Bifolding and sliding door guarantees

Bifolding and sliding door guarantees vary from product to product and depending on the manufacturer making them.

There are very few products in the home improvement industry offering anything more than a 10-year guarantee. For many customers, a peace of mind warranty is important to them. Firstly, the purchase of an expensive folding for sliding door is a significant financial investment.

bifolding and sliding door guarantees in new homes
Air folding and sliding doors come with an industry leading 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Secondly, the window industry reputation is unfairly tarnished by a small number of window companies carrying out shoddy work, lost deposits and businesses going into administration before work is complete. The consumer is expected to part with their money before they even see a window or a door.

Understanding bifolding and sliding door guarantees

It is also worth considering that all the components that go into making a quality bifolding or sliding door do not come from a single source. Aluminium, colouring, gaskets, glass, locks and seals all come from different manufacturers and suppliers, not just one. These suppliers also have their warranties. Glass or integral blinds may only have a five-year warranty. Locks and handles that come from these specialist hardware manufacturers do not have an extended warranty, yet the window industry provides an expected ten years.

Some homeowners remain sceptical of bifolding and sliding door guarantees and especially extended warranties. Most have exclusions, limitations or only apply to the purchaser of the doors, not the new owner of the property.

Then there is the issue of understanding how industry bodies and associations work, set up to provide consumer protection should things go wrong. It is usually the manufacturing and installation process that compromises a product, rather than the product itself. From the design stage, all modern door and window systems are developed by expert aluminium systems houses, extensively tested and accredited before they hit the market.

All the people, processes, manufacturing and administration that goes into creating a new bifolding or sliding door enables customers to enjoy peace of mind warranties. Some companies, however, go the extra mile.

What bifolding and sliding door guarantees are the longest?

When it comes to manufacturer warranties Air folding and sliding doors are unique in the marketplace in having a 25-year guarantee. We know of no other brand of bifolding doors, patio doors and contemporary sliding doors with this length of the warranty.

The 25-year warranty bifolding and sliding door guarantees on an air doors are possible because of how the product is designed and importantly who is behind it. If you are thinking about a quality bifolding door and one that offers marked differences in who makes it and benefits it offers we give an insight into aïr doors by Everglade Windows.

Everglade Windows. The Company behind aïr.

bifolding and sliding door guarantees
Everglade Windows are a multi-award winning manufacturer and exclusively provide air doors.

Everglade Windows in Perivale Middlesex are the exclusive manufacturers of air folding and sliding doors. Some facts about Everglade Windows:

  • Everglade Windows have been trading for nearly forty years.
  • Everglade Windows are one of the best-known manufacturers in the UK.
  • The Emmegi Quadra machining centre for creating windows and doors is one of only three in the UK at the cost of £500000.
  • Everglade make and install for homeowners, the window industry as well as providing products in local authority housing, for construction firms and property developers.

To provide an industry leading warranty, the company behind the product has to be strong, established and stable.

Why do air folding and sliding doors have a 25-year warranty?

bifolding and sliding door guarantees
Air doors are designed for long life, high performance and to add value to a home.

The extended manufacturer’s warranty in an air folding and sliding door comes about from the way air doors are designed and made. Some facts about air doors.

  • The paint finishes on aïr doors in thicker than many other standard doors and windows with a marine grade thickness.
  • The components of an air door are the finest available in the door industry.
  • An air folding or sliding door is primarily hand made with extra features to boost performance, reliability and product quality.
  • Professional window companies only install aïr doors.

Everglade Windows developed the aïr suite of doors by looking at what previous folding and sliding doors had to offer and making their product even better.

Another important reason why aïr doors are different is that one company only makes them. The majority of aluminium systems are handed down as bar lengths and accessories to fabricators all over the UK. To provide peace of mind with a lengthy guarantee, only one company can make the product. Only with a sole manufacturer can quality remain consistent.

More information about aïr windows and doors

If you are considering new bifolding or sliding doors and would like further information about aïr, please contact us. Also available within the air suite of products are the brand new air mod series windows offering the same high performance and product quality of the doors range.