Frameless Aluminium Windows

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Frameless Glass Curtains of Chatham manufacture and install their own frameless bifolding door system, installed nationwide. Their range of frameless doors is used in residential properties, in commercial buildings, as internal room dividers and frameless glass hinged entrance doors.

The frameless door design can also be modified to create bifolding windows.

Frameless Aluminium bifolding windows.

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Frameless bifolding windows provide all the advantages of a folding door for window openings.

A frameless window is designed to offer the slimline proportions of a frameless door in a more compact size. The distinct advantage of this windows is that it not only creates a large picture window but offers the ventilation that a similar fixed light window can not.

The construction of a frameless window comprises a slim aluminium outer frame, a locking jamb on the one side and no visible mullions in between.

Advantages of frameless aluminium windows.

The obvious benefit in a frameless bifolding window is the creation of a virtually full clear opening when fully opened just like a bifolding door. For rooms needing extra light and full ventilation a frameless window provides this whether open or closed.

Depending upon the configuration, a bifolding window can also benefit from the access leaf arrangement found on many bifolding doors. One pane can be opened in or out to create partial ventilation without having to fold the remaining panels back.

Where can bifolding windows be used?

A bifolding window is suitable for any type of property, new or old. There are benefits to having bifolding windows as kitchen windows where the sink is positioned under a window to look out to the garden.

Bifolding windows can also be used to close off balconies and outside spaces, giving a usable secure and functional space in the winter and fully opened up in the summer months.

The other advantage of bifolding windows is that they fold to one side of the structural opening creating a clean appearance when open.

For homeowners looking to refurbish old conservatories fitted with traditional casement windows between the roof and the dwarf walls, bifolding windows can create a much-improved conservatory.

In the closed position frameless bifolding windows can transform the conservatory into a virtual glass room. When fully folded back it creates a different kind of summer house with a glazed roof and fully open sides.

Bifolding windows are also ideal for the commercial sector in cafés, restaurants or bars and can even be used as a convenient serving hatch.

Other features of frameless bifolding windows.

As with any modern aluminium product, frameless bifolding windows provide other benefits.

  • The wide colour availability of aluminium with quality powder coating.
  • Bifolding windows can be chosen to open in or out.
  • Bifolding windows are available double glazed or single glazed.
  • Bifolding windows remain secure and weather resistant.

If you would like more information about frameless bifolding windows, please contact us.