The New Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door

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The Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door is a new commercial door product, offering an improved heavy duty door for high-traffic buildings.  Kawneer is so confident with this door; it comes with a lifetime guarantee. We take a look at the door and see if it is indeed better than the many doors on the market.

kawneer aa®190 tb commercial door

Information about the Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door.

Kawneer already has two very trusted commercial door variants with their existing AA190 and the AA350 commercial doors.  Both these doors come with a lifetime guarantee already.

The Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door is improved but provides the same welded construction and guarantee.  The improvements to this new door over the AA190 and the AA350 is improved weather resistance and thermal performance.

Features Kawneer’s new commercial door.

Every commercial door on the market is intended to offer reliability in high-use buildings like shopping centres, schools, offices, transport hubs and retail parks.  Commercial door design means hundreds, even thousands of people use the door on a daily basis and reliability is essential.  Commercial doors such as those by Comar, Senior Systems, Jack Aluminium, and Kawneer serve commercial buildings very well. Their design and adaptability to work with all types of hardware are what makes them work.

The Kawneer AA 190 TB door has a welded construction.  We have worked with commercial doors since the late 1980’s and these products remain mostly unchanged.  Most commercial doors use corner brackets.  Other doors use tie rods, bolting the door stiles to the rails.  Then we have Kawneer’s welded door.  We have never seen a non-welded door come apart at the joints.  However, just like any door, Kawneer provides a choice of an enhanced door in its construction.  Whether this is ultimately superior is down to specification and intended use.

Security and weather performance.

The door meets BS 6375-2: 2009. This is the standard for BS EN 14351. It covers the performance for pedestrial doorsets in the UK.  BS 6375-2 sets how a finished door is expected to perform.

The Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door is also weather tested.  This puts the new door ahead of many other commercial doors on the market. This is because there remain few industry standards for weather performance on commercial doors.  The rationale behind this is that a door that is consistently in use (such as in a shop) is hard to keep weather tight and more so when a low threshold is mandatory.

In the case of the Kawneer door, the test involves an open-in double door with butt hinges and rebated threshold. The reality is a public door would not have a rebated threshold.  It would be interesting to see test results for an opening out door with a low threshold; regarded as less weather resistant.

That said, Kawneer doors are perfect for commercial applications as internal or external doors. When specified with the correct hardware it meets Secured by Design as well.

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Key Features of the AA®190 TB Commercial Door.

  • Accepts glass units up to 43mm thick. Ideal for security glazing.
  • Leaf weight of 120kg with a concealed closer or 200kg with a floor spring.
  • Door leaf sizes of up to 1320 mm wide and 3000 mm high. Large size is a benefit of welded doors.
  • U Values of 1.7 W/m2K when using a centre pane value of 1.0 W/m2K.

Commercial door security is excellent with the current crop of commercial doors.  Like Comar’s new commercial door, Kawneer also has PAS 24: 2016 – the latest standard. The testing covers both single and double doors with standard locks or panic bars.

Finally, like other commercial doors, the Kawneer AA®190 TB Commercial Door is suitable for automation as an open out or open in swing door. It also suits automatic sliding operation.  For shopfronts and screens, the thermally broken  Kawneer 451PT systems work with the door.

Kawneer Commercial doors for commercial buildings.

Kawneer enjoys a great reputation for its glazing systems in the UK and worldwide.  The company is relatively unique in extruding, painting and fabricating in one factory. If you want a high-tech commercial door, specified by leading architects such as Foster and Partners, it remains the only welded commercial door and with a lifetime guarantee.

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