Aluminium Systems Companies Directory

Our aluminium systems companies directory lists all the major aluminium providers operating in the UK. Aluminium systems companies are at the upper level of the supply chain. The work done by a systems company includes designing, testing and bringing to market, the windows, doors, roof systems and other glazing home improvement companies install and homeowners buy.

aluminium systems company windows in a new block of flats
Systems companies create doors and windows for domestic and commercial property.

Who is the aluminium systems company companies directory for?

Installers and construction professionals or homeowners can use the aluminium systems companies directory for specific information on the system and the products available. You’ll also find links to reviews of the major products from the best-known systems companies.

The types of aluminium systems companies explained

The businesses in our aluminium systems companies directory include four types of suppliers and systems:

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How does an aluminium systems company work?
  • Aluminium systems companies providing their component products through a fabricator network
  • Aluminium systems companies providing their fabricated products through an installer network
  • Aluminium systems companies providing their fabricated products directly
  • Related products using aluminium profiles, also classed as a system

The different markets served by aluminium systems companies

Depending on the product, the aluminium systems companies operate in the commercial market, residential market, trade route, or a combination of all.

Predominantly a systems company is there to ensure supply of their products, support their network of customers and continue with ongoing product development in response to changing market trends or even in response to changing standards or Building Regulations.

Most of the systems companies listed also work directly with testing organisations ensuring the conformity of their products.

Systems companies providing commercial windows and doors also operate heavily in the specification market. Apart from providing their products to a fabricator or dealer network, many systems companies also work directly with architects and construction firms helping them meet building specifications. The end result are the glazing element specifying the system as the one to be used.

Commercial windows and doors

The commercial market is defined as not just buildings requiring doors and windows suitable for commercial use, but also developments of houses and flats carried out by developers. Moreover, some systems are rarely found in retail showrooms indicating that they’re mostly commercial or specification systems supplied primarily via the manufacturer route

Residential windows and doors

There are also brands in our aluminium systems companies directly predominantly or only serving the domestic market. These are largely products seen in window showrooms as well as other more residential products such as lantern roofs or conservatory systems. Of course, it’s perfectly possible for these to be used in commercial developments too.

Products manufactured and supplied by the systems company

There are also systems made in Europe or the UK, provided directly by the systems company. Good examples included individual brands of bifolding or sliding doors, flyscreens systems, aluminium front entrance doors, conservatory roofs or glazed extensions. Whilst these may not be systems companies in the broad sense, they’ve still designed, tested and brought their products to market.

Systems companies also fall into other categories of products that aren’t window and door systems but provide aluminium components necessary to their manufacture. Examples include extruders of general profiles, poles, tubes, cills, aluminium angles and other such products.

All the major brands listed

On our aluminium systems companies directory you’ll find all the companies operating in the UK, providing aluminium windows, doors and specific aluminium products.

We’ve provided information based on their products, operations, the markets served and how the trade or homeowner can access the brands. There’s also information about their product ranges many of which are featured on this website.

The main systems:

Smaller or more specialised systems: