How much does a front door cost?

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Choosing the right front door involves considering factors like size, design, color, specifications, handles, glass, accessories, lock types, and installation costs.

This post explores how each of these elements affects the overall cost, covering various front door materials, from composite and aluminium to steel, timber, alu-clad, and bespoke options. We also provide guide prices for each material to help you make an informed decision.

Factors affecting the front door cost

Whilst there are many ways to buy doors online, these are typically limited in sizes and options in order to keep the prices low and the pricing model simple. Choose the full supply and installation route, and these are the factors that affect the price you pay.

Front door sizes

Very few existing door openings are one set size, so every new door is measured to suit its opening. Of course, you can get doors at set sizes on the assumption a new opening is built to accommodate them. Therefore sizes affect the front door cost because the larger the door set, the more materials, glass and hardware, affecting the price you pay.

One of the benefits of aluminium doors over other materials is they can be made wider and taller than PVCu, composite and timber doors. The wider and taller your door, the more expensive it will be.

Design impacts the front door cost

Next is the look of your doors. With designs including solid doors with no glass or using a combination of a solid door with glass inserts, design affects the price you pay.

Some door manufacturers may group their door collections, such as classic or modern designs all within one price bracket, but this is the exception rather than the norm. Your preferred door design may have more manufacturing time, materials, or glass sizes. Therefore keeping to a simpler design can keep prices lower.

Your front door colour affects the price you pay

It is possible to find new front doors in all manner of colours, and usually, a range of ‘standard’ colours can be the same price. If you are looking for a particular colour or finish, anything non-standard usually means a higher price.

The better-built your new front door is, the better the specifications, the more you can expect to pay

The door price depends on the specifications

The better-built your new front door is, the better the specifications, the more you can expect to pay. For example, Schüco front doors are at the upper end of the market because of how they’re made, the material quality, engineering and the high-end nature of the locks and hardware used. Doors that are tested to Secured by Design or doors meeting particular functional specifications again cost more. With the inner core of doors being essential to its strength and energy efficiency, the materials used here also vary in price as does the manufacturing involved.

Handles, glass, door accessories and lock types also affect the front door cost, with options ranging from the standard good quality glass and hardware to more sophisticated options. For example, you may want an automatic lock or one connected to a home system. Handle types can range in metal quality and sizes, with taller architectural handles, costing more than standard lever types.

Front door installation costs

Finally are the front door installation costs. Many providers give you the option of buying direct and arranging your own installation, although this is not always the best route for a new front door, as explained in this article explaining the supply only and supply and installation route. Installation costs vary depending on whether the fitting is to a new or existing opening, the weight and size of the doors, transport costs and other factors. Always check with your installer what is included in the installation and what is not.

How much does a front door cost – guide prices

Our guide prices on new front doors cover the major door materials giving an example of brands. Prices quoted are a guide only, and we always recommend you get a firm quotation as costs constantly fluctuate.

Composite Doors

Composite doors remain one of the most popular new front doors because they are affordable, secure, energy-efficient and easy to buy. Typically using a solid core inside and GRP skins outside, composite doors come in several popular brands that we’ve compared. Overall, these doors provide a great balance of style and price.

Expect to pay anywhere from £900 to £1500 plus VAT for a basic composite door.

Aluminium Doors

With thinner frame dimensions and capable of larger sizes than other materials, aluminium doors are sleek, modern and built to last. There are many types of aluminium doors, from simpler doors with glazed-in panels like Origin, Dutemann and Hallmark, to high-end flush-looking front doors with a more luxurious look and altogether more premium appearance. As a result, the front door cost will vary a lot.

Expect to pay around £1500 to £2800 plus VAT for, depending on the brand, up to £3500-£8000 or more, for luxury brands like Schuco, Pirnar, RK Doors and others.

Steel Front Doors

Steel front doors are one of the strongest and longest-lasting types of front doors, with superb build quality, visibly secure locking systems and excellent modern or classic designs. Like aluminium doors, many brands are available, but all come with the quality associated with steel and promise an excellent experience in the home.

Depending on the brand, expect to pay £1600-£4000 plus VAT for a high-specification steel front door. Gerda front doors provide some of the best steel doors with an aluminium frame at very attractive prices.

Timber Front Doors

All manner of timber entrance doors are available, and real wood front doors cost more depending on the type of wood, brand, specifications and other factors already mentioned. Timber doors last forever, look fantastic, are warm to the touch and come in all manner of designs and woods, from engineered timber to solid oak and walnut.

You can go with a well-known brand or choose a bespoke workshop, and prices start from around £2000 up to more than £7000 plus VAT.

Alu-Clad or Hybrid Doors

An alu-clad or hybrid front door costs slightly less than a quality timber door, which uses aluminium outside and wood inside. They are the best of both worlds, providing secure doors with high-performance aluminium outside and quality natural wood internally. Rationel and Velfac are two of the best known brands.

Expect to pay between £2900 to £3500 plus VAT for a front door using this combination of materials.

Bespoke Front Doors

There are bespoke front door manufacturers, crafting doors uniquely designed and using a combination of materials, including luxury woods, metals and glass.

Bespoke front doors cost more than others, and you benefit from a special front door made just for you.

Prices start at around £7500 with luxury doors such as Urban Front.

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Frequently Asked Questions about buying new front doors

What are the factors that affect the cost of a front door?

The front door cost is influenced by factors such as size, design, colour, specifications, handles, glass, door accessories, lock types, and installation costs.

How do front door sizes impact the cost?

Front door sizes affect the cost because larger doors require more materials, glass, and hardware, making them more expensive. Aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than other materials.

How do handles, glass, door accessories, and lock types affect front door cost?

The choice of handles, glass, accessories, and locks can influence the front door cost. More sophisticated options, such as automatic locks or premium handles, may increase the price.

How much does a basic composite door cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from £900 to £1500 plus VAT for a basic composite door.

What is the price range for aluminium doors?

The price range for aluminium doors can vary significantly, from around £1500 to £2800 plus VAT for standard brands, up to £3500-£8000 or more for luxury brands like Schuco, Pirnar, RK Doors, and others.

What is the price range for high-specification steel front doors?

Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay £1600-£4000 plus VAT for a high-specification steel front door.

w much do timber front doors typically cost?

Timber front door prices vary based on factors like wood type, brand, specifications, and design, with prices starting from around £2000 up to more than £7000 plus VAT.

What is the cost range for alu-clad or hybrid front doors?

Expect to pay between £2900 to £3500 plus VAT for a front door made from a combination of aluminium and wood materials.

More information on new front doors and where to buy

Choosing a front door is an important purchase decision, but it should be possible to find an excellent door for your home, improving its security, interior comfort and kerbside appearance. The wide range of front door cost prices naturally reflects the big choice of products available. Above all, choose a door you like the look of, at a price that is right for you and, of course, confidence in your chosen installer. Contact us for more information about front doors and details of local showrooms.