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Hybrid Patio Doors

Patio doors in hybrid or timber clad comprise a combination of materials.  In other words, these patio door styles comprise more than one material in their construction.  The one big advantage of hybrid patio doors is an altogether different appearance to single-material patio doors. As well as a unique look, superb energy efficiency, extensive colour choice and a more luxurious product too.

What are Hybrid Patio Doors made of?

Hybrid patio doors are commonly assumed to have aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside.  Although this combination of materials is popular, there are other types of hybrid patio doors. For instance.

  • The Kommerling 76 AluClip and AluClip Pro products. Kommerline AluClip offers aluminium profile clipped to the outside of a predominantly PVCu door and window.
  • Senior Architectural Systems Hybrid Series with aluminium outside and engineered timber inside.
  • Jeld-Wen provides both PVCu and timber windows with the option of aluminium on the outside.

Hybrid patio doors, just like their window counterparts offer aesthetics with significant levels of performance.  These are the two great reasons for considering a hybrid patio door.

The benefits of Hybrid materials for patio doors.

Besides aesthetics and performance, there are other good reasons for choosing a hybrid material for patio doors.

  • Hybrid windows and doors stand the test of time. The wood material internally works especially well with modern and traditional interiors.
  • The overall patio door construction is incredibly strong.  Unlike PVCu or aluminium patio doors, the timber inside is a solid section.  Other materials have chambers.
  • As well as strength, hybrid windows are very warm to the touch. As a result, they offer impressive energy efficiency and acoustics.

All these benefits mean hybrid patio doors remain the first choice for discerning homeowners either alone or working with an architect.

Just like other patio door options; high security, long product guarantees, weather performance come as standard.  The exceptional thermal efficiency of hybrid patio doors often gives you the same low U-Values as other doors with triple glazing.

As well as the colour choices for aluminium, the wood on the inside also offers choice.  For example, quality products like SUNFLEX patio doors offer many options.   Softwood includes Nordic Pine.  Hardwoods such as Meranti or Oak offer another wood finish as well. A premium timber stain or a fully painted surface, Tung oils and other products help bring out the grain inside the home.

Hybrid Bifolding Doors.

sunflex sf75h bifolding door

One of the most popular hybrid products is bifolding doors. The benefit of hybrid bifolding doors is bigger door sizes and an individual appearance. Low U-Values, big door panels and excellent aesthetics are other benefits too.

Powder coated aluminium on the outside combines with responsibly sourced engineered wood inside. Other wood options include hardwood, meranti or oak. For bifolding doors in exposed locations, marine grade powder coating provides added protection.

Sliding patio doors.

sunflexuk svg30 patio sliding doors

Hybrid products also come with the latest sliding patio doors.  Just like aluminium, large doors with a chocie of thresholds are available.

Sliding patio doors come with the standard inline operation as well as the ultra-convenient lift and slide operation.  Some products even come with a tilt slide facility for added versatility.  Hybrid sliding doors offer effortless sliding with the benefits of large glass panels and great views.

French Doors.

timber french doors 3

French doors in hybrid materials provide either inward or outward opening, a choice of thresholds and handle options.  Great security and weather performance come as standard.

Choose a French door for standard or larger openings and to create combination screens with fixed glazed panels. These doors work well at the back or side of the house, for balconies and terraces as well as internally with a low threshold.

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