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The Dutemänn Haus entrance door is a contemporary range of aluminium doors entrance doors and front doors, exclusively manufactured by Dutemann Ltd in Kent.

dutemänn haus entrance door

Construction of the Dutemänn Haus Entrance Door.

This modern aluminium door uses an aluminium frame and door leaf profiles with a premium aluminium panel.  One of the best features of the Dutemänn front door is its construction from Schuco profiles.  If you’ve done your research on bifolding and sliding doors, you will frequently come across Schuco.  Professionals in the door industry know Schuco as the German brand, renowned on a global scale for engineering, design and long-term performance. The frame and door parts of Haus doors use the sections from Schuco ADS70.HI system.

The benefits of the Schuco profiles are numerous, such as excellent certified security, impressive thermal performance and a modern looking door. For consumers and the trade, it is also a huge selling point to know that one of the best brands in aluminium are part of the product.

The Schuco door is engineered to allow a range of infills to be used in the door creating the many different designs available with Dutemann Haus doors.  Another feature of the Schuco door is three different panel options.

  • A framed option is where the panel sits within the door sash just like a piece of glass with the door sash acting as a border or picture frame.
  • The panel covering the door sash on the inside.
  • The panel covering the door sash on both inside and outside.

The Dutemann Haus entrance door has the leaf-enclosing door infills on both sides.  The benefit of this aesthetically is the appearance of a smooth door that looks wider and taller giving a solid door appearance that seems very modern without the door sash profile visible.

Features of the Dutemänn Haus Entrance door.

First of all are the door panels. These comprise two quality pressed aluminium skins with a durable polyester powder-coated finish. Then, between the 44mm thick panels is high-density insulation.  There is a choice of solid aluminium panelled doors or partially glazed in a selection of designs. The glass is triple glazed with aluminium or stainless steel accessories.

Door locks and hardware including architectural handles choices is essential in a quality front door. Here, Dutemänn doors feature a range of architectural pull handles made with marine grade stainless steel. Options include brushed steel, coloured handles or contrasting colour handles.

The locking system is premium German engineered multi-point locks with options for automatic locking or the latest smart-locking. Should you wish to upgrade to the latest technology, proximity devices, fingerprint readers, even retina technology is available with a Dutemann front door.

Comparing the Dutemänn Door with Other Brands.

One of the best features of the Dutemann Haus entrance door is the impressive size to meet customer demand for wider and taller door sets. Here is how Dutemann doors compare with some well-known brand of aluminium, composite and timber doors for sizes.

BrandSingle Door Maximum SizeDouble Door Maximum Size
Dutemänn Haus Entrance Door1200 x 2390mm2390x2390mm
Solidor Composite Door1013x2163mm1927x2163mm
Smart System Designer Door1000x2500mm2200x2500mm
Origin Residential Front Door1130x2700mm2260x2700mm
Spitfire S200 Front Door1100x2200mm2190x2200mm
RK Door Systems Exclusive Front Door1100x2200mm2300x2200mm
Bereco Timber Front Door1181x2500mm2073x2500mm
Express Bifolds Aluminium Front Door1200x2550mm2390x2550mm

The maximum door sizes from information provided in product technical manuals. The maximum sizes available for the infill panel styles affects the overall door size possible.

Why choose a product like the Dutemänn Haus entrance door?

When it comes to aluminium front doors there is a lot of choice from a number of systems and manufacturers.  There are also numerous benefits aluminium doors have over composite doors. Some brands of aluminium front doors make what we consider to be incorrect and misleading statements about aluminium compared to PVCu, timber or composite front doors. They imply that that integrity, security or resistance to forced entry is “far better” than other doors like composites.  It’s good, however other materials deserve fair representation.

Both composite doors and aluminium doors go through the same independent security tests and achieve a pass result.  Therefore, to state that an aluminium door is superior risks misleading the customer.  Aluminium is, of course, stronger as a material compared to, for example, a PVCu door frame found in composite doors.

Choosing an aluminium door will give you a secure front door like all the others but an important reason for choosing an aluminium door over other materials is down to appearance, close up details and aesthetics generally.

  • A door from aluminium is thinner yet creates substantially wider and taller doors than other materials.
  • Aluminium front doors offer more creative scope for door designs than other doors.
  • Aluminium front doors look very impressive when coloured and coated to achieve a woodgrain or textured powder coated finish.
  • A bigger choice of colour comes with aluminium front doors provide than composite or PVCu doors.
  • Dark colour aluminium front doors are less prone to thermal expansion than other materials.

The appearance of aluminium front doors like a Dutemann.

To appreciate a front door like the Dutemann Haus, it is close up examination that sets aluminium front doors apart.  Study the doors in detail to understand the differences between aluminium doors and other materials.

The powder coated finish and the choice of colour has a more consistent appearance than the finish of composite doors as an example. Composite doors rely on other components that often undergo an alternative finishing process. This leaves an inconsistent colour match at times.  Aluminium doors and all their colour matched components have a more consistent appearance across the whole door.

Choose your door supplier carefully and there should be little restriction as to the colour choices available. This is down to the 150 or more colours that come with aluminium.

dutemann haus modern entrance door

Dutemann Doors. What we think.

The front door is often the last item to be changed in a property renovation. Homeowners tend to focus a lot of the budget on the other windows and doors in the house first.  Composite doors provide solutions, but we know many installations where homeowners, impressed with the finish and appearance of aluminium windows, bifolding doors or sliding doors want the same at the front of the house.  It is also fair to say that frequently, at the end of the renovation, the budget has been exhausted. This is why homeowners choose a cheaper alternative such as a contemporary composite door.

Some aluminium front doors can stretch into thousands of pounds. As a result, it’s hard for many homeowners to justify so much money on a front door. Spitfire S200, Hormann Thermo 46 are the most likely similar products. The Origin front door isn’t really a full-on front door. It uses bifolding door profiles which shows in some of the detail. That said, Origin doors are well made, secure and come with excellent brand reputation. Our research shows Dutemann doors sit well at the mid-range price for what is without question a premium quality aluminium front door.

Look at who makes your doors

Importantly when buying new front doors, do research around the company behind the product. Dutemänn is one of the best known aluminium specialists in the UK. Award-winning, quality-focused and behind some of the best bifolding doors with the FD85 and Schuco. Dutemänn’s Glide-S sliding door is also outstanding with gorgeous looks and impressive size capability.

We’ve seen Dutemänn doors many times over the years and they look beautiful. Contemporary styling, quality panels, great locking systems. Even better as an aluminium door, they also feel right. It’s easy for many doors in this material to feel too light. Origin doors feel light despite their quality. Haus doors have exactly the right feel to them. As a result, they provide a reassuring closing action and the same reliable feel to the hinges and the locking. The architectural handles provided with them are also first-class.

In recent years, brands in aluminium matter. It wasn’t that long ago homeowners just bought doors and windows. It’s often the case now that property sales particulars mention the brand of glazing in the home in the same way they do designer kitchens. These doors promise a high-end product that homeowners can mention with pride and confidence in their purchase.

Made-to-order, with excellent paint quality and genuine attention to detail, these are a viable proposition for the discerning homeowner. And do your research around high security messages such as Secured by Design. Yes, the other products are indeed tested to these standards. However, dig a bit deeper as you often find the door you buy isn’t the specification with the certification behind it.

More information about the Dutemänn Haus Entrance Door

Best of all, modern aluminium doors like the Dutemann Haus give a home a statement-piece aluminium front door without being over-the-top like the crystal-embelished Spitfire model. Go try these fine doors out, they will impress.

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