How good is the Origin aluminium front door?

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The Origin Residential front door launched in 2016, giving Origin another quality product to offer homeowners alongside their successful range of bifolding doors, sliding doors, aluminium single or French doors and windows.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the Origin aluminium front door.

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Information about the Origin aluminium front door.

When choosing a new front door, the company making your door, the installer fitting it and the overall supply chain is important.  Origin remains the only manufacturer of its products.  Choosing any of the traditional or modern Origin doors means you get expertly-crafted bespoke doors by one of the best manufacturers in the UK.  A nationwide network of approved installers, Gold Staus dealers and other professional businesses supply and fit Origin front doors.

The construction of the door uses the tried-and-tested profiles used in the Origin folding sliding door range, re-engineered and combined with luxury door panels.  These then create a comprehensive range of front doors for the home.  The doors also have precision locking systems, and luxury door handles, door accessories and a variety of finishes.

Even better is the integration of these doors with the overall Origin range of doors giving matching doors throughout the home.  Therefore an Origin front door lets you have one brand of front doors, side doors, back doors and even garage doors as well as bifolding doors. An entire set of doors from one brand, single-point guarantee and all using the same door profiles, glazing beads, gaskets and cills.  With all of this also comes the advantages of slim, strong and thermally efficient aluminium.

Importantly, if you’re looking at general home improvements, new aluminium windows and other doors you get a 100% colour match – something not always guaranteed with doors and windows from several different suppliers.  The source of the aluminium extrusions is the same, as is the colour consistency and quality.

The availability of woodgrain aluminium doors is another great reason to consider an Origin front door for the home. These use a sophisticated powder coating with a sublimation process. The result is an authentic-looking wood door in low-maintenance aluminium.  Best of all they cost less than timber doors and don’t need the care associated with timber doors – as good as these are.

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Is the Origin front door the right door for the home?

Yes. Origin has taken many elements that have made their bifolding door so successful in the UK and applied them to their new domestic front door. We’ve seen many different examples of these doors, and they are quality-made, handsome to look at and great to use.  Solid, reliable and with outstanding surface finishes.  These are statement doors, designed to be individual as well as secure and weathertight.  They also come with other great features as standard.

  • A high standard of craftsmanship, making Origin products some of the best on the market.
  • Hand-assembled door joints look better than a typical welded upvc frame found on composite doors.
  • 32mm thick door panels with high thermal insulation, internal reinforcement and durable aluminium inside and out.
  • High-grade aluminium is corrosion resistant without half the thermal expansion associated with PVCu.
  • A low maintenance product with only routine cleaning required.
  • Suitable for the replacement of any existing door as well as for new houses and renovations.

The customer service that Origin is renowned for as well as the long 20-year warranty are another two significant reasons why homeowners may wish to consider windows, bifolding doors and now entrance doors from Origin.

Made to order front doors for the home.

Buying any Origin products give you access to some of the most diverse range of personalisation options.

First of all is the range of colours and panel styles available, making these doors some of the most customisable.  Not only do you get plain colours but also the chance to have a different colour on the frame, the door sash and the door panel. Colour choice also extends to the door hinges, available in black, white and stainless steel. And unlike many other doors on the market, you can even paint the hinges the same colour as the door.

The choice of colours doesn’t apply just to the frame with an Origin door. Even the gaskets come in nine different colours.  As a result, where many doors only come with black gaskets, Origin doors offer the chance to have either matching or similar shades between the door seals and the aluminium profiles.

If you want a low threshold, this provides improved accessibility if your home has children, pushchairs, children’s bicycles or wheelchair users.  There is also a zero threshold option for access doors or double doors ideal for the garage.

Choosing between an aluminium door and a composite door?

The characteristics of aluminium as a material are now widely marketed. Aluminium offers huge colour choice, inherent strength and much stronger, slimmer slight lines.

When it comes to new front doors, the composite door is one of the most popular products. Composite doors have a logical quality to price point. Composite doors are robust, secure, weather-resistant and come in a great many contemporary and traditional designs. The solid timber core composite door especially is an excellent front door option. As well as this, composite doors come in some attractive modern colours, textures and surface finishes.

In aluminium, front doors offer something different. The first thing is the aluminium frame, the joints and how the colours look on the product.  Look at an aluminium front door such as Origin’s next to a composite door.  The visual differences are evident. Composite doors are much cheaper than aluminium doors because the materials cost less as a raw material, and composite doors are less complex to manufacture too.  Therefore, the price reflects this.  Therefore, any aluminium front door is likely to be more expensive than a composite door.

With many properties having windows close to the front doors, an aluminium door can offer the same consistency in frame profiles and colour that composite doors cannot. It seems logical that a homeowner has decided to invest in aluminium bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows. Why not also have an aluminium front door as well?

Above all, the biggest advantage of aluminium doors is their more flexible sizes.  Often composite doors don’t come small enough for small cottage doors. Nor do they come wide or tall enough for modern home extensions.  Origin doors come as small as 400mm wide, 1200mm wide and up to 2700mm tall.

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How much does an Origin front door cost?

The size, colour, design and hardware options of an Origin front door all affect the price of the product. Prices range from £1200-£1600 for a quality composite front door from a reputable installer depending again on how you configure it.

Our research indicates that a single Origin front door is between £1600 and £2500 supplied and fitted. We think that for the benefits of aluminium, a 20-year warranty and an exclusively made product, this price increase over a composite door is reasonable and justifiable.  Bear in mind other brands of aluminium front doors start at over £3500.

Find out more about Origin aluminium front doors.

The Origin front door while never a budget or a low-quality front door fills an enormous gap in the market for those homeowners that want a quality front door that is realistically priced and a good brand. You get this with Origin products.

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