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The Comar 7P.i CDE Secured by Design Commercial Door is the latest product from Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems. Comar is part of TPG-The Parkside Group. The new Comar Secured by Design commercial is ideal for schools, apartment buildings, shops, offices or other premises.  Equally, it meets the needs of any commercial building requiring certified security.

comar 7p.i cde secured by design commercial door


What is the new Comar 7P.i CDE Secured by Design Commercial Door?

First of all, Comar is one of the UK’s best-known systems companies.  Not only are Comar’s commercial systems widely specified, at the same time Comar is well-known for its systems in commercial developments. For instance, offices, apartments, retail parks and other high-use buildings regularly use Comar products. With the new CDE door, Comar adds to their already broad range of commercial doors.

A Secured by Design (SBD) commercial door is not a new product. However, these have previously come as entrance doors with a high security lock.  Comar offers the new 7P.i CDE Commercial Door as an SBD Licenced Product. Importantly it comes with an electronic lock with access control integration.

Additionally, this aluminium commercial door has the electronic locking within its thermally broken door and framing sections. As a result, you get a commercial swing door with a better lock and also an SBD licence. Above all, you get effective control over who enters a building.  This is access control.

Why use a Secured By Design Commercial Aluminium Door?

Any building that is not a dwelling, needs a commercial aluminium door. This is because Building Regulations, Equalities Act, BS8300 and Approved Document M call for specific door features.

Commercial doors have for years had a largely unchanged design.  For instance, relying on the trusted door closer and their robust mechanical construction. Even though security on a commercial is excellent, for many years it was nonetheless not certified. Older doors typically use locks, for example, Axim, Adams Rite and other good brands.  However, as building specifications get more demanding, commercial doors now follow residential doors and windows in coming with independent certification.

Therefore architects, building owners or occupiers, now get a Secured by Design commercial door to the primary entrance doors.  Consequently, this falls in line with other doors and windows in the building with independent security testing.

Top Features of the Comar 7P.i CDE SBD Door.

  • Both single and double door sets are available.
  • Meets Secured by Design Homes 2016 requirements.
  • Works with all types of access control panels such as swipe cards, key fobs or buzz entry systems.
  • Ideal for premises needing specific occupant safety such as secure units, education or healthcare buildings.
  • A certified commercial door from one of the UK’s best known commercial aluminium systems companies.

Importantly for new buildings with 10 or more separate dwellings, the Comar door meets Secured By Design Homes 2016 requirements.

The SBD Homes initiative provides security requirements for all dwellings and not just new homes. Incorporating the latest security standards, SBD Homes addresses security, community safety in flats as well as houses. It also covers housing estates, high rise apartment buildings as well as assisted living and student accommodation.  Therefore, door contractors, installers and building specifiers get the Comars’ new 7P.i CDE also suitable in multi-dwelling housing projects.

Practical considerations for Secured by Design commercial doors.

Enhanced security is one of the many reasons why commercial buildings may need a certified commercial aluminium door. However, with many office and residential buildings there are practical considerations as well. Comar’s new SBD commercial door is designed to address both user and security requirements.

The new Comar door comes as both single and double door sets.  For shops and smaller entrances, single doors provide a practical solution. For buildings requiring a larger door or for greater flexibility, door designers like Comar understand that in many buildings, the lead door is used more often with the slave door only opened when access is required for large items like furniture or office equipment.

The SBD test is thorough, and double door sets are quite hard to achieve certification on.  As the doors are put through stress and load tests on the locking points, the door frame on a single door fixed to the structure, naturally provides a stronger locking point.  Double doors rely solely on the door stile of the slave leaf.

The Comar SBD commercial door has achieved PAS 24:2016 for a double door set as well as a single door.  The product has resisted a 4.5kN loading in additional to several manual attack tests as defined by the standard.  As a result, Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has added the 7P.i CDE door to their BSI Kitemark for Enhanced Security.

A heavy-duty door set in a high traffic environment must also be reliable.  Comar has tested the door to BS 6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3, for high traffic commercial entrance doors. This standard involves 50,000 open and closing cycles, that is also required to obtain an SBD Licence.

comar commercial shop doors.

Hardware used in the Comar 7P.i CDE Secured by Design Commercial Door.

This high security door uses several quality hardware components to provide reliable operation with high security.

The door lock is reliably designed to provide a fail-secure facility, meaning that the door remains locked securely if the power fails. The door lock is a one-piece construction that uses magnetic triggers.  These magnetic triggers are located in the keeps, tripping the sprung loaded locking points. When the door closes, the lock instantly secures the door.

The lock integrates with the broad range of access control systems, such as key-fobs, swipe cards as well as the traditional buzz-entry systems used for residential apartments.

The new Comar 7P.i CDE SBD commercial door also works with the Fuhr Panic Exit Device, therefore providing an SBD door with emergency escape facility.  For buildings with rear fire-exit doors that are out of sight and potentially vulnerable to attack this is a great solution.

Finally, for enhanced user convenience, the new Comar door can also work with lever handles, providing easy exit through the door set offering magnet triggered instant locking for peace of mind.

Comar commercial door benefits for fabricators.

Commercial door fabricators also find the Comar door offers easy fabrication, reducing costs.  The Comar 7P.i CDE Secured By Design commercial door needs just four machined pockets in the lock and keep stiles. As a result, the one-piece lock fits faster.  A single cable provides power to the lock, ready for a qualified electrician to connect the doors on site with simplified wire-routing in the frames.

Comar doors come with the same high standards of service thanks to the multi-million-pound stock-holding and impressive delivery dates that Comar is well-known for and trusted by their nationwide network of manufacturers.

Contact us if you would like further information on certified security commercial doors. We also help with where to buy the Comar 7P.i CDE Secured by Design commercial door.