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Centor is a multi-award winning company established for many years.  Centor UK designs and manufactures, luxury, expertly crafted and top of the line sliding and bifolding doors.  As well as this, Centor supplies door hardware for some of the best brands in the world.

About Centor UK doors, windows and screens

The contemporary sliding and bifolding door products by Centor enjoy a global reputation for quality, craftsmanship, innovation and long service life.  Bifolding doors from Centor come through a quality dealer network in the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally.

The Centor name is credited with inventing and patenting the hardware enabling today’s folding doors, to be used externally for the first time as well as the first system with fully integrated hardware. Also designed by Centor were retractable insect screens, designed to work with any sliding or folding system. The insect screens provide a solution when any large patio door is fully open from insects and bugs entering the room and especially during nighttime when the lights are on.

As a company, Centor also provides its range of hardware to high-end timber and aluminium systems around the world found in products such as David Salisbury Conservatories. Their hardware is also available to bespoke door systems and own equipment manufacturers.

What Centor and its products are best known for

This brand of bifolding doors, sliding doors and screens are arguably the best known products. When it comes to the engineering, design and overall product quality of Centor, this brand is at the top of the market.

For affluent homeowners and those seeking the very best, Centor is the product of choice. The products feature in many famous properties owned by celebrities and business people.

The Centor UK product range explained

The products available by the company centre around patio doors, insect screens and hardware

Centor UK sliding and folding doors.

The Centor 335 is the flagship bifold door, made like no other bifold. It’s designed for optimum reliability, ultra-light operation and with excellent thermal efficiency and high security. The Centor 335 supersedes the C1 model as well as substantially improved.

Centor bifolding doors come tested to tens of thousands of product cycles including hardware and weather seals. The doors are available with four threshold options including silver anodised. A 10-year warranty also comes with Centor products.

Above all, Centor products offer elegant design, ease of use, smart features like built-in blinds and quality. Also available are some of the best security and weather performance features.

The company operates in the UK supplying its prestigious, luxury and expertly crafted products through a nationwide network of installers. Architects, discerning homeowners and high-end door businesses choose Centor UK products alongside other high-end aluminium, timber and glass structures.

Available from Centor UK are four different series of doors.

The 100 series is made from wood and aluminium, being a hybrid patio door product.  The 200 series is also hybrid, as well as coming with a built-in screen and shade.

The 300 series offers full aluminium bifolding doors with the 400 series being the model with a built-in screen and shade. The 400 series is a full aluminum version with build in screen or shading system.

Insect Screens by Centor

A retractable system for bifolding or sliding doors, Centor screens offer insect protection or shading solutions. Better than aftermarket products, these shades provide the full functionality and desirability of an open patio door product, yet provide privacy and sun protection.

Another huge selling point of Centor screens is they allow the sightlines and overall aesthetics of bifolding and sliding doors to be visible. At the same time these shades provide privacy without obscuring the doors with blinds or curtains. These products are also significantly better than integral glass blinds in most cases. Even better, independent testing shows screens can also enhance the U-Value of the door set.

Where to buy Centor products

You can find our more about Centor UK products in our detailed overview page. Or contact us for more information and where to buy. Centor products come from the UK’s premer installers and home improvement companies and frequently accompany a general range of high quality folding and sliding doors.

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