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Sunflex SF60 sliding doors, are the latest generation of sliding doors by Sunflex, one of the best sliding door manufacturers in the UK today. SF60 is an ultra-premium sliding door, at the very top end of the market, with significant advancements in sliding door technology, functional excellence and aesthetic appeal. Slim, thermally efficient, flexible and above all beautifully styled, it sits alongside other high-end sliding doors at this top end of the market. It’s deal for architects and discerning homeowners alike.

Sunflex SF60 Sliding Doors
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At the upper echelons of sliding door design and quality, Sunflex SF60 sliding doors are minimalist, contemporary, highly engineered and beautiful. Sunflex already makes outstanding sliding doors with the SVG range and the SF60 is even better.

Editor's Rating:


  • Latest generation high-end sliding doors.
  • Impressive design and user function.
  • 21mm visible frame.
  • Many unique product features.


  • Expensive but worth the investment.
  • Some may not like the site assembly required.

What Are Sunflex SF60 Sliding Doors?

Sunflex SF60 sliding doors represent the cutting edge in contemporary architectural design and energy efficiency.

Engineered by SUNFLEX, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, the SF60 and its counterpart, the SF80, are part of a new generation of slimline, energy efficient sliding doors designed to meet the demands of modern home design whilst meeting customer requirements for design, styling, performance and function.

Made of thermally insulated aluminium and using high performance double or triple glazing, these new sliding doors also come with the best possible components and the respected Sunflex quality, SF60 doors continue to offer similar unique features such as the innovative flush stacking design you only get with this brand.

sunflex sf 60 sliding doors in a modern lounge with parquet floor and garden views.

The minimalist frame design, which includes a 30mm slimline interlock and concealed fixings for a near-frameless appearance, makes the Sunflex SF60 or SF80 ideal for contemporary extensions, larger sized sliding doors and where you need a high-specification sliding door.

SF60 is the main model, whilst the Sunflex SF80 is the version with even better insulation and U-Values. Either model is capable of creating large sliding doors at impressive panel sizes. Subject to the overall design and location panels of more than 4 metres are possible, and they can support more than 800 kilograms per panel, whereas the standard Sunflex doors range goes to around 250kg. As a result the performance and technical capability of this door is impressive.

Doors are available with two, three or four-panel designs, with optional fixed or open corner designs, a flush track option and ultra slim sightlines throughout. Security is impressive, with excellent security, weather protection and the impressive slide action Sunflex are already well-known for with their existing SVG range of sliding doors. Overall these doors

Crafted from architectural grade aluminium, Sunflex SF60 sliding doors use the latest in thermal insulation, sealing and excel in security, insulation, and performance. Available in various configurations, including two, three, or four-panel designs, these doors offer flexibility in design with options for double or triple tracks, open corner designs, and customizable opening sequences. The slim profile is not just an aesthetic feature; it ensures that the doors provide uninterrupted views and maximum glass area, making them a highly desirable option for bringing a sense of openness and connection to the outdoor environment.

Sunflex SF60 Sliding Doors Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of Sunflex SF60 sliding doors are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to luxury and minimalism. The aluminium frames are finished with a professionally applied powder coating, ensuring durability and a sophisticated appearance. As is typical of all Sunflex sliding doors, the components used are of the best possible quality and the design is exceptional.

Choosing upper-level sliding doors is never just about how the doors look. It is about who they move, how they feel, and how these doors are designed and engineered. You need to understand the features you cannot see in addition to those you can.

Sunflex SF60 and SF80 sliding doors use the best possible components, intricate design in the frame profiles, sophisticated sealing and insulation and many other design features, many visible, most not. The entire door set and its high-performance safety glass provide a luxurious sliding door experience. The sliding action is perfection, even at the largest door sizes.

The frame technology further accentuates the minimalist and elegant appearance of these doors. With a flush track, the bottom frame is barely visible at 21mm, and the central mullion, at just 30mm, maximises the glass area, providing expansive views, whether looking from the inside out or the outside in.

This design philosophy ensures that Sunflex SF60 doors are among the most contemporary and stylish patio doors available, meeting the aesthetic needs of modern homes and extensions. Above all, these doors encompass the latest-generation design and quality throughout.

close up of sliding doors looking at the slim rails and mullions.

Technical Information

The Sunflex SF60 series boasts impressive technical specifications that underscore its security, insulation, sealing, and overall performance capabilities. The system features thermally insulated aluminium frames for both SF60 and SF80 models, allowing for left or right sliding configurations with options for 2- or 3-track openings. The range of profiles available with this brand is extensive, allowing this sliding door to meet virtually any design and technical requirement.

Slim all-round, 30mm sight line. No internal or external reinforcing profiles, genuine slim 30mm interlock, slim from all angles.

This is a robust door. Frame depths are 170 mm with a two-panel door and 260mm when designing these with three panels. As well as providing advanced sealing, insulation and thermal performance, the design of the frames accommodates glass thicknesses ranging from 32mm double-glazed up to 54 mm triple-glazing for the Sunflex SF80. This varied glass thickness gets the higher insulation SF80 model down to U-Values of 0.8 W/m^2K depending on the size and glazing option chosen or 1.4Wm2K or lower for the SF60.

Other key technical information includes:

A very clever unique handle and lock design colour-matched to the doors.

  • Up to 4 metres high.
  • Up to 6 metres wide per panel.
  • The unique flush stacking design, where other sliding doors open and look staggered.
  • Up to 800kg per panel.
  • A genuine and slim all-round, 30mm sight line that looks slim from all angles.
  • SF60 = Overall U-Value 1.4 (Double Glazed).
  • SF80 = Overall U-Value 0.9 (Triple Glazed).
  • Impressive weather test results. Water resistance = 900 Pascals 9A, Air permeability- Class 4, 600 Pa, Window Resistance C3/B5

Some other technical features of these new and sophisticated sliding doors extend to how they’re built, used and styled.

Sunflex SF60 sliding door – better for the long term.

All of the sliding doors available at this quality, reputation and price point typically have a bonded design, where the door is made around the glass. A bonded design is essential because of the slim 20mm mullion these doors feature. As a result, the glass adds structural strength and is the primary element.

Whilst the bonded design is widely used now, there are some downsides. First is the use of glass in the factory, which adds complexity to the manufacturing process. Additionally, you are reliant on external suppliers for the glass quality, whereas most installation companies prefer to buy from their known suppliers. Another disadvantage of bonded sliding doors is how you need to handle big and heavy glazed doors, compared to moving unglazed aluminium frames. If access to the back of the house isn’t easy, you’ll need specialist lifting and handling equipment. And this isn’t without its costs and risks when one company needed to crane new sliding doors over the roof of the house, and it went disastrously wrong. Every installer knows handling glazed frames is harder than unglazed frames.

Sunflex has designed the SF 60 and SF80 to be assembled and glazed on-site like standard sliding doors. They don’t need manufacturing around the glass; it’s a familiar beaded construction. Another significant benefit to the non-bonded design is long-term peace of mind for the homeowner.

The bonded design is widely used today, with the Cortizo Cor Vision and Cor Vision Plus, being two of the best known. Should the glass fail for any reason in the future, you’ll certainly need an entire sliding panel replaced (assuming even that the brand and system are still available).

This does not mean the bonded system is a bad buy. But the beaded design of these Sunflex doors undoubtedly means they will only need the glass replaced, not the entire sliding panel.

When buying Cortizo and similar thin–frame sliding doors, do your research on the manufacturer and the installer so you have some reassurance that your product is supported, especially when it is out of guarantee. The longer-established manufacturers and their network of installers are usually the safest bet.

Understanding the Sunflex engineering and quality

Most people buying sliding doors understandably focus on the visuals, and as mentioned earlier in this Sunflex SF60 sliding doors review, the things you can’t see make all the difference when buying a top-of-the-line sliding door such as this.

Stainless steel wheels on a stainless steel track.

You’ll never notice the running gear on a sliding door because it’s hidden under the bottom rail. The result of using stainless steel runners on a stainless steel track is a near-silent sliding action. Even better, the Sunflex SF 60 has a minimum of eight steel wheels on each sliding door panel. Other doors may have plastic wheels on an aluminium track and usually only four wheels. Just like the Sunflex SVG range, the sliding action and transitional movement is flawless.

German Engineering and Design

Germany is renowned for its robust research and development culture, driven by a synergy between its world-class universities, research institutions, and leading engineering companies. German mechanical engineering, in particular, benefits from this culture, emphasising high-quality standards, continuous improvement, and stringent quality control. This commitment to excellence and innovation underpins Germany’s global reputation for engineering and design. This approach directly translates to the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design seen in German-made sliding patio doors, all of which are renowned for their durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

Sunflex has over 35 years experience of supplying high-end aluminium doors worldwide.

Flush stacking design

Just how attractive the flush stacking design is on a set of open sliding doors shouldn’t be underestimated. Every other premium sliding door misses this great feature. The benefit is that doors that look neater and fully open reveal more of the available opening and are arguably safer because the panels are stacked neatly together out of the way. Here’s the flush stacking design using the SVG 20 model.

On other sliding doors, the fully open design is staggered, similar to position three in the images above.

External tracks with colour-matched tread plates.

Another feature, typical of the thought and design that has gone into this door are the tread plates at the door track with a similar design at the head to ensure the doors look seamless and integrated.

Importantly, these plates make the doors look better-finished open or closed and when viewed from any age. Even better, they have practical benefits, in keeping the track clean and free from debris, ensuring the doors always slide on a clean track.

Sunflex already makes some of the sliding doors and tracks for wheelchair users and these tread plates make going over the open doors even better and easier.

vertical view of open sliding door to showcase unique track tread plates

Find adjustment on site

Whilst not something the end user needs to be that concerned about, the design of these doors is all about making the installation simpler and easier than other doors in this class.

From how the doors arrive at the property, to their more accessible glazing method and precision adjustment, every detail is taken care of to ensure an easier fit on site. All doors in this category are complex and need a trained installer. These doors make the installer process substantially easier, faster, and better.

sample mockup of sliding door profiles with glass

Security and Energy Efficiency

The Sunflex SF60 sliding doors are equipped with advanced security features, including a mushroom head lock mechanism for an optimal seal and enhanced burglary resistance. The design of the handles, available in flat, cube shapes, with or without a profile cylinder, and with options for recessed moulds (outside), adds an extra layer of security while maintaining the sleek, contemporary look of the doors.

Energy efficiency is at the core of the Sunflex SF60 design, with its thermally insulated aluminium system and the option for double or triple-glazed safety glass. These features not only meet but exceed the latest Building Regulations for replacement door projects and new builds, ensuring that homeowners enjoy not just enhanced security but also significant energy savings.

close up of sunflex sf60 sliding doors handle

How Much Does a Sunflex SF60 Sliding Door Cost?

The bespoke nature of Sunflex SF60 sliding doors means that pricing is influenced by many factors, including the size of the doors, the specific installation requirements, and the property’s location. Each project is unique, so the trained and approved Sunflex dealer provides tailored quotes to ensure you get a sliding door solution that perfectly fits your needs and project design. These are at the premium end of sliding doors. Budget is usually not the deciding factor.

However, we can provide approximate prices using a three panel SF60 and the enhanced insulation SF80. Prices are for a 4.50m wide and 2.30m high door set, in a three panel XXO design, in a standard RAL colour and double glazed with high specification safety glass. Prices include fitting and VAT.

SF60 Double Glazed approximately £19000
SF80 enhanced version triple glazed approximately £22000

These prices compare very favourably with similar top-end sliding doors. Solarlux, Hyline, Panoramah, Vitrocsa are more expensive. These doors are bonded around the glass, whereas the SF60 is not.

Other Products to Compare with Sunflex SF60 Sliding Doors

Sunflex SF60 sliding doors occupy an ultra-premium niche in the market, recognized for their advanced engineering, luxury, and high-end status. These characteristics make them particularly appealing to homeowners and architects looking for either a top-of-the-line sliding door or one to meet specific requirements. The SF60’s blend of minimalist design, energy efficiency, and robust security features sets it apart, but there are comparable sliding doors to consider at this upper level. Like the the Sunflex SF60, all of these are positioned at the top end of the market, where quality, design innovation, and architectural integration are paramount.

Solarlux cero II

Made by Solarlux in Germany, Cero sliding doors are phenomenal, capable of extreme sizes, with equal proportions all around, and technically excellent. Cero II is probably the closest to the Sunflex SF60 sliding doors. However, the price point of these can make them too expensive for many, with some door sets costing up to £30000, depending on the size and overall specifications.

how to choose best patio doors showing slim doors in a luxury home

Schuco ASE 67 PD Panorama Design

The Schüco ASE 67 PD (Panorama Design) sliding system, and winner of the Red Dot Design Award, is another door with a minimalist aesthetic and outstanding German design, but built in the UK. A concealed frame, slender profiles, low track and excellent specifications make it another product worth comparing with the SF 65 or SF80. Expect to pay around £20000 for a mid-large size door.

schuco panorama design sliding doors in a contemporary home.


Hyline is a European sliding door. Models feature an even slimmer 18mm mullion, enabling maximum natural light, and with options for double or triple glazing. Hyline is capable of large glass panels and full thermal and acoustic insulation. It has all manner of customisation options, including optional internal finishes like leather or cork. Prices start at around £19000, depending on sizes and overall specifications.

slimline curtain wallingfloor-to-ceiling glazing on supply only vs supply and fit article


The Sunflex SF60 sliding doors are the latest generation ultra-premium sliding doors, with unique features, impressive engineering and are beautifully styled. These doors promise to meet the exacting standards of modern architecture and sustainable living, these doors offer expansive views, maximum transparency, and a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The meticulous attention to detail in their construction—ranging from the ultra-slim profiles, flush stacking, always-clean track and sliding action, ensures that they not only enhance the visual appeal of any property but also contribute to its overall energy performance and security.

These doors are designed for the discerning customer where budget is not the deciding factor, but how the sliding door works as part of the entire property project is. You choose these doors because you understand their technical superiority, features, functionality and attention to detail. Get in touch for more information about Sunflex SF60 sliding doors and where to buy.