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Windows and doors are essential to any building, whether it’s your home or a commercial project. With the increasing demand for accessibility and convenience, Schüco Barrier Free is a selection of doors for homeowners, architects and developers, creating a better solution for accessibility with improved aesthetics for any door. Schüco Barrier Free are advanced sliding or hinged doors all benefitting from a flush yet weather-protected track or threshold. In this article, we explain the barrier free concept, the benefits and the types of products available with this feature.

What is Schüco Barrier-Free?

schüco barrier free doors with hinged and sliding door in the schüco milton keynes showroom
Inclusive design, accessible living, breaking barriers and better doors with Schüco Barrier Free.

Schüco Barrier Free is a collection of highly-engineered Schüco doors, sliding and hinged, also including some specific window designs, intended to create a smooth, fluid and uninterrupted transition when using the door. Barrier free involves setting the door track on a sliding door or threshold on a hinged design, entirely flat and smooth. At the same time, there is no loss of weather protection or security.

Designed to work better for homeowners and building occupiers in public buildings, Schüco Barrier Free provides optimum accessibility and ease of use, removing any physical step, no matter how small, from the bottom of the door set. By removing physical barriers in the building’s design, Schüco ensures that everyone can move freely and comfortably without any restrictions.

The concept of no physical barrier doesn’t just meet the needs of disabled users, parents with pushchairs, or helping young children transition over the threshold. The design of Schüco Barrier Free also creates the smooth and flush track that is always popular, especially with large glass doors, creating improved aesthetics such as lining through the internal flooring with the external decking or slabs. The multiple-user benefits make this design concept ideal for any homeowner or architect.

Why the Schüco Barrier Free design matters in your choice of doors

schüco barrier free doors showing flat floor and partially open door
Schüco residential door with barrier-free threshold design, opening inwards.

The concept of accessibility in public buildings is not new, and there are even specific building regulations relating to accessibility under Approved Document M (also including BS8300 and the Equality Act, previously known and referred to as the Disability Discrimination Act, or DDA) for dwellings and non-dwellings.

Schüco has taken the concept further with a collection of products under the Schüco Barrier Free concept to highlight doors with the same incredible design and quality you get with Schüco windows and doors and create a more prominent and prominent and visible contribution to inclusivity and accessibility.

Moreover, whilst accessibility is important, doors and windows must also look stylish and desirable. All Schüco products within this concept are incredibly well designed with the best possible styling and sightlines, excellent energy efficiency, top-end security and excellent weather protection.

As a result, Schüco is demonstrating a clear commitment to quality products with cutting-edge design while contributing to inclusivity and accessibility with exactly the right comfort features and design quality-conscious homeowners, architects, or developers demand.

The benefits of incorporating accessibility and comfort with Schüco Barrier Free

You and your family many not consider accessibility as an important requirement in your choice of new doors for your building project or new extension. However, there are other advantages to considering Schüco Barrier Free doors and incorporating its benefits into your property project .

Universal Design

The universal design of flush tracks and thresholds caters to people of all ages. The benefit, therefore, is creating a home that benefits users both now and in the future.

Doors that are always easy to use

Minimising the physical step for your patio doors means creating doors that are always easy to use and especially for visitors to your home that are not immediately familiar with how your doors work.

Future-proofing your home

As our population ages and the need for accessible living spaces increases, investing in barrier-free solutions now ensures that your home or project remains suitable and comfortable for years to come.

Making your home more desirable for buyers

All the benefits of Schüco Barrier Free are equally appealing to prospective buyers in the future. You demonstrate foresight in how you’ve designed your home, making your property suitable for a wider market.

The Schüco Barrier-Free Product Range

schüco front door with barrier-free low threshold
Front doors, patio doors and windows all come with the barrier free design.

Schüco offers a diverse range of barrier-free products designed to suit various architectural styles and requirements. The product range includes balcony French or single doors, all manner of patio doors, tilt-and-turn windows and horizontal sliding windows.

The flat thresholds are complemented by other accessible features such as lower-set window and doors handles and with the option of using additional comfort features such as automatic locking, door closing devices, or even automatic sliding door operators.

Schüco Barrier Free – Conclusion

Schüco barrier-free solutions are a game-changer for homeowners and architects who prioritize accessibility, comfort, and safety in their designs. By incorporating Schüco’s innovative range of windows and doors, you can create an inclusive environment that benefits everyone while enhancing the value and appeal of your property. Contact us for more information about Schüco windows and doors, how to plan them in your project, where to buy and local Schüco specialist suppliers and installers.