

As you can see from the images in this article, this property renovation has two of these screens – one to the kitchen, another to a bathroom. In a matt black powder coated finish, this beautiful slimline internal screen provides the desirable steel-look with minimal framing too. The toughened glass provides safety and you get options for sandblasting the glass for a contrasting glass appearance and privacy.

As good as systems such as the Alitherm Heritage, Reynaers SL38 or Aluk steel look systems are, we’ve yet to see anything with the thin proportions and outstanding modern appearance of this product.

Best of all is the thin door leaf and a product overall that few of the aluminium steel look systems match with the added benefit of no threshold at all.

We think these internal steel look internal screens with doors are ideal for internal glazing.  Find out more about steel-look doors in aluminium. You can also get in touch today using our contact form for more information and where to buy.

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  1. Will says

    Hi there, great and really informative post. We’re looking for this type of door in South East London (SE13). Do you have any recommendations for suppliers please?

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Will

      Due to the increasing volume of comments, we are struggling to manage these via the comment forms. Therefore, please can you use our contact form where these are managed and always responded to and I can put you in touch with a supplier of steel look systems.

      Kind regards

  2. Mrs C M Backhouse says


    Are there any stockists of steel look doors in the north? Leeds, Yorkshire to be precise.

    Thank you

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Christine, I’ve responded to your contact form and hopefully our suggestions of suppliers can help.
      Kind regards

        • Nick Dardalis says

          Hello Kim

          Due to the increasing volume of comments, we are struggling to manage these via the comment forms. Therefore, please can you use our contact form where these are managed and always responded to.

          Kind regards

  3. Katie Lewis says

    Hello. I’m based in Hertfordshire and looking for a stockist of steel look internal screens and doors. Are you able to help with a supplier list?

    Thanks in advance.

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