Aluminium Louvre Doors

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Aluminium louvre doors are sometimes easy to overlook by installers as a specialist product, but often these are commercial door products, glazed with a suitable louvre system rather than glass units or aluminium panels. Advice, information and where you can use aluminium louvre doors.

aluminium louvre doors in a block of flats bin store

Where you can use aluminium louvre doors

In applications that require continuous ventilation or adequate extraction of fumes or other substances, aluminium louvre doors are ideal. The correct system will offer not only the continuous flow of air but also good rain defence as well as high security.

Any kind of commercial or residential type building with a space that requires good ventilation is suitable for aluminium louvred doors.

Bin stores that require a level of security and maintain low levels of smells and clean air are ideal in commercial buildings as well as apartment blocks.

Plant Rooms, boiler rooms, meter cupboards in schools, offices or other buildings are also most suited to louvred doors again where regular access may be required but not needing a fully glazed door.

Typically with these doors which are fabricated from standard commercial door sections they can either be rebated doors hung on pivot hinges with a face fixed closer within a rebated aluminium frame or centre hung with concealed overhead closers, threshold pivots and low threshold for doors that may be required to open in as well as out.

How much do aluminium louvre doors cost?

The approximate price of a single commercial door, 900x2100mm with aluminium louvres is £1150 plus VAT

The approximate price of double commercial doors, 1800x2100mm with aluminium louvres is £2450 plus VAT

Aluminium Louvres are available in many types and styles.

If you already buy in aluminium commercial doors and have considered louvre doors to be outside your scope, did you know that most aluminium louvres can simply be glazed in?

Aluminium louvres are available in a variety of blade pitches as well as being available in simple complete units to glaze into a door or fixed window very much like a pane of glass.  Other aluminium louvres are designed for easy site assembly using simple click assembly methods.

Bird mesh and fly screens will also be available for situations where effective ventilation is required but also to keep out unwanted flies, insects or birds.

Above all, they can be powder coated to virtually any colour and can integrate well with existing building colour schemes therefore the “industrial nature” of louvre doors need not detract from the overall building aesthetics.

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The diversity of locks handles and access control also make aluminium louvre doors versatile, yet secure.

Owing to the many locks, handles, exit devices and access control systems available for standard commercial aluminium doors, louvre doors need not be restricted in their operation.  Bin stores for example that need to remain locked yet with the flexibility of not having to use keys to gain access can be fitted with simple mechanical keypad locks such as Simplex Unican locks.

Where simple locking is required a standard Adams Rite hook lock complemented by pad handles also do an excellent job of keeping doors secure despite any perceived vulnerability due to the lack of glass and the open nature of louvres.

Whilst louvre doors may not necessarily form any kind of fire door or emergency exit function, nonetheless, they can be fitted with panic hardware to facilitate exit on doors that are required to latch shut every time.

When it comes to handles, aluminium louvre doors can be fitted with any type of architectural hardware including pole handles, D handles or cranked decorative handles.

How and where to buy aluminium louvre doors

Specialist trade manufacturers and trade suppliers making commercial doors also provide aluminium louvre doors. You can get in touch for supply only or supply and installation services near you and to find a provider.