Comar Aluminium Systems on Grand Designs.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has a strong reputation with architects and specifiers. The Comar range of aluminium windows, sliding doors, entrance doors and folding doors are also totally fit for purpose for residential installations as well. A range of Comar aluminium systems was supplied on a significant development, also featured on Channel 4’s “Grand Designs”.

Medland Manor in Devon refurbished with Comar Aluminium.

comar sliding doors on grand designs.
Channel 4’s Grand Designs features Medland Manor in Devon, glazed with Comar aluminium.

Medland Manor in Cheriton Bishop underwent a two-part renovation. The first was to retain the original appearance of the existing building; the second was to create a contemporary glass structure. Since the renovation, further enhancements have been carried out to Medland Manor, including a swimming pool and outdoor decking area. Comar aluminium systems feature prominently with large glass walls encased within Comar aluminium systems.

Fabricated and installed by MPS Glass Ltd, the modern design of the new glass pavilion needed slimline aluminium frames.

Comar Systems encase the external elevations, leaving the internal bedrooms and living areas to enjoy the panoramic views of the Devon countryside.

Comar 6 Curtain Walling.

Comar 6 system provides the aluminium element to Medland Manor, being a quality curtain walling system with just 50mm sight lines. Not only does the Comar 6 framing system allow a modern flatline aesthetic but at the same time, the quality thermal bridge provides insulation.

The inherent strength of the curtain walling mullions and rails enable large and heavy glazed panels to be easily glazed and secured.

Comar 7P.i Sliding Doors.

comar sliding doors
Comar sliding doors with large glazed panels encase the external elevations.

The opening elements comprise the advanced Comar 7P.i. Horizontal Sliding Door System. Comar sliding doors offer excellent weather performance, high security as well as impressive thermal performance.

Again large and heavy glass panels are glazed in the Comar sliding door suite. With weights of over 300kg possible, Comar sliding doors remain easy to slide open and shut thanks to the quality rollers and components.

The Comar sliding door comes with a flexible installation allowing for standard or lower set thresholds to be achieved depending on the level of access required to the outside.

This particular project called for a dual colour finish with a dark colour inside and a lighter colour on the inside.

If you would like further information on how curtain walling or sliding doors can be incorporated into a residential project, please contact us.

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