How DORMA help you specify the right door hardware

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Nick Dardalis

In choosing hardware for doors, whether internal or external, there is a huge choice of products available.  With door sets requiring closing devices, locks, panic hardware, door handles, hinges, fire protection and automation, it can often be difficult to see a wide choice of products in one place.

Product literature and other marketing materials can rarely show you how door hardware works in actual use and in real life situations.  If you are specifying hardware for commercial doors or internal doors how can you see these products in action and why is this important?

Choosing Door Hardware is not just about aesthetics.

Our website contains a lot of information about how doors today must comply with accessibility and fire regulations.  Therefore when you are considering hardware for commercial doors it is important to think about:

  • How these doors need to comply with Accessibility
  • Fire Regulations and Emergency Escape
  • How to choose hardware that will reduce building maintenance costs
  • Doors that are easy and functional in use.

All of these factors make choosing the right hardware and seeing how it works in real life situations is important. For example, your chosen door handle may be too narrow or not have enough projection to make it suitable for disabled users or those with dexterity problems.  Your door closer may be too heavy for it’s intended use, or your chosen panic bar may only be suitable for timber doors and not aluminium.

have an innovative way of bringing their showroom to you

UK Ltd, have an innovative and unique way of bringing their range of door closers, access control and other hardware to their customers, specifiers and architects.  The Showbus has been part of their customer service package for a number of years and is an eye catching mobile showroom that is available for use.

The Showbus is a fully mobile comprehensive showroom that offers you a completely different way of viewing door hardware, access control, door automation and architectural ironmonger all in one place.  It’s available for all types of people to view and gain a greater understanding about how door hardware is so important in buildings.

What will you see on the Showbus?

Step on board the Showbus and you will see hardware, glass, automatic door and door closing solutions.

Door Hardware

These comprise a full range of concealed and face fixed door closers, floor springs, electro magnetic devices, door furniture, panic bars and locks. All of these are fitted and functioning for you to be able to see how they can help doors lock, close and provide valuable safety features. See all of these in actual working environments.

Glass Fittings

There is a wide range of metal patch fittings for toughened glass doors such as locks, door handles and furniture and door rails.

Automatic Doors

The showbus features three types of automatic operators that can demonstrate sliding, swing and low energy door operators to help you gain a greater understanding of how simple door automation can provide solutions for ease of access and compliance with the Equality Act.

This is an exciting and completely different way for anyone involved in the specification, manufacture or installation of doors to see exactly how efficient hardware is in use and to gain expert advice from the consultants that accompany the showbus.

Who can benefit from having the Showbus come to them?

For anyone involved with doors to public buildings, you will be able to learn something from viewing the showbus.  If you are an architect, you will gain valuable information the next time you are specifying hardware for a building.  Door installers  can gain a lot of information about door closing devices and how they can help you meet the Building Regulations and Equality Act.  Anyone involved in estimating, surveying or building management can also learn a lot about door hardware from a simple handle to comprehensive access control systems.  With all of these products you can ask questions and come away with the right information to help you sell and install doors that are compliant, functional, attractive, safe and secure.

For those involved in specification you can request a Continuing Professional Development Course that gives invaluable training to estimators, surveyors, installers and specifiers.

The showbus can be pre-booked to visit your premises.  If it is too large for your own outside space, it can be pre-booked for when it is next in your area.  Contact us for further information.