Smart Systems Bifold Doors explained

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Smart Systems bifold doors also known as Visofold bifold doors are undoubtedly one of the best selling bifold doors systems in the UK today. Popular in the home as well as used commercially. Designed by the UK’s biggest aluminium systems company, Smart Systems products are widely used, tried and tested and very well priced. Here’s everything you need to know about Smart Systems bifold doors, the range available, and where you can use each one.

smart systems bifold doors showing the visofold bifold doors 6000 model in a modern extension with wood cladding

Are Smart Systems bifold doors any good?

Smart Systems bifold doors are excellent as an affordable and mid-range bifold door product and depending on the model you choose, there are some excellent innovations behind the product. You get a choice of classically styled bifolds and there’s even one product that’s one of the slimmest on the market, beating Origin, Schuco, Aluk, Reynaers and other brands by some margin.

The reliability and overall experience with Smart Systems bifold doors very much depend on who makes them and, crucially, who fits them too. There are multiple manufacturers of Smart Systems products all over the UK, all unrelated businesses. Some offer a better customer experience and product quality than others.

The great thing about Visofold bifold doors is the choice of models available. As a result, homeowners get the choice of a more traditional or contemporary slimline bifold, including one of the best steel-look folding sliding doors on the market.

For shops, bars and restaurants and where sightlines matter less, there’s a heavier duty range of products giving high-use premises a reliable folding sliding door solution. Whichever product is chosen they’re thermally insulated, well designed, secure, functional and weather resistant.

How much do Smart Systems bifold doors cost?

The price of Visofold bifold doors depends on the Visofold model, its size, number of panels, configuration, colour and glass options. Typically, for a grey bifolding door with silver hardware, toughened highly insulated glass and satin chrome hardware, approximate prices, supplied and fitted are:

Two panel bifold door 1900x2200mm high £2200

Three panel bifold door 3600×2100 high £3600

Four panel bifold door 3980x2100mm high £4950

Five panel bifold door 4500x2100mm high £6050

Smarts bifolding doors are supplied by the systems company in bar length to a nationwide network of manufacturers and installers.  You will also find Smarts products in many high street and local double glazing firms.

Four Visofold bifold doors models explained

The current range of Visofold bifold doors comprises three models as well as one modified version creating Crittall style bifolds. Each product offers different styling, performance, size capability and colour options. Here’s an explanation of each model, where it’s best used and its key features.

smart systems bifold doors in a glass room using visofold bifold doors 1000 model

Smart Systems Visofold 1000 bifold door

The Visofold 1000 is arguably the most popular Smarts bifolding door to date that has been available for many years.  Installed in homes throughout the UK it is widely available everywhere.  It benefits from a 132mm sight line when the doors are closed and is one of the slimmer systems available compared to many.  Aluminium profiles are available in either round or square types making it suitable as a contemporary or softline door.

The door benefits from a one-piece lock keep for the multi point locking system, a low threshold and is suitable for either 28mm double glazed units of triple glazing.  The bifolding doors can be made up to 2500mm high and 1000mm wide maximum sizes.

visofold 2000 bifold doors in a traditional house extension

Smart Systems Visofold 2000 bifold door

The Visolfold 2000 provides a more timber-look bifold for homes and commercial property. It’s difference with the other Smart Systems bifold doors is the door corners come in a square cut joint rather than a mitre. It therefore suits a more timber like appearance and it comes with the option of a deep bottom rail as well. Choose this door with the woodstructure range of woodgrain colours and it does replicate a timber bifold in aluminium rather well.

The sightlines at 142mm are slightly thicker than the Visolfold 1000 model but still slimmer than a more expensive door like the Origin OB-72.

This door is also the one to choose for cafes and bars because of it’s heavier duty makeup and the option of more commercial hardware options too.

slimline visofold bifold doors in grey in a glass extension

Smart Systems Visofold 6000 bifold door

The newest Smart Systems bifold doors product, Visofold 6000 is also one of the thinnest bifolds compared with other leading brands.

The styling of this door is slim, sleek, contemporary and it’s at the meeting door mullions this door shines with sightlines of just 94mm. Don’t forget you can even create a matching single or French door from these profiles making domestic doors slim too. The sizes of this door don’t go as high as the other models, only up to 1000mm wide and 2200mm high, but for most existing openings or new build extensions, it’s perfect.

As a latest generation of Visofold bifold doors, this is the one to go with.

smart systems visofold 6000 steel-look bifolding doors in a new extension

Smart Systems Visofold 6000 steel-look bifolding door

It’s true, any bifolding door on the market can have bars applied across the glass, but few look as good as the 6000 model modified as a steel-look bifolding door. Companies such as Duration windows in Essex also make this door for the trade using the heritage sash of the Crittall style french door by Smart Systems and it looks great.

Overall you get exactly the same product as the standard 6000 model, but as an affordable and credible steel look bifold it’s the one to consider with any other brand when you want the industrial or steel look.

All Smarts bifolding doors meet industry standards for weather performance and security as well as being available in a wide range of powder coated finishes.

It’s worth mentioning three models no longer available:

Visofold 3000 Panorama
Visofold 4000 model
Visofold 5000

smart systems grey bifolds in a glass extension country home

How to buy Visofold bifold doors better.

Visofold bifold doors are not intended as super-high-end luxury bifolds. They’re reliable, affordable, widely available and one of the best selling systems and brands in the UK today.

The key to getting the best version of these doors is via a better manufacturer. There are a lot, all making these doors at different prices, colour options and lead times. Some even enhance them even more than the standard product providing a great upper-level version. Contact us for more information about Smarts bifold doors and where to buy near you as a homeowner or trade buyer.