Daniel Baker appointed as new Managing Director for Origin

Origin has a new MD in the appointment of Daniel Baker.

The Aluminium Trade Supply website has been delighted to work with Origin for many years both directly and via our web clients, many of which are Origin dealers.

We wish  Daniel every success in his new role and Andy, the departing MD the very best of luck in whatever he does next. And of course, continued success to Origin.

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10 Things Origin changed for the better

Everyone is aware of Origin’s success with bifolding doors. Origin is for certain, responsible for the growth of this product in the UK, but they’ve done more than bifolds.

During Andrew Halsall’s time, Origin has, without question, been one of the most significant contributors in improving aluminium. Here are 10 things by Origin that have changed trade supply and residential aluminium for the better.

Brand Awareness

Those of us in the glazing industry for a while, recall how unaware end-user customers were of brands. Everest or Anglian in PVCu were familiar and Monarch or PB Systems in aluminium less so. However, in most cases, there was little connection between aluminium windows and doors and brand names. Origin changed this.

Origin marketed their products directly to the end-user, not via the trade route as was commonplace. They’re a trade supplier, yet their website has a retail focus to it.

Consumers today are more aware of brand names and especially in aluminium. Schuco, Cortizo, Origin, Reynaers, Infiniglide are just some. We say they probably know aluminium brands better than PVCu. Above all this brand focus has cleared up sales messages and served an entire sector for the better.

Origin and it’s incredible marketing and branding has forced an entire sector to market systems and brands. Before the homeowner just bought windows. Today the homeowner actually knows what a system is.

Other systems companies have followed suit. They adopted what we’ve been saying for years. As a trade supplier, don’t leave it entirely up to your trade customers to get your brand to the end-user. Do it yourself as a system supplier.

It’s rare for a homeowner to say to the neighbours or property sales literature to state, “I’ve got Deceuninck/Rehau etc windows”. It’s not so rare to hear or see, “these are Origin doors and windows”.

Origin has created other successful businesses

No other company (apart from Everest or Anglian) has succeeded in bringing their products to so many showrooms all over the UK. At the same time, Origin leads in marketing support, training, showroom products , promotional materials and much more to their dealers.

What Origin does supporting their dealers is incredible. This support and branding have contributed to the growth and financial success of many of their dealers selling Origin products.

We’ve worked with start-up aluminium retail businesses that in an impressively short space of time have grown and succeeded. This success is, in part, to their relationship with Origin and selling Origin products.

Of course, some dealers still moan about having another Origin dealer on their doorstep. The reality is it doesn’t really matter.

Revolutionary aluminium lead-times

One of the most significant changes Origin brought to the aluminium supply chain was drastically reduced lead times on aluminium.

For years, excessive lead times on coloured aluminium plagued installers. Getting prices on coloured products was equally slow and frustrating.

Through the innovative Your Lead Time Not Ours service, Origin proved that coloured aluminium was no different to white. Correct planning, manufacturing, sophisticated systems and procedures. All this with vast stockholding and a brilliant extrusion and powder coating supply chain behind them. You can get a standard colour Origin door the next day.

It is as a result of Origin and their shakeup of lead times that other trade suppliers followed suit. Aluminium on workable lead times is standard from most trade suppliers today.

This improvement also came about as a result of Origin being aware of their customer type and demographic. The new extension market and the need for bifolding doors to close the aperture as soon as completed by the builder is just one. Origin secured homeowner sales because their doors enable projects to complete faster. It’s as simple as that.

The bespoke message

Are bifolding doors bespoke in the truest sense of the word? Probably not. Through marketing, genuine options others still can’t provide, the Origin bifolding door, window and sliding door has a premium and bespoke perception.

Colour matched gaskets, handles and hardware, colour choices, woodgrain aluminium and other customisation options. They’ve all elevated the general aluminium message to one of bespoke, luxury and desirable.

Those of us that recall basic options on aluminium systems realise the significance of Origin’s bespoke message. Again it forced suppliers to better their own offering.

Origin has contributed to the growth of aluminium in the UK

We would also stick our neck out and suggest that Origin has played a major part in increasing sales of aluminium generally in the UK.

The ethos of the company has given people selling aluminium the kick they needed to do better . It also encouraged many others to get into aluminium.

The aluminium supply chain improved for the better

The benefit of this is that other major trade suppliers, cleaned up their act. Rather than letting their installers do their selling, over the last 10-15 years have proactively invested in better marketing support for their dealers.

Origin has also forced some of the main established players in the sector to rethink how they communicate with the trade and end-users.

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The Origin Window

It was in 2013 when Andy Halsall teased the idea of a possible Origin window with me. I thought it was daft to consider designing a window system. My suggestion was Origin tied in with one of the good systems companies. I’m glad my advice was ignored.

The Origin OW-80 as it is now brought a new design to the market. A flush casement aluminium window, not just on the outside but on both sides.

Even more significant was how they managed to offer options with this window previously unavailable with any other trade supplier. One of the most significant being colour matched window handles. Not in a few standard colours, but any colour. Anyone that knows powder coating of small parts knows this is not easy.

Origin in the Media

Through the many television and radio adverts, multiple award wins, business interviews or awareness and involvement across multiple media channels, it’s helped the company grow. At the same time, Origin in the medial has unquestionably given their dealers more sales.

Origin has also advertised on television choosing to appear in the advert break on Coronation street!

The industry looks to Origin

We know in future strategy or product development and planning by other systems companies, they’re all looking at Origin. As a business, service and products Origin is there when analysing the competition.

We can even cite businesses that took an alternative system and customised it with the features that made Origin bifolds so desirable.

Origin vs Schuco vs everything else

We know from our contact forms, analytics and work we do that Origin is compared with Schuco more than any other product. It’s also compared to Reynaers, Aluk, Smarts and others.

This is not about what is the best bifolding door, there are many great products on the market. It’s yet another example of how Origin’s message over many years benefitted the company and their dealers. Of course, lets not forget many thousands of homeowners enjoying Origin products in their homes.

Some may think Origin has compromised their position by being so ‘available’. Yes you can even now find Origin doors on Costco. But it doesn’t matter. You can find the same brand in Waitrose as well as Lidl.

Finally in aluminium we have a recognisable brand name, like Everest has been for decades and a highly professional business behind it.

Here’s the full press release:

The UK’s leading manufacturer of premium aluminium windows and doors, Origin, has appointed Daniel Baker as its new Managing Director, UK.

Daniel, who has been a non-executive member of the Board of Origin since 2010, has been instrumental in supporting the goals and visions of the business since he joined the company 10 years ago. Following a successful career as an Angel Investor, Non-Executive Director and Management Consultant, Daniel brings with him extensive experience of delivering the development and maturation of businesses like Origin.

The appointment comes at an exciting time for Origin and signifies the company’s continued growth, as the business looks to explore the ongoing strategic opportunities available, both in the UK and across the globe.

Commenting on his new role, Daniel said:

I’m extremely pleased to be leading the Origin team at what is a key time for the business. Following ten years on the board of directors, I already know the business inside out and am looking forward to hitting the ground running, building on Origin’s significant success, whilst continuing to deliver the fantastic products it has become renowned for.

Daniel will replace Origin’s previous Managing Director, UK, Andrew Halsall, who will be stepping down from the role after over ten years with the company.

Neil Ginger, Founder and CEO at Origin, said:

We would like to thank Andrew for his huge contribution towards the business and wish him all the best with his next challenge. Over the past ten years, Origin has grown and changed exponentially. In just a decade, the business has matured from a designer and manufacturer of an award-winning bifold door, to a global systems designer and manufacturer with products installed in over 20 countries worldwide. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business, and we are confident that Daniel’s wealth of knowledge and experience will support the Origin’s growth and development for the next ten years and beyond, ensuring that the business realises its full potential.

Whilst Daniel’s appointment signifies the next step in Origin’s growth, the business that our customers and partners have come to rely on is not going to change, and we will continue to strive to design, manufacture and deliver, on time and in full, the best aluminium doors and windows possible. As demand continues to rise, we are looking forward to progressing with momentum, confidence and enthusiasm.

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