Reynaers Aluminium Products and Systems

Reynaers Aluminium is a global aluminium systems company providing UK residential and commercial windows and doors. The Reyaners brand has a high-end reputation, products of exemplary style, quality, performance and variety.

About Reynaers Aluminium

With a presence all over the world, Reynaers systems are found in all manner of residential and commercial buildings. In the UK, the company operates from the Midlands serving its nationwide network of fabricators and installers.

As a systems company, Reynaers Aluminium provides aluminium profiles and accessories, supported by the Technical, Marketing and Sales departments. There’s also a dedicated specification team working with architects on the correct specification and application of products. For the Trade, their substantial Birmingham Showroom allows trade professionals to view most of the range of products. It’s also the largest Reynaers showroom in the UK.

One of the best marketing messages to end-users by Reynears is their clear role as a Systems Company and how they work with their partner network. A dedicated homeowner website also supports this service.

Reynaers Aluminium Glazing Systems and Products

reynaers aluminium sliding doors in a luxury cheshire house

Reynaers and their fabricator network will also custom-design windows, doors and facades to meet the individual requirements of a construction or refurbishment project.

All Reynaers aluminium windows and doors are designed to meet or exceed fenestration industry standards for security, weather performance and energy efficiency. They’re also well known for exceptional security, weather performance and multiple product options.

Reynaers aluminium windows.

The suite of Reynaers aluminium windows comprises six different systems or series, offering fixed and opening casement windows, tilt and turn windows, steel-look windows and bespoke aluminium windows solutions.

You can read an overview of the Reynaers Windows Range in aluminium, with the range presently offering, Masterline 8, SlimLine 38, SlimLine 68, CS68 and CS77.

Masterline 8

Masterline 8 is one of the latest products by Reynaers Aluminium, providing outstanding aluminium windows in terms of design, size capability and thermal performance. A distinctive and quite unique window range provides various styling options and several insulation levels. As is typical with Reynaers products, the hardware and handles are luxurious and top-end, adding to this product range’s overall quality look and feel.

Slimline 38

Slimline 38 is also another recent aluminium windows product. This range features a deep thermal break combined with thinner aluminium profiles. The advantage of Slimline 38 is the different design variants, offering Classic, Ferro and Cubic designs, depending on the styling required.

Slimline 68

Slimline 68 Reynaers aluminium windows are designed for fixed and opening outwards designs and a further thin-framed window for contemporary designs. The frame depth of this product makes it particularly good for refurbishment projects, replacing old windows and newly-built openings.

CS68 and CS77

There’s also the CS68 and CS77 Reynaers windows range. These two systems are mostly similar but feature different frame depths, 68mm and 77m, respectively. Flat, modern and balanced styling makes these windows also ideal for replacement or new build applications.

The ES59 Eco System provides minimal sightlines and is intended mostly for new build projects where the thinner frame depth creates reduced wall thicknesses.

Reynaers aluminium doors.

For hinged residential and commercial doors, Reynaers provides nine different products meeting all manner of entry requirements in homes, retail, schools and other high-use buildings.

Slimline 38 aluminium doors

Slimline 38 aluminium doors by Reynaers are intended as a matching door product for the range of the windows in the same suite. If required, it comes as opening inwards or outwards designs with matching side or top panels. Two profile options in the Classic and Cubic options create contemporary or steel-look residential doors in the home.

CS59PA Aluminium Doors

CS59PA is a non-insulated system designed for office partitions, internal commercial doors, or integration within exterior covered canopies or conservatories, available for interior doors and applications where thermally insulated profiles aren’t required. Another non-thermal version in a slimmer frame style is the ES 45PA model performing similar functions.

Reynaers Masterline 8 Doors

Reynaers Masterline 8 Doors are flush aluminium doors also matching the Masterline 8 windows suite and create single or double doors around the home as well as developments of new homes and apartments. They’re suitable as entrance doors, balcony doors and can even integrate with mullions, glass or panels for front doors.

Vision 50 Commercial Doors

Vision 50 Commercial Doors provide centre hung, anti-finger trap and rebated doors for shops, offices, retail, transport and other high-use buildings. They come with all the features of commercial door systems, with full integration into shopfront systems or curtain walling. With louvres or panels, they also create plant room doors.

CS77 and CS68 doors

CS77 and CS68 doors are standard or heavy-duty doors, broadly similar in sightlines and specifications but having different frame depth. These excellent doors create door leaves up to 3000mm high and 1400mm wide.

ES 50 and CS59 Reynaers Doors

Offering an attractive price point and for regular door applications is the ES 50 door product. The Eco System® 50 is thermally broken, slim and secure and comes with a rebated or flush door design, single or double doors and matching side panels. ES 50 is predominantly residential but can also work in light commercial applications.

Matching the CS 59 windows range is the CS59 door available as a flush fitting door, with threshold options, slim frames and ideal for dwellings.

reynaers aluminium sliding doors in a luxury lounge

Sliding Doors by Reynaers

Reynaers sliding doors are some of the best on the market. They provice a wide choice of styles, sightlines, and an inline or lift and slide solution.

You can read an overview of the Reynaers sliding doors presently available.

Hi-Finity sliding doors

Hi-Finity sliding doors are top-of-the-line contemporary sliders, with slim lines and minimal or near-frameless look desirable in modern extensions today. Capable of sizes up to 4m high and with superb thermal performance, security and design throughout.

MasterPatio door by Reynaers

The MasterPatio door product is newer providing large panels, excellent weather and security credentials and pleasing 50mm mullion sightlines. A newer product on the market by Reynaers aluminium, this door is designed to be more fabricator friendly, features fewer components and is designed around creating less aluminium scrap and waste as part of the manufacturing process.

CP130 and CP155 sliding patio doors

The CP155 slider comes as an inline or lift-and-slide design, is ideal for larger sliding panels sizes and where enhanced insulation is required. The CP130 model is similar but comes in smaller sizes with a more standard specification.

CP68 slim sliding door

Another recent introduction in the sliding doors range by Reynaers is the CP68. Whilst this door only goes up to 1.5m wide and 2.5m high per panel, it’s ideal for most standard-size doors and comes with a pleasing and slim mullion/interlock at just 34mm.

Reynaers Bifold Door products

CF77 and CF68 folding sliding doors

For bifolding doors, Reynaers have the CF77 ad CF68 models. Similar in styling but offering different size options, CF77 is the goto choice for larger door panels and enhanced insulation CF68 provides a more affordable option at reduced panel sizes. The CF77 has mullions of 122mm and the CF68 at 131mm

Reynaers Framing and Curtain Walling

For residential or commercial buildings Reynaers provide a complete framing and facade glazing portfolio of products.

  • Curtain Walling
  • Low and high-rise glazing
  • Solar Shading
  • Roof Systems, Orangeries and Conservatories.

How to buy Reynaers systems

For homeowners wishing to buy or find out about Reynaers windows and doors, the Reynaers at Home website is the homeowner division in the UK. Reynaers does not provide windows and doors directly to homeowners. Anyone contacting the Reynaers at Home website or interested in seeing or purchasing Reynaers windows and doors can visit the Reynaers Design Centres or local independent showrooms. Homeowners are then put in touch with regional fabricators or installers.

Homeowners will also find Reynaers Windows and doors offered by local home improvement firms buying ready-made Reynaers products from established supply-only and trade supply manufacturers.

Reynaers Aluminium Windows and Doors for the Trade

Architects, construction companies and building designers can access Reynaers windows and doors through their UK-wide network of approved manufacturers and installers. These manufacturers either trade supply or manufacture and install windows and doors.

Home Improvement companies wishing to buy in trade supply and ready-made Reynaers windows and doors have access to a network of manufacturers although some may not offer the entire range of products.

You can get in touch for more information about all Reynaers products, where to buy in the UK for both homeowners and the trade.