Glass rooms, glazed extensions, conservatories & orangeries

Glass Rooms comprise advanced aluminium structures, doors and windows, designed to extend the living space. With options for all-year-round rooms or temporary summer structures, they come in all manner of sizes, designs and colour.

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Often referred to as a Wintergarden, Glass Extension, Glass Boxes or Sunroom, Glass Rooms come in aluminium or a combination of timber and aluminium with some systems. They come either fixed to the home and extending the room or as a free-standing structure in the garden. Using thermally insulated aluminium and high specification insulated glass, these modern glass rooms offer all the benefits of an all-year-round room with excellent energy efficiency, acoustics and interior comfort.

Of course, the benefit of glass rooms and glazed extensions is their full integration with virtually any type of bifolding doors, sliding doors and modern aluminium windows. With large span doors, these fully open up the room like a familiar extension, connecting to the garden seamlessly.

For those projects where a fully insulated system is not required, options exist for aluminium and hybrid structures using single glazed products or non-insulated windows, doors and roof materials.

These come designed as a glass canopy to provide overhead protection from the rain and provide shade when fitted with an awning, or as a summer, garden or glass house when fitted with vertical glass panels which can be fully open in good weather or closed off fully/partially for protection from the wind and rain, while at the same time enjoying the outdoors and a fully unobstructed view of your garden.

Design and features of Glass Rooms and Glazed Extensions

With glass being a major material in the design and execution of glass rooms, there are substantial glass options available. Working with a professional designer of these products, options include sound and sun protection, enhanced security and shading. Designs also include self-cleaning glass, solar glass and a combination of glass and architectural panels.

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Additionally, these glazed extensions come with options for climate control, manual or powered blinds and awnings. The bespoke nature of these quality glass structures provides design and product solutions for virtually any project requirement.

Light and a feeling of space mean using slimline aluminium profiles combined with contemporary doors and windows. Most systems offer their own collection of windows and doors. Every one of these is designed for standard designs, open corners, slide and turn systems, low thresholds and other essential design features.

With properties and gardens varying in size, aluminium glass rooms and glazed extensions come fully bespoke. From a basic glass canopy up to a substantial glass structure, the design of these products means any property size benefits from the added space provided by glass rooms and glazed extensions.

Importantly, the design of these structures comes with high specifications and certification for product quality, conformity, security and weather performance.

Glass Rooms Systems and Providers

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Systems and providers of glass rooms and glazed extensions work directly with the homeowner. Alternatively, they provide products and professional installation services via a quality dealer network.

Bespoke Glass Structures

The product range by Bespoke Glass Structures includes frameless glass extensions, minimal sliding and folding doors, glass roofs, rooflights and glass links. Internally, Bespoke Glass Structures even provides products such as balustrades and contemporary glass staircases. Commercial buildings benefit from products such as frameless glass screens, shopfronts and entrance doors.


One of the best known companies for technically-challenging glazing, Cantifix provides all manner of commercial and residential glass rooms, extensions and prestige architectural glazing. Products include glass walls and roofs, glass floors, glazed links and bespoke extensions.

Eden Verandas

For residential property, Eden Verandas provide glass rooms, awnings and verandas, roofs, carports and commercial glazing. The products comprise features such as aluminium extrusions, reinforced with steel inserts and single or double glass units, windows, doors as well as screens.

The Frameless Glass Company

Based in Bath, The Frameless Glass Company specialises in structural and frameless constructions for inside and outside the home or commercial building. The company uses its Ascend system in glass and a combination of full-framed aluminium systems. Products also include slim sliding doors, frameless glass extensions, glass box constructions and frameless roof glazing. There’s even a product for the construction of wine cellars.

IQ Glass

The high-end products from IQ Glass comprise some of the best engineered structural glass. The Panoramah! doors range as just one example offers doors at extreme heights up to 9 metres. For glass rooms specifically, IQ Glass provides glass rooms and extensions in slim profile insulated steel and quality glass. There are also products in aluminium comprising minimal glazing as well as frameless minimalist glass.

Open Space Concepts

For outdoor spaces, Open Space Concepts provides covered and open glass rooms, awnings, glazed extensions louvre pods and verandas. Besides a broad product range, Open Space Concepts also specialises in functional and contemporary products, designed for all-year-round use as well as covered verandas and canopies.

Solarlux Systems

One of the best brands in aluminium systems. Solarlux provides luxury German bifolding doors, sliding doors and contemporary glazing. Products by Solarlux come with an outstanding reputation for design, functionality and meticulous product quality. The glass rooms and extensions range by Solarlux meets virtually any residential and commercial requirement. Solarlux bespoke products come supplied by expert Solarlux partners available in aluminium and combination of wood and aluminium.


For glass rooms and extensions, Sunflex UK provides lean-to glass roofs and garden patio roofs. Products include the SF152 and SF152 Plus Systems. These come with a broad range of slide and turn doors, frameless glazing, bifolding or sliding doors. As well as in aluminium, Sunflex provides excellent hybrid products using wood internally and aluminium externally.

Sunparadise Systems

Using European products, Sunparadise Systems, offer a complete solution in glass rooms, free-standing structures and glazed extensions. The CUBO system in particular provides free-standing or attached glass rooms and aluminium covered structures. Sunparadise also provides advanced sliding systems, for instance, doors moving around open corners.


Well-known as one of the leading names in roofing systems, Ultraframe products provide contemporary and traditional roofing systems for the home. As well as traditional and familiar orangeries and conservatories, Ultraframe also provide Verandas and glass rooms. Moreover, the company has modular systems for the easy construction of orangeries.

Weinor GMBH & Co

The Weinor name is well known for awnings, cubic patio roof systems, glass rooms and contemporary extensions. Operating in the UK and internationally, Weinor products come with over fifty years experience, creating structures and solutions, connecting the home and garden.

Conservatories and Orangeries

While traditional bolt-on conservatories remain available, tastes now particularly lean towards more modern and better-insulated structures.

In the same way as glass rooms, conservatories and orangeries consist of primarity glass. Therefore, they have the same temperature fluctuations as any glass structure, such as being colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. In spite of this, Orangeries come with more solid walls and structural elements and offer better interior comfort and heat retention than a conservatory.

The trend for PVCu Edwardian, Victorian and similar styles is less popular than previous years. However, many conservatory specialists now provide all manner of styles and designs, meeting customer requirements and budgets. Overall, the trends and homeowner requirements today remains one for an all-year-round-room wherever possible.