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The Aluminium Trade Supply Website has a wealth of information for installers, trade suppliers and their related services.

The team behind the site brings together over thirty years experience in the fenestration sector. Meaning that you can find information relevant to the entire supply chain, from systems companies to installation companies.

The content in the trade section covers residential and commercial aluminium windows and doors. With comprehensive information about products, suppliers, services and industry news.

Connecting and supporting installers, manufacturers and systems.

Since 2010, the ATS website has been impartially and independently supporting and informing the fenestration sector. And specifically promoting the use of aluminium in fenestration. Our trade area is for anyone involved in fenestration.

We are the only website bringing together most of the major brands and systems. Also on our website are some of the prominent trade suppliers or those operating via a dealer network.

If you’re an installer looking for suppliers or new product opportunities, contact us to discuss your requirements. We can also help with product advice and putting you in touch with the right people.

We are also pleased to feature trade manufacturers, systems companies and related fenestration businesses within this area of our website.

Aluminium Systems Companies Directory

Our aluminium systems companies directory lists all the major aluminium providers operating in the UK. Aluminium systems companies are at the upper level of the supply chain. The work done by a systems company includes designing, testing and bringing to… Read More

Aluminium Window and Door Fabricators

Aluminium window and door suppliers comprise manufacturers large and small, fabricating residential and commercial windows, doors and associated products. Furthermore, they service the entire fenestration chain, including construction, refurbishment and home improvement sectors. Find the best aluminium window and door… Read More

Aluminium window and door installers

The Aluminium Trade Supply Website has for years, helped aluminium window and door installers with information, products and advice. If you install windows and doors for the residential or commercial markets, our website engages with you across all aspects of… Read More

How does an aluminium systems company work?

aluprof uk doors and windows in a new apartment building The aluminium systems company designs, tests and supports the doors and windows bought by the trade and the consumer. Whilst their primary role is supplying aluminium bars and components, to window factories, other systems companies design, make and supply their… Read More

Suppliers to the Window and Door Sector

Suppliers to the door and window sector cover the many additional products, services and administration required for bringing windows and doors to market.  The upper-tier doors and windows supply chain is an infrastructure of multiple business types serving fenestration and… Read More

Trade-Related Articles on ATS

We have a selection of trade-related articles offering some insight and expertise into products, services and the supply chain. Our product reviews section offers both homeowners and trade in-depth information about specific brands and systems.

Latest from the Trade Press

Every week we go through the trade press and select the most interesting an relevant articles for you to read.

From March to now, the news has understandably been dominated by the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown. No doubt the effects of this will continue through the rest of 2020.

The pandemic has not only affected businesses of all sizes but also impacted on people personally. Accordingly, we avoid anything that is trying to “push” emotional buttons or add commentary where none is needed.