Is a low threshold bifolding door weatherproof?

With any quality bifolding door system, there is the option of standard or low thresholds. Some brands go a stage further and offer a choice of threshold heights including a low threshold. Then there are bifolding doors that also offer a low or ramp-type threshold, also referred to as Document M threshold.

All the different threshold options on a well0-designed folding door provide not only a choice for the end user but also make a bifolding door suitable for a variety of property types and installations. One question often asked is whether low thresholds are weather resistant?

Is a bifolding door threshold weatherproof?

warmcore folding doors in new extension
Can you have a level threshold with weather protection on a bifolding door?

With many bifolding doors on the market, the level threshold is clearly marketed as having no weather rating. Other brands may also state that the low threshold option is only suitable for internal applications, with no warranty or where the door is unlikely to be at risk of driving wind and rain.

The reality is that even a standard bifolding door threshold can be recessed and provided with the proper drainage to provide a low-level threshold and minimal barrier between the inside and the outside of the home. However, a step still exists as the standard bifolding door threshold has a rebate or upstand.

However, if a customer wants the low, ramp type threshold this too will usually come without a weather rating. The Aluhaus Alufold bifolding door however, based on the Warmcore system, offers not only a choice of thresholds but also a level threshold with a weather rating.

Is the Warmcore Alufold low threshold truly weatherproof?

weathered low threshold.
The low threshold with a weather rating is one excellent feature that beats most other brands.

Many homeowners are planning their new extension and desire their outside patio at the same level as the interior floor. They just want as minimal a threshold as possible.

The Warmcore bifolding door does indeed offer a low threshold with a weather rating. In fact, this particular feature was one of the Warmcore principle design criteria that was cited at the development stage of the product.

While the standard Warmcore bifold has the weather rated threshold, the Alufold Part M Low Threshold offers a specially designed kicker-seal. This particular seal is located in the bottom of the aluminium threshold chassis. The seal sits under each door leaf.

The result of this seal and design found in the Alufold bifolding door is that when the door leaf pushes against this seal, a tight water and wind barrier is created. In practice, the harder the wind blows against the doors, the tighter the seal gets.

There are very few bifolding doors on the market with a weatherproof low threshold.

The Warmcore Alufold bifolding door is one of only a handful of brands providing a weatherproof low threshold. As well as Alufold, there is SUNFLEX bifolding doors, Schuco ASS70, the Alumina bifolding door and air doors.

For consumers looking to create a low-level threshold, a seamless effect between their inside and outside spaces, the Alufold bifolding door provides one solution. When correctly designed and integrated into a new extension or renovation the visual effect is excellent.

There is no reason why a qualified provider of Alufold bifolding doors cannot work with a builder and ensure that the exact visual effect with a low threshold is achieved. If you would like further information about bifolding door thresholds and the weathered Alufold door, contact us for details.