Glasswin Aluminium Front Doors

Glasswin Front Doors specialises in traditional and contemporary aluminium front doors using premium aluminium including the high-end Schuco and Reynaers system profiles. As well as this, the substantial door range features top-brand hardware, innovative design features and maximum security credentials.

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Information about Glasswin Front Doors

The Glasswin front doors range comprises six series of doors, starting with hybrid/composite front doors, quality yet affordable aluminium doors and finishing with premium and high-end luxury front doors. Every model in the Glasswin front doors ranges comes with precision manufacturing using insulated profiles. These come protected and coloured using durable powder coated finishes. The design and quality of Glasswin products promise quality-conscious homeowners, a luxurious and high-end aluminium front door at mid-range prices.

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The Glasswin Front Doors Collection

Glasswin Alu-PVC

Starting the range of Glasswin front doors, Alu-PVC comprises a 71mm frame complemented by a 50mm infill panel. Its front is elegantly crafted from aluminium material, imparting a contemporary aesthetic reminiscent of composite doors. It features a discreetly hidden sash on the front, adding an element of sophistication. On the rear side, this product incorporates UPVC, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and durability. Boasting triple glazing and an aluminium threshold, it excels in thermal insulation, delivering an impressive U Value of 0.9. Furthermore, this product allows for customization with optional sidelights and is expertly finished with a high-end structural powder coating paint for a lasting, refined appearance.

Glasswin Standard Series

The Standard Series front door has a 59mm frame housing a standard 28mm aluminium door panel. This model includes double-glazed toughened glass and an aluminium threshold and offers a range of sidelight options. This product has a 1200mm stainless steel outside handle and a multipoint locking system, which prioritizes security and ease of use. The high-end structural powder coating paint finish enhances not only its aesthetics but also its longevity. Whether you prioritize functionality or timeless design, the Standard Series is a well-made, reliable and functional front door.

Glasswin Silver Series Front Doors

The Silver Series starts the premium and high-end front door range by Glasswin. This model features a 59mm frame with a 55mm infill triple-glazed panel. Additionally, Silver Series front doors come with an almost flush appearance from the front and a hidden sash that eliminates the need for a glazing bead on the rear side. Exceptional insulation and the option for laminated glass security features enhance its appeal. Equipped with a multipoint locking system and the possibility of a single-piece sidelight integration, this product offers both security and customization alongside fantastic building quality. Its high-end textured powder-coated paint finish adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance, making it a desirable choice for any home.

Glasswin Gold Series Front Doors

The Gold series uses the premium Reynaers Aluminium profiles, a leading architectural aluminium brand. With a 77mm Reynaers profile flush door, the Gold Series elevates the front door range by having a hidden sash on both the outside and inside. It incorporates highly engineered Reynaers hinges, an aluminium threshold, and high-security features. Quadruple-glazed toughened glass comes as standard. The availability of sidelights complements its design. Finished with a high-end textured powder coating paint, this product combines style and security. It also boasts excellent thermal insulation with a U value of 0.9 and offers the option for laminated glass and security pins to achieve RC2 security certification.

Glasswin Platinum Schuco Front Doors

Platinum front doors use ultra-premium and highly insulated Schuco profiles, with a 75mm deep Schuco frame profile and a flush door design. This model also has a hidden sash on the outside and inside, advanced Schuco hinges, an inside handle, a key cylinder, and a robust weather-sealed threshold at the bottom. Quadruple glazing with toughened glass ensures security and energy efficiency. Sidelights are available to enhance its design. Finished with a high-end structural powder coating paint, this product delivers impressive thermal insulation with a U value of 0.9. For added security, it offers the option for laminate glass and security pins to achieve RC2 security certification.

Glasswin Diamond Schuco Front Doors

At the top of the range sits the Glasswin Diamond Schuco front door. With the same outstanding design features as the AD UP Door by Schuco, this door has a higher insulated and 90mm deep frame and sash. The door set uses Schuco hardware throughout with a German locking system and features an inside handle, a high-security key cylinder, and a weather-sealed threshold. Quadruple glazing with toughened glass again comes as standard, providing the best possible security and thermal performance. The advanced textured powder-coated paint finish adds style and durability in various colours. Designed for the best possible looks, performance and functionality, Glasswin Diamond Schuco front doors are spectacular, luxurious and solid in everyday use. These doors also boast some of the best thermal insulation ratings, with a 0.7Wm2K U value. Enhanced security features, such as laminated glass and enhanced hardware, provided RC2 security certification.

The multiple design options with Glasswin front doors provide solutions for contemporary homes with bold designs, colours and architectural-grade hardware. Traditional, suburban, and newly built homes have a comprehensive range of aluminium door styles, too. As a result, Glasswin’s designs provide either a new look to the property or in keeping with the house style.

Furthermore, numerous features around Glasswin doors provide security, design and technical advantages over products such as Origin or Spitfire models. The significant features of these doors include:

  • Triple or Quadruple Glazing is standard for enhanced glass protection.
  • Top-brand components, locks and hardware give peace of mind security.
  • A textured powder-coated surface, is more resilient, durable and attractive.
  • Seamless and flush integration with the door frame for improved aesthetics.

Aluminium front doors with top-brand locks and hardware

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Another excellent feature of Glasswin aluminium front doors is the branded door hardware: Winkhaus locks, Reynaers invisible hinges, high security cylinders, hinge bolts and secure glazing.

All of these components ensure homeowners are getting high security front doors and fitted with the same German locks and security features found on high-end doors.

Additionally, every door comes with a dedicated serial number with registration number and important door details. There are also details relating to security ratings and in the event of future servicing.

Aluminium profiles used with Glasswin Aluminium Doors

Most Glasswin front door ranges use frame and door leaf profiles from Reynaers or Schuco. Reynaers and Schuco’s profiles are established within the wider door and window industry as some of the best. They’re the first choice of aluminium by some of the most expert businesses specialising in high-end architectural glazing. For the end-user, it’s extra peace of mind about the pedigree, engineering and technical excellence in their new door.

Contemporary and Traditional Aluminium Entrance Doors

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More than fifty different door designs and the make-up of the doors provide designer front doors with seamless integration, giving a one-piece, flush design. Further enhancements include flush sashes, integrated door handles, hidden or visible door hinges and locking options.

As well as the standard designs, Glasswin can custom-design a door panel as a bespoke product.

More information and where to buy Glasswin Products

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Homeowners can use our contact form to get in touch for more details on where to view these high-quality front doors and for prices. We can also help installers looking for retail sales opportunities with this innovative range of doors.