Are low threshold bifold doors weatherproof

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Are low threshold Is a low threshold bifold doors weatherproof? Depending on the product and the installation, the answer is yes. Low threshold bifold doors are weatherproof.

The type of threshold you get also depends on the brand you buy, as some bifolding doors come with more threshold options than others.

Should you have low threshold bifold doors?

low threshold bifold doors using a warmcore product in new extension

The advantage of having low threshold bifold doors is how much better they look when open. with flush interior flooring or carpets, the flush threshold, and the outside decking or slabs, the overall effect just looks much better. Of course, there’s better accessibility as low threshold bifold doors have a reduced step-over too, compared with a standard threshold. Work with your builder or architect and the track can even sit lower than the finished floor too with the right bifold.

Many bifold door brands only offer a standard or a flush threshold. And with many of these brands, the flush is marketed as for internal use only. Other bifold door brands come more options all with a different design, meeting more usage requirements and offering different levels of weather performance. You can even get low threshold bifold doors meeting accessibility requirements as part of Building Regulations covered by Document M.

All the different threshold options on a well-designed folding door provide not only a choice for the end-user but also make a bifolding door suitable for a variety of property types and installations.

Which low threshold bifold doors are weatherproof

If you’re buying a bifold door with only a couple of threshold options, then it’s how you fit the doors that determine how weatherproof the threshold. This involves setting an otherwise standard threshold or track lower but still giving you the weather protection from the build-in rebate most come with.

Where the brand offers a low threshold option, many will caveat this with where it should be used. Many of these are marketed without a weather rating and the responsibility is, therefore, all yours. You’ll read statements such as the low threshold option is only suitable for internal applications, with no warranty or where the door is unlikely to be at risk of driving wind and rain.

Low threshold bifold doors with a choice thresholds

The more advanced bifold door brands give you more choices for low thresholds. The uses of these are varied and diverse, so it’s not possible to explain all of these here. However, the better bifolds give you more options. Some will give you a low threshold with a weather rating without having to set the bifolds lower too.

aïr800 bifold doors

The great design behind air bifold doors made by Everglade Windows also provides flexible threshold solutions including low thresholds with a weather rating. These doors also come with luxury handles and a 25-year manufacturer guarantee.

Alumina bifold doors

The excellent Alumina bifold designed by Liniar, comes with a Document M approved ramp threshold with a weather rating.

Another benefit of Alumina bifolds is its classic styling, great design and its even available in a foiled woodgrain finish.

Reynaers bifold doors

Reynaers is another company offering a choice of low threshold bifold doors with the CF77 and CF68 models.

You’ll get a flat bottom model, one as a full low threshold, a double weather seal version and a high performance. And all of these can work as a flush design.

Solarlux bifold doors

The bifold door range by Solarlux typically comes with around five different options for getting a low threshold. These doors give you several options for how you want to design the track.

You get different levels of weather performance as well as the option for a ramp.

We recommend the Visofold bifold door by Smarts for its great price and wide availability, and you can get in touch for more information and where to buy it.

Schuco ASS70 low threshold bifold doors

The ASS70 contemporary bifold by Schuco is another product with a selection of threshold solutions for homes or commercial buildings.

Sunflex bifold doors

Made in Germany and another great bifold door brand is Sunflex that also comes with flexible threshold options depending on where you’re fitting these.

Visofold Bifold Doors

Smart Systems design their bifold doors very well. Because Visofold doors are widely used in homes, shops, offices and even garage showrooms, the company has tried to address most requirements with a range of threshold options and designs.

Find the best low threshold bifold doors

Remember, you’ll get weatherproof low threshold bifold doors with any good brand using their standard arrangement. But when you have a specific requirement then it’s worth checking out the threshold options of the upper-level folding sliding doors.

Wheelchair users, families with pushchairs or kid’s bikes, or those replacing dated bifolds and not building a new extension, could benefit from using a bifold door product with more options than the standard rebated or flush type.

Get in touch for more information about these and other bifold doors and where to buy.