The homeowners guide to Reynaers sliding doors

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Whether you need to replace your dated patio door or new ones for your building or extension project, Reynaers sliding doors are well-suited and some of the best. Excellent engineering, high specifications, attractive door hardware and a choice of sliding door styles and designs are all available. The Reynaers range of sliding doors promises a prestigious brand for your project. Any model you choose also promises a highly attractive sliding door with excellent build quality and promises a very long service life.

Our complete guide to Reynaers sliding doors gives an overview of the current range available, where you can use them and where each model is best suited. We also cover key specifications, styling and sightlines.

Why Reynaers sliding doors are some of the best

reynaers sliding doors in a belgian house pool room
Image courtesy of Reynaers Ltd. Architect: Uwarchitecten

Reynaers, an aluminium system company, has been around for a very long time, and their products are widely used, specified by architects and chosen by discerning homeowners for their reputation. At the same time, such is the design flexibility of many Reynaers products that there aren’t many projects for which the brand doesn’t provide a solution.

Another peace of mind reason to choose Reynaers sliding doors is the quality of the manufacturer and installer network. Most companies providing Reynaers doors or windows do so because the brand aligns with their business values; high quality products, aluminium expertise and great service.

Reynaers is the system company designing and testing the products. They supply their aluminium profiles and accessories to a nationwide network of trained and approved manufacturers. These manufacturers either make and fit the products directly for the end user. Other Reynaers manufacturers are set up to supply ready-made Reynaers windows and doors only to quality home improvement firms that don’t manufacture but want to sell the brand.

This article focuses on the range available, what each model is best for and the project types they suit. It does without saying that any Reynaers slider comes in a substantial choice of colours, double or triple glazed, a choice of designer handles and colours, and you’ll almost certainly find Reynaers door can meet virtually any design requirement. Reynaers products have an excellent reputation with quality-concious homeowners, builders and architects. Well made and professionally installed, this brand will serve you very well and comes recommended.

The Reynaers range of sliding patio doors

Within the range of sliding doors designed by Reynaers are products suitable for general sliding door replacements of existing patio doors. There are also ultra-modern products designed for new build openings. Reynaers sliding doors also offer a choice of standard or slimline designs, ensuring Reynaers sliding doors meet most homeowner or developer requirements in terms of styling and sightlines. You can choose either classically styled or contemporary sliding doors, starting at two panels, fixed or open corner designs, high-level sliding doors and doors designed to integrate within large glazed screens and matching windows, and single or double patio doors.

Depending on the model and glass specification chosen, Reynaers sliding doors’ best features are energy efficiency, acoustics and weather protection. This brand offers some of the highest-performing sliding patio doors on the market.

Reynaers sliding doors are secure, but the marketing messages can be misleading, implying that standard doors with no upgrade meet current security specifications such as Secured by Design. Some models require additional profiles and alternative locking systems to the standard models to pass security testing, so always seek advice from a professional installer if your doors must meet certain security requirements. With all this in mind, here is the current range of Reynaers sliding doors.

Reynaers SlimPatio 68

The Reynaers SlimPatio 68 sliding door suits new build openings and is designed to offer a consistent sightline to the vertical and horizontal elements.

Available as double or triple-track sliding doors, fixed or open-corner designs and pocket sliding doors, this model meets most homeowner and developer requirements for contemporary doors with a desirable modern look and feel and low track option. Panel sizes go up to 2300mm wide and 2700mm high, and a triple-glazed model provides excellent thermal performance.

Best for: New build homes where a symmetrical door style is preferred.

reynaers sliding doors in a house extension with wood table and floors, showing sl68 model
Image Credit: Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers MasterPatio

Winning a Red Dot Award in 2021, Reynaers MasterPatio suits replacements and new build sliding door requirements. This model has a strong environmental message using mostly recycled materials and will suit developers doing large-scale sliding door upgrades to existing buildings.

The design options are substantial with low tracks, shading and screening options, manual or automatic sliding and also very suitable in apartment buildings as high-level sliding doors. Panel sizes go up to 3000mm wide and high.

Best for: Modern sliding doors with excellent environmental credentials and suitable for high-level installations.

27 09599 2021 2
Image Credit: Manufacturer: Reynaers Aluminium,
Ben Joossen, Vaios Theofilidis

Reynaers Hi-Finity

The Hi-Finity model within the Reynaers sliding doors range provides the solution when the sliding door design calls for hidden frames and an all-glass appearance with an ultra-slim mullion. Designed for new build openings, Hi-Finity sliding doors are excellent throughout providing a high-end solution to similar minimalist doors such as Cortizo Cor-Vision and Cor-Vision Plus.

Door sizes are impressive with maximim sliding door panels up to 3500mm wide or 4000mm high with a 35mm central mullion and ultra-stylish door handle.

Best For: Luxury homes and new extensions here maximum views and minimalist doors are desired.

reynaers aluminium sliding doors in a luxury cheshire house

ConceptPatio 130

Also known as CP130, this is the more affordable and long-established Reynaers sliding doors model, available with standard sliding or a lift-and-slide operation.

In order to meet current Building Regulations, you must use a high-performance glass specification, but otherwise, ConceptPatio 130 offers a highly-engineered and stylish sliding door, that is widely used and tried and tested over many years.

These doors offer lots of design options with low tracks, glass corner designs and great styling with balanced sightlines.

Best for: Replacement of older sliding doors or new extensions with timeless style and reliable Reynaers performance.

reynaers sliding doors showing cp140 model in black and internal corner design.
Image Credit: Reynaers Aluminium. Architect: Bruno Jourquin

ConceptPatio 155

Whilst not intended as a slimline door, ConceptPatio 155 offers bold styling with larger frame and door profiles, because this door is designed for large sizes and excess weight. Reliable, functional and designed for extreme weather and use, CP155 comes as double or triple track doors but can also accommodate multiple tracks creating large-scale sliding glass walls.

Door sizes go up to 2700mm wide and 3500mm high and there are versions that can be severe weather tested, making these doors perfect for coastal locations or very exposed installations.

Best For: Projects where the best performance from an ultra-reliable door is required and bold flat door styling.

reynaers cp155 sliding doors in a modern house with forest views.
Image Credit: Debbie De Brauwer. Architect: Mark Van Acker.

Reynaers ConceptPatio 68

When your project comprises standard door sizes and doors that don’t need the highest weather protection, such as housing estates or suburban homes, Reynaers ConceptPatio 68 provides an excellent and affordable solution.

Despite its simplified but excellent specifications, Reynaers ConceptPatio 68 offers all the modern door design options including a low track, fixed or open corner designs, pocket sliding doors and modern styling. Door panel sizes go up to 1500mm wide and up to 2880mm high with a 55mm central mullion.

Best for: Standard door openings and property projects, both refurbishment and new build.

reynaers patio doors in a modern kitchen renovation with long wood table and white kitchen.

How to choose the most suitable Reynaers sliding doors model

The starting point in choosing the most suitable Reynaers patio door is whether you have an existing or new opening. Some models are only intended for new openings and these shouldn’t be considered as a replacement to existing sliding doors.

The next factor affecting your choice of Reynaers sliding door is sightlines. Reynaers don’t make that many minimalst and ultra-slim sliding door products, where you want a middle mullion slimmer than 35mm. However, with the benefit of having seen most sliding doors on the market, doors with 35-50mm mullions look just as good as the very thin models and can often provide more functionality and features. Our advice is to look beyond minimalist because Reynaers sliding doors will reward you with doors from one of the best brands, that slide effortlessly, are built to last and look fantastic in any setting.

As good as Reynaers sliding doors are, finding a Reynaers supplier and installer offering several of the models explained in this article, can be quite challenging. With six models available, no installer or manufacturer we know off makes every type. Viewing Reynaers sliding doors can therefore also be difficult, but the Reynaers Showroom in Birimingham showcases most models.

Most regular installers tend to provide the ConceptPatio 130 or the 155. The specialist installers choose the Hi-Finity and some of the larger manufacturers are set up to offer the newer models. You can get in touch with us for more information about Reynaers sliding doors and where to view or buy near you.

In summary, the Reynaers range of sliding doors offers an array of choices for homeowners, catering to various design aesthetics, functional needs, and budgets. By combining elegance and functionality with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, Reynaers sliding doors provide a fantastic way to enhance and open up your living space in both new and refurbishment projects. You are also benefitting from having one of the longest established brands in your home, renowned for enhancing homes and commercial buildings around the UK and internationally.