The Council for Aluminium in Building

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Nick Dardalis

The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) is an established trade association that does excellent work in helping the architectural aluminium sector and encouraging the use of aluminium in construction.

Like this very website, the Council for Aluminium in Building has done sterling work in informing, promoting and educating about the many advantages of aluminium.

commercial buildings designed by architects now feature many glazed elements such as windows, doors and curtain walling
The Council for Aluminium in Building is a leading Trade Association representing companies from the entire aluminium supply chain.

The Council for Aluminium in Building has helped the fenestration sector.

There are several trade associations that set up to support the interests of the fenestration industry at various levels.  The CAB is the largest aluminium in building trade association, being formed 20 years ago.

Members of the CAB are very diverse representing well the wide range of businesses, technical expertise, supply and knowledge that exists in the overall aluminium in building supply chain.

The voice of the CAB is an authoritative one that works to promote its mission, aims and objectives, not just to the media but to organisations, standards agencies and other professional bodies that in some way play a part in construction.  Even Government offices have benefitted from what the CAB has to say.

You will also find the CAB heavily promoting the environmental and sustainability message of aluminium as a construction material that is far superior to upvc.

What kind of companies are members of the CAB?

With over 100 members representing more than fifty different products, services and categories involved in fenestration, the Council for Aluminium in Building has an excellent cross section of the aluminium supply chain.

Membership includes the major aluminium systems companies, leading hardware suppliers, well known consultants, technical experts, established fabricators, professional installers and other specialist companies.  Most of the best known brands in architectural aluminium want to be CAB members as do leading powder coating companies and well known people in the fenestration sector.

Can membership of the CAB help you?

If you are in any way involved in the supply chain for architectural aluminium membership of the CAB could benefit you.

One major advantage of the Council for Aluminium in Building is it’s knowledge base and expertise. This website often hears from manufacturers, systems companies and leading hardware companies that have had a difficult issues relevant to construction or products that they have needed help with.  These have reported that the CAB has provided answers, assistance and routes to solutions.

Standards, regulations, good working practices and procedures are far more involved in commercial work than domestic double glazing.  The CAB is very well placed to advise its members about these complex issues as well as producing excellent technical documents and other useful publications relevant to aluminium in building.  If you need help and assistance about CE Marking, Secured By Design, British and European Standards or Building Regulations the Council for Aluminium in Building will be able to help you.

With the CAB working on education, information, specification, professionalism and training in our industry as well as the advantages of aluminium it is the leading Trade Association.

CAB Professional Seminars and events are also held nationally.

RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects hold Construction Products Division seminars that are promoted by the CAB.  Additionally there are numerous regional meetings, events and conferences held all over the UK where members can gather to learn and gain important information about matters that affect them and the industry today.