Centor Bi fold Doors

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Centor bifold doors offer premium, highly engineered and expertly crafted products.  Besides offering folding sliding doors, the company provides also provides single doors, french doors and glazed screens.

centor bi folding doors

Centor bi folding doors, sliding doors for the home.

The range of doors by Centor provides offers discerning homeowners modern patio door products in aluminium and a combination of aluminium and wood.

The entire range is explained here.

Centor Door Products
  100 Series 200 Series 300 Series 400 Series
Material Wood & Aluminium Wood & Aluminium Aluminium Alumniium
Single Door 101 201 301, 341 401
French Door 103 203 303, 343 403
Sliding Door   211    
Bifolding door 105 205 305, 335, 345 405
Cornerless Door 107 207    
Integrated Blind No Yes No Yes
Integrated Screen No Yes No Yes
Fixed Windows   250    
Folding Windows   255    

To begin with, Centor doors are engineered and made entirely different to other folding doors on the market.  Not only are the doors painted after they are cut and machined, but they also have clever innovations many of which come with the flagship Centor 335 aluminium bi folding door reviewed on this website.

The business started in 1951 in Australia and over many years has developed a reputation as an innovator in sliding doors, folding doors and above all the high quality of its hardware. Many high-end brands and some of the best doors in the world, come with hardware designed and developed by the company.

As well as winning multiple awards, Centor has 40 patents for it’s products, designs and innovations.  Winner of the 2014 Best Glazed Doors Award, the 2013 Grand Designs Loves award as well as numerous awards for innovation and business operations. Also a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Technically advanced Centor doors and screens.

If you are looking for one of the most modern and innovative bifolding doors you can buy, we recommend you look at the Centor product.  These bifolding doors can span openings up to 9.3m wide and are available as doors, screens and even shading.  Doors can be made up to 2884mm high and 100mm wide.  The exceptional height the doors can be manufactured in surpasses many other systems. The same doors can also be made as single doors or french doors if required to give you the same aesthetics in your doors throughout the home.

Centor bifolding doors are designed with minimal aesthetics.  One advantage of this is hardware that is invisible from the inside and creating a picture frame arrangement of the bifolding doors from the inside. The bifolding doors also benefit from equal glass sizes with vertical and horizontal aluminium sections being the same dimension at 85mm.

High quality Centor door hardware.

Centor started out as a company manufacturing high quality hardware and this quality is evident on the door products themselves.  Hardware is easily adjustable and features the magnetic AutoLatch™ arrangement.  This clever lock technology deadlocks the doors when pulled closed requiring only a single hand movement.

Although some doors come top hung with gearing at the top, bottom hung doors are also available. Many other businesses avoid top hung doors, however, Centor doors have none of the reliability issues associated with less-engineered and cheaper doors. This is against other systems that opt to have the running gear at the bottom and only guides at the top.  There is no significant disadvantage to having doors hung at the top like the Centor door. Importantly, every buyer of premium doors must see the doors at a reputable dealer.

The colour and material options available on Centor doors are aluminium both sides or wood inside and aluminium outside.  The clean contemporary lines of these excellent doors give a very modern, slim and sleek appearance which will make them ideal for contemporary homes and modern home extensions.

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