Commercial Aluminium Doors

The best door product for high-use buildings and where there’s a specific door requirement are heavy-duty aluminium doors of a commercial type. Aluminium commercial doors are typically specified as an entrance or exit door to any building that is not a dwelling.

These doors come with a design intended for substantially greater use and numbers of people than any residential door. They are proven to provide longer service life and reliability than the doors in a home.  

Advantages of aluminium commercial doors.

Commercial aluminium doors offer long service life, a huge choice of hardware and varying types of security and operation. An aluminium door is also the ideal product to meet Document M of the Building Regulations, BS8300 and the requirements of the Equality Act. Commercial doors also offer substantial functionality in all types of buildings. The opening and closing action, emergency escape facility, access control and even automatic opening and closing.

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Commercial aluminium and steel Products

Commercial aluminium doors offer many advantages to users of public buildings such as shops, offices, schools, hospitals and even residential apartment buildings. The hardware used on a commercial door comes designed for optimum operation. These doors come are suitable for manual operation, automatic opening and even a combination of the two. Other advantages of commercial aluminium doors are:

  • A tried, tested and reliable product for any high-traffic building.
  • Commercial doors can open both in and out.
  • Anti-finger trap door stiles are available providing an effective safety feature on the hinged side.
  • Low thresholds
  • The widest choice of locks from basic locking to advanced electric or access control systems.

As well as this, these types of entrance doors meet multiple requirements for functionality. In a shop, they’re designed to open in and out with easy accessibility and reliable door opening. For more secure environments commercial aluminium doors provide other solutions. Entrance doors to apartment blocks require controlled entry only to residents or their visitors. Fire exit doors need a reliable and effective emergency escape in the event of a fire. High-security doors such as high-value retail, banks or laboratories must remain closed at all times or access via swipe cards or keypads. Commercial doors provide uses for all of these requirements and more.

Typical specifications of commercial aluminium doors.

For many years commercial doors didn’t need testing in the same way as residential systems. Now, specialist hardware companies provide excellent and highly secure locking systems for these products.  Recent developments in door security have brought about commercial door sets tested to recognised industry standards such as PAS24:2012, BS6375., LPS 1175 or BS EN 1627-1630 Level 3.

A full range of powder-coated finishes is available including dual colours, anodised and metallic finishes.  Even polished aluminium is available with some systems.

Providers of Aluminium Commercial Doors.

Virtually every major aluminium systems company in the UK provides a non-thermal or thermally broken commercial aluminium door, complemented by a choice of framing systems such as shopfront screens or curtain walling.

Aluprof UK

Aluprof commercial aluminium doors with a concealed overhead closer, bottom pivot or hinges are found in the MB system and the MB-45 Office range.

AluK Systems

AluK provides the GT55 TB Thermally broken commercial door and the GT55NI non-insulated system. The doors are tested to LPS1175 as well as a separate PAS24 option. The thermal system offers enhanced polyamide thermal breaks, DDA compliance with the correct closer and integrates with other products from the AluK suite.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems

Privately Owned Comar offers their High-Performance Doors comprising the Comar 7 and Comar 7 P.i Insulated Door Ranges.  A choice of thermal or non-thermal commercial entrance doors with many customisation options, Comar doors are highly specified and enjoy an excellent reputation.

Hueck Aluminium Systems.

Hueck Lambda is a diverse range of commercial door systems available for virtually any type of building.  Using German engineering, Hueck commercial doors come in 12 different variants including commercial doors with fire resistance.

Exlabesa Systems

Exlabesa, offer the KSF Non-Thermal door system as well as the Thermal Shop Front System. Both are slim commercial aluminium doors, providing ease of fabrication, installation and glazing.  They are security tested to BS 7950.

iKON Aluminium Systems

The iKON commercial aluminium door range offers insulated and non-insulated doors widely used in commercial, factory, educational and retail sectors. Available with 6mm single glass up to 28mm sealed units, it is a tried and tested shopfront and door range integrating with the wider range of iKON products. iKON commercial doors are tested to PAS24:2012.

Jack Aluminium Systems

Coventry-based Jack aluminium is well known for testing its doors to the latest standards.  They’ve not only achieved LPS1175 but also tested large-sized doors at 1200mm x 2400mm. Jack offers the TD68 Pivot Anti-Panic Door and the Thermal Commercial Door. U-Values on the product are as low as 1.7Wm2K.

Kawneer Systems

The 190 commercial doors and the 350 Heavy Duty commercial doors from Kawneer are one of the most widely specified, dependable and best-known doors.  The welded and mechanical construction of Kawneer commercial aluminium doors is Dual Moment – a four-times welded corner.  Kawneer commercial doors have the strongest aluminium door construction available. They’re also the only aluminium commercial doors on the market supported by a Kawneer lifetime guarantee. The latest commercial door from Kawneer is the vastly improved AA190 product.

Kestrel Aluminium Systems

Kestrel Aluminium Systems based in Birmingham offer the Kestrel Commercial Door System for any high-traffic application. Available as a thermally broken door, different styles, sizes and opening options are available. Manual or automatic operation is possible.

Metal Technology

Ireland-based Metal Technology provide advanced commercial door products with quality and excellent design. System 10 doors by Metal Technology are robust and flexible commercial aluminium doors available at wide-ranging sizes and glazing options.

Reynaers Aluminium

Vision 50 is a non-thermal commercial door offering from Reynaers suitable for shopfronts and ground floor treatments. It features an integrated anti-finger trap, a choice of profiles as well as modification options for automatic operation. A selection of low thresholds and glazing options are possible as well as differing levels of security.

SAPA Building Systems

SAPA commercial aluminium doors comprise the Stormframe ST II and the 202 non-thermally broken system.

The Stormframe ST II commercial door is the latest generation product providing a reliable high traffic door with an achievable U-value of 1.8 W/m²K.  SAPA’s 202 non-thermally broken doors uses an enhanced Glostal system and is complemented by a broad range of shopfront sections.

Schuco Aluminium Systems

Schuco offers the ADS90.SI, ADS75.SI, ADS 75 HD.HI, ADS71.HI and ADS70HD suite of doors.  Depending upon the building type and application this is a comprehensive range of front, side and high traffic aluminium doors.  Schuco commercial doors under the ADS HD portfolio meet the requirements of most commercial and high-use residential buildings.

Senior Architectural Systems

Doncaster based Senior Architectural Systems’ suite of commercial doors are another highly specified aluminium door available under their SFG and SD ranges.  An alternative SPW500 and SPW501 product are also available for high use buildings. Also launched by Senior Architectural is the newest PURe® Commercial Door, with large door sizes of 1400mm wide and 3000mm high also featuring a high insulation polyurethane foam (PUR) as a more efficient thermal barrier.

Smart Systems

Shopline is the non-thermal commercial door product from Smarts. Smart Wall is the thermally broken door and screen system. Smart Wall comes tested to PAS 24:2012, Level 2 of LPS 1175 as well as BS EN 1627 Level 3. A choice of beaded or shuffle glazed systems is available for screens, toplights and sidelights.

Technal Systems

The CD Door from Technal is a flexible door system available as single or double doors, hinged or sliding doors as well as automatic doors. Also on offer is the Technal PY55 commercial aluminium door.  PY55 provides U-Values as low as 1.4Wm2K and Class RC3 for Burglar Resistance.

commercial aluminium doors installed in an office block

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