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Metal Technology Ltd based in Ireland and the UK are a highly respected systems company and well specified in the fenestration sector, having successfully installed their large and diverse range of systems into some of the finest buildings in the UK.  The range of doors, windows, curtain walling are technically advanced, thermally efficient and well-designed in terms of aesthetics and overall windows and doors performance.

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About Metal Technology

Metal Technology Ltd is very well known in the UK and Ireland for its architectural aluminium glazing systems. With modern design, Metal Technology Ltd products are widely specified by architects and building designers. Within the product range is a complete fenestration solution for commercial buildings, retail, developments of new dwellings, and other uses.

Many manufacturers and installers of commercial glazing systems and trade suppliers use Metal Technology products for their excellent credentials, ease of fabrication, and simplified site installation.

Since 1985, the company continues to innovate in the design of its aluminium glazing solutions, holds many quality certifications and is also an approved CWCT training centre.

Metal Technology Product Range

Quality aluminium profiles, advanced thermal breaks for energy efficiency and product innovation ensure Metal Technology Ltd products meet virtually any design requirement for commercial property as well as dwellings. Many of the products in the range use the Thermal or Hi and Hi+ nomenclature.

Each product when used with the correct glass specification ensures Metal Technology Ltd products meet the requirements for specific U-Values or Building Regulation requirements. Most of the door and window products also come with independent security certification and credentials.

Aluminium Windows by Metal Technology Ltd

Twelve different products are divided into residential and commercial windows depending on the project and specification requirement.

System 1-35 Hi+ is a high performance thermal window with a top swing design for high level applications.
System 5-35Hi+ Tilt and turn high performance thermal window
System 4-20Hi+ Casement Window comes in top and side hung thermally insulated versions. The System 4-35 Hi and Hi+ offers the same opening or fixed design but using a deeper frame and vent section.

For parallel opening windows, the company provides the System 4-35 HI+ POV model. This vent opens outwards equally from all four sides and is ideal for upper level installations or integrated within Metal Technology Ltd curtain walling.

For tilt and turn windows, the company offers the System 5-20 Hi+ model also coming in a deeper-framed 5-35 Hi and Hi+ model with insulation options.

System 7-20 Thermally broken pivot window provides reversible windows for high-level installations. They also offer easy cleaning of the outside pane of glass from the inside.

Where windows need fitting into Kingspan cladding panels, this top hung, fixed or side hung model provides a suitable outer frame design for integration into cladding.

System 15 Secondary Glazed System is used where normal window replacements aren’t possible such as listed and heritage buildings or conservation areas.

Curtain Walling and Facade Glazing

There are six different curtain walling systems suitable for low, medium and high-rise curtain walling projects. These all provide a choice of mullions and cappings, double or triple glazing and a structurally bonded system

System 17 High Rise Curtain Walling
System 17SP High Rise Curtain Walling system, silicone pointed
System 17 Latitude High Rise Curtain Walling
System 17 Cassette High Rise Curtain Walling
System 8 Low Rise Curtain Walling

Aluminium Commercial and Residential Doors by Metal Technology Ltd

Six different door systems provide commercial doors, residential hinged doors, commercial high-traffic doors and sliding or folding door solutions.

System 5-20DHi+ High Performance  Thermally Enhanced Door System designed for domestic projects or medium-duty door applications. These come as single or double doors with suitable side or top fixed glazing.

System 5-20 TS Tilt and Slide Thermally Broken Door System provides an excellent sliding patio door solution where the door tilts back for ventilation but also slides like a regular sliding patio door.

For commercial aluminium doors, Metal Technology Ltd has the non thermal System 10 Aluminium Commercial Door available as a centre hung, rebated or anti-finger trap design. The System 10-35 model has the same commercial door and framing option but in a thermally insulated version.

The commercial door system is accompanied by a range of ground floor framing in the established shuffle or pocket glazed system and in thermal or non-thermal versions.

Also within the sliding door range is the robust System 25 Hi+ Lift and Slide Door available at standard or large sizes and with the benefits of lift and slide.

For bifolding doors, there’s the System 26 Hi and Hi+ coming at flexible sizes and designs with door panels up to 2.5m high.

Where to buy Metal Technology Ltd products

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The entire range of products by Metal Technology comes from a nationwide network of fabricators. These provide trade or supply and installation services. You can get in touch for more details on installers and providers.

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