Lantern roofs and rooflights

Aluminium lantern roofs and glass rooflights comprise individual roof products designed for integration into an existing or new flat roof. Furthermore, they’re one of the best product enhancing a new extension above bifolding doors.

The range of aluminium lantern roofs and rooflights available for homeowners as well as the trade is diverse. Aluminium manufacturers and several systems companies provide highly engineered contemporary or traditional roofing products for the home. As well as this, commercial roof manufacturers create bespoke atria, roof glazing and roof lights for commercial buildings, retail premises, restaurants and bars.

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Information about lantern roofs and rooflights

The construction of glass roofs starts with insulated aluminium profiles with a thermal break. Then they are powder coated in a variety of durable colours, designed to withstand the external location and all types of weather.

For the glazing, safety glass comes generally as standard with lantern roofs having double glazed highly insulated units. Rooflights in particular, frequently come with triple glazing for even better thermal performance. As a result, the U-Values of lantern roofs and rooflights is impressive.

For contemporary glazing such as roofs, aluminium remains the material of choice. First of all is the slimmer sightlines and inherent strength. Second is the larger spans, widths and lengths, usually only available with aluminium. These products also offer modern or traditional sightlines to suit property types and individual tastes.

Besides great engineering and design, the roofing industry now makes fitting lantern roofs easier for aluminium window and door installers. In addition to fully fabricated lantern roofs, these also come in easy kit form. As a result, a simple site assembly and glazing makes lantern roofs and rooflights fitter friendly without complex problems on site.

Lantern roofs and rooflights, Brands and Systems.

The homeowner and the trade has a huge choice of roof products on the market. Despite this, there aren’t that many actual systems on the market. Many established roof products are existing systems then re-branded or customised and sold under a different name. This aside all offer high quality, slim lines and excellent U-Values with the right glass. Overall, aluminium lantern roofs and rooflights today come slimmer and better.

All the major roof brands come suitable for integration with the glazing below as part of an extension. You can also use them within conservatory or orangeries. Some of the best-known brands are listed below.

Altas Glazed Roofs and Lantern Roofs

One of the most popular lantern roofs products is Atlas. Supplied to the trade, Atlas glazed roofs are one of the thinnest, strongest and lightest on the market.  Widely used by installers, Atlas roofs bring modern lines and superior performance. Also one, of the most thermally efficient products and recently updated. The latest product from Atlas is the 2.0 Lantern Roof.

Importantly for sightlines, Atlas Roofs come engineered using the box mullion philosophy found in commercial curtain walling.  Consequently, Atlas aluminium roofs use 40mm box rafters, creating a very visually appealing appearance inside, where it matters.

The Atlas roof product range is comprehensive. You’ll find Lantern Roofs, Conservatory and Orangery Roofs, Lean-to roofs, Flat rooflights, Verandah roofs and systems for commercial buildings. For a modular orangery, the Atlas Skyroom is also available.

Howells Glazing.

Howells Glazing is a very well known company in the glass roofing industry. Their advanced range of products provides aluminium roof systems, lanterns and sophisticated large span glazing. The Howells Glazing product line provides all manner of roof solutions for residential properties. Howells also create sophisticated atria found in commercial buildings.

Products range from lantern roofs, double hipped roof lights, pitched roofs, Dodecagon roof systems and octagonal roofs. Then there’s skylights and even Hexadecagon rooflights with 16 sides. For anyone looking for a standard or highly bespoke roof, Howells glazing has a long reputation in quality aluminium roofs.

Kestrel Aluminium Flat Roof light.

Birmingham based Kestrel Aluminium systems serve most the commercial markets. However, installers also have available a rooflight range. The contemporary aluminium flat rooflight comes as a fixed rooflight, a ventilation rooflight as well as one designed for egress. The Kestrel Flat Rooflight when ordered as a fixed model also provides a walk-on facility.  The ventilation model provides up to 360mm opening for airflow. The egress flat rooflight allowing access to flat roofs and other areas.

Kestrel flat rooflights provide thermal efficiency, are easy to fabricate and install and provide a frameless appearance when viewed from the inside.  They’re also available with a choice of glass options and polyester powder coated finishes.

Korniche Roof Lantern.

The Korniche roof lantern supplied by Made for Trade and marketed as a latest-generation aluminium roof.  One of the features around the Korniche aluminium roof is easy-fit technology reducing installation time for fitters on site.  The aluminium roof offers thermally insulated sections with slim sight lines too. Furthermore, Korniche works well with other home improvement products. A Kornice roof works individually as well as part of a new orangery.  Other features of the slimline Korniche roof lantern include patented end boss sections, consistent sight lines and invisible fixings.

Q-Lon seals differ from conventional rubbers and these are used throughout the Korniche roof.  Q-Lon gaskets in combination with liquid silicone rubber remove the need for extensive silicone application found on other roofs. A unique glazing retainer does away with the need for glass locks at the end and eaves closures.  Korniche lantern roofs come at up to 6 metres by 4 metres.

Roofmaker Skylights.

The Roofmaker range provides skylights for flat roofs with high insulation, performance glass and a choice of designs. Roofmaker products feature very slim profiles, no ridge pieces, are 100% aluminium in their construction and feature a built-in upstand.

Included in Roofmaker’s range are also contemporary roofs such as fixed, opening, pitched, pyramid and walk on glass rooflights. Overall, Roofmaker provides some of the most modern and architecturally appealing lantern roofs and rooflights.

Prefix Systems.

Prefix Systems serves the UK trade market with a broad variety of roof systems. The Prefix Systems product line includes products such as Skylights, Conservatory and Orangery Roofs. Also available are roofs for canopies, verandas, glass extensions and flat rooflights.

Prefix Systems are also behind the innovative Refurbish My Conservatory Scheme.  Refurbish My Conservatory offers a great home solution for homeowners with an old conservatory. The core elements of the original structure are retained. Meanwhile, other items are replaced with more energy-efficient and more modern materials.  Consequently, Refurbish My Conservatory transforms an old, leaking and uncomfortable conservatory into a modern, usable room.

Quantal Roof System.

Quantal Aluminium Roof Systems are part of Ultraframe and offer a range of roof solutions. In the product range are Quantal Aluminium Conservatories or Quantal Aluminium Orangeries. As well as this Quantal Atrium, Quantal Loggia, Livin’Room and a range of coloured roofing systems complete the range.

Sunparadise Systems

European inspired Sunparadise Systems provides a broad range of roof glazing products. Like other roofs, Sunparadise comes designed as stand-alone items or integrating fully with their contemporary range of sliding, bifolding and advanced slide and turn doors.

The Cubo garden extension is excellent as a stand-alone garden structure. Also in the range are lean-to systems, bespoke glass roofs, lanterns and glazed structures.

Sunsquare Aluminium Rooflights and Lanterns

The architectural range of rooflights from Sunsquare offers high specification aluminium roof products. Their extensive range provides manual and automatic styles and designs.  Sunsquare rooflights also come as single or double skylights, Pyramid skylights as well as internal and external walk-on glass rooflights.

One of the newest products from Sunsquare is the Aero Pyramid product. This is an electric opening lantern roof doing away with having full opening windows in the lantern roof. Instead, the entire module opens thirty degrees to provide ventilation when needed. Sunsquare is another company providing contemporary, architectural and broad-ranging lantern roofs and rooflights.

Synseal Stratus Aluminium Lantern Roof.

The Synseal Stratus Lantern roof is one of the latest products to enter the roofing market.  It is provided by Synseal, one of the biggest and most respected systems companies in the UK.

Synseal Stratus roofs are high end, refined roofs with thermally insulated aluminium profiles.  A modern lantern roof system offering comfort, impressive aesthetics and high performance.

The Stratus aluminium roof is available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design. Sizes come at up to 3 metres wide and 6 metres in length. It features thermally insulated profiles with a  range of thoughtful capping pieces and purpose-designed extrusions.

Titan Flat Edge Rooflight.

New to the market, Titan Flat Rooflights, has modern looks and a seamless flush glass edge look. The product comes designed with a different look to the outside of the product. As a result, Titan relies less on trims and edging materials found on some other brands of aluminium rooflight.

Ultraframe Roofs.

Ultraframe is one of the world leaders in the design and extrusion of conservatory roofing systems.  The Ultraframe aluminium roof primarily features a PVCu core with aluminium glazing bar cappings, ridge bodies, finials and cresting as well as flashings and gutters if required.

Ultraframe roofing systems come in a wide range of different product groups such as Loggia, Classic, Orangery, Verandah, Utopia, Ultralite 500 and Portals.

lantern roofs and rooflights

Aluminium Rooflights.

For aluminium rooflights, there is a huge amount of choice.  Rooflights are available in different styles to suit the requirement and the property.  There is the option of fixed roof lights, opening rooflights, pyramid roofs, lanterns and contemporary roofs featuring the bare minimum of glazing bars.

Walk on Glass Rooflights.

Walk on roof lights are one of the most popular products for their ability to provide light while having the strength to be walked on or stood on.  They feature high strength laminated and toughened double or triple glazing as well as a range of anti-slip glass if required.

Walk on rooflights can be installed in a patio, provide light to a basement and can even be used to highlight a particular feature of a property while keeping it protected. Sizes of up to 3 metres in length are possible with many walk-on glass rooflight systems.

More information about lantern roofs and rooflights.

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