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An independent system designed and made by Everglade Windows in London, aïr MOD windows provide a true alternative to Smart Systems, Aluk, Reynaers, Origin and other similar systems. The overall advantage of aïr MOD windows is their integrated design and components, taking the complexity out of specifying for installers and ease of choosing for homeowners. Above all, these are distinctive and highly attractive aluminium windows for general window replacements or new build openings, and they come in pretty much every window type a project may require.

what are aïr MOD windows

aïr mod windows
aïr MOD windows
grey aluminium windows with a matching grey door

aïr MOD windows provide an excellent alternative to Smart Systems, Aluk, Reynaers or Origin windows because of their holistic and integrated design, substantial styling options and also creating beautiful steel-look, industrial, heritage or Art-Deco windows.

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  • Four different styling options
  • Excellent aesthetics and build quality
  • Flush casement and tilt & turn options
  • Suitable for virtually any type of project


  • Little availability in North of England

aïr MOD windows are the latest generation aluminium windows. They comprise strong but slim aluminium frame profiles with a deep thermal break and are coloured with a professionally-applied powder-coated finish. The philosophy behind the aïr MOD system windows is to simplify specifying, selling and installing aluminium windows. Understanding aluminium windows also just got easier.

The window system is designed and made by , Everglade Windows, one of the best known and longest-established trade fabricators in the UK. Trading over forty years, multi-award-winning, and with one of the most high-tech factories, this London-based fabricator has made aluminium from day one. Over the years, Everglade has dealt with multiple systems such as Smart Systems, Reynaers and Deceuninck PVCu. Everglade Windows do also serve the retail market and have a very experienced Commercial Division, installing their products in housing developments and the wider construction industry.

In creating aïr MOD windows, Everglade set out to create a very attractive collection of aluminium windows. Moreover, the idea behind aïr MOD windows is to create a simpler system with fewer aluminium profiles and less complexity. Simultaneously, the system offers all the choices in several different window types while removing any confusion with the multiple frames, sash and beading options available with other aluminium systems. Within the range, you’ll find:

  • Contemporary and traditional window styles
  • Flush casement windows
  • Steel look and a brand new Heritage steel look
  • Tilt and turn windows

Overall, aïr MOD windows are very easy for the trade to specify and use. They have around 45% fewer components than other systems offering multiple variations of products but all within one system. aïrMOD is also an excellent choice when trying to find slimline aluminium windows.

aïr windows make aluminium easy to understand.

Study the market, and you’ll see multiple aluminium window systems. In the early years of aluminium, products were simple—externally beaded casement windows with a basic set of extrusions, gaskets, seals and accessories.

Over the years, aluminium systems evolved into multiple product types. Many of these use their own series of sections, gaskets, seals and accessories. Fabricators understand the complexities of aluminium systems better because they make the products. Installation companies buying in windows have a different learning process. This is especially the case for surveyors having to understand the options available within a system and the profile combinations needed at the property or to meet a particular installation.

For installers selling aluminium windows, there’s a different learning process. Seals and gaskets, loose sections and accessories, cills and add-ons all add up to window products with a multitude of options and accessories. aïr MOD windows therefore, minimise the quirks of other window systems because whilst there are five different versions of window types, all work together with the same set of accessories and ancillaries. The aïr MOD systems has simplified this entire process with a fully integrated and holistic system of windows, taking the head-scratching away.

Well-known issues solved by aïr MOD windows

Every installer, surveyor, order processor and even technically-trained salesperson will be familiar with any of these scenarios where their business sells one aluminium window version. And pretty much everyone does. Most installers sell casements, a flush version and steel-look product.

aïr MOD windows U-Values

When it comes to U-Values on multiple systems, they’ll be aware different versions of a system come with their own set of performance figures. aïr MOD windows come with the same U-Values regardless of the version chosen. Whether you choose the beautiful steel look, the contemporary version with or without a flush sash or the multi-functional tilt and turn, all aïr MOD windows have the same U-Values.

For the homeowner, this means an easier way to understand the U-Values you can expect from your new windows. For the trade, there’s no confusion in explaining U-Values for the entire window system.

aïr mod windows profiles

options available with aïr MOD windows

Residential installations often call for one type of window at the front of the house and a different window style at the back if there’s a new and modern extension. In this scenario, installers may use a combination of systems. For a surveyor, this means knowing the ins and outs of different systems.

Take the Smart Systems Alitherm System. The Alitherm 300 system is different from the 600 or 800 and different again from the Alitherm 500 flush casement. Fixing positions, thermal break locations and more all differ. These window products are essentially separate products.

The aïr system is the same regardless of the window option chosen. With aïr, all the surveyor or salesperson needs to do is ‘swap out’ one type of frame and sash combination for another. You’re working with one system, not several.

Fitting different window systems

Speak to a good installer, and they’ll tell you not every aluminium system is fitted in the same way. Screw positions, the location of fixing screws, where the thermal break is located, and the overall method of fixing differs between a casement, a fixed light, a door/window combination or a steel-look window.

All six aïr MOD window versions use exactly the same fixing method.

aïr mod windows gaskets

A common set of window parts with aïr MOD

Installers buying in a variety of products from different suppliers are all too aware of just how many different parts their fitting teams need. Then there is the added headache of figuring out the wedge and captive gaskets, brackets, screws etc. Better-integrated systems are available today. However, most still have parts unique to that particular window series.

Of course, a good trade supplier puts systems in place to help installers identify which parts go with the different window types. The reality is not every fitting team is as diligent on site. Gaskets are a great example. Installers and office staff needing to replace gaskets will be aware of identifying the type of gasket. Is it 2mm, 3mm 4mm? What’s the colour of the stripe on the back? Is it a wedge or a flipper? Does it have a tear-off strip or not?

Using the familiar scenario of additional gaskets, the aïr MOD windows use just five types of gaskets that work across all window versions.

The same applies to window handles. One window system often comes designed to work with different brands of handles. Hoppe, Fab n Fix, VBH, and many more different handle brands are all designed to work with multiple systems. aïr windows come with a simplified range of accessories and essential items, making life much easier for the installer.

large aluminium windows

aïr MOD windows compared

We’ve taken eight of most popular bought in systems and compared them to aïr MOD windows. Only Stellar and Sheerline offer a streamlined simplified system but they don’t come with as many window versions. All the other systems come as different window versions depending on the look you’re after. Some systems even offer more than one version of products like steel-look.

The purpose of this table is to illustrate that popular aluminium systems remain separate when it comes to choosing different window versions often with lots of frame, mullion, vent and accessory combinations for the installer to decipher.

BrandVersionsCasement TypesSteel-LookFlush CasementTilt & Turn
aïr MOD1MOD ContemporaryMOD Heritage/Heritage FlushMOD FlushMOD Tilt and Turn
Smart7Alitherm 300,600, 800
Alitherm HeritageAlitherm 500Alitherm 600
58BW ST58BW Flush58BW TBT
Eco LT
SlimLine 38 & 68
CS77 & 68
CS 24-SL
Slimline 38

Schuco, as usual, goes beyond the standard requirements of most installers having 12 different types of windows this number gets even bigger when you take in the specialist versions.

aïr MOD windows – conclusion

The design of the new aïr system is very much targeted at installers buying in fabricated aluminium windows looking to offer multiple types of window styles without needing to learn different systems and versions within systems. Gone is the complexity, but retained is the range with casement, flush casement, steel-look and heritage windows all under one product. Of course, all the products come with the required security certification, today’s buyers expect.

The system’s simplicity makes it ideal where different types of windows are needed, say on the front elevation of a house compared to the back. It’s as simple as changing the sash and frame profile while retaining the same accessories. Gone is the head-scratching figuring out the many different versions available with aluminium systems and what the best product, combination and profiles required.

Understanding an aluminium window product just got easier for the salesman, surveyor, installer, and even the order processor.

Look around most trade-focused systems; the benefits don’t resonate with the end user. However, window aesthetics, performance, quality and several window types under one system are good sales propositions.

aïr MOD windows also form part of the aïr brand, also including steel-look doors in both the Smart Systems and aïr MOD profiles. Windows and doors made by Everglade are supplied by reputable home improvement companies in the South of England.

Everglade Windows as a trade manufacturer is well-known for lead times and service as well as providing their trade client base with other business services to support them and help them sell more.


You can get in touch with us for more information about aïr MOD windows and details of showrooms in the South of England to view them. Use our contact form to get in touch for more information.