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Granada Secondary Glazing is one of the best known names in the UK, providing secondary double glazing products for residential and commercial property. A significant business in this product sector, Granada supplies their products nationwide to homeowners, the wider fenestration sector and companies involved in building refurbishment.

About Granada Secondary Glazing

For more than thirty years, Granada Secondary glazing provides standard and bespoke secondary glazing products and offers retail home improvement businesses an important added value product. Secondary glazing provides immediate benefits to properties with older windows, listed buildings, and properties in conservation areas where replacing existing windows isn’t possible.

Their Sheffield factory manufactures substantial frames weekly and benefits from the latest cutting, machining and production technology. Every product comes with the renowned Granada Secondary Glazing quality, expertise and impressive lead times.

As well as providing secondary glazing systems for domestic property, the commercial client list of Granada is also impressive. Hotels, schools, older social housing, apartments and flats and general commercial property benefit from the improvements Granada products provide to older buildings and their existing windows.

Granada Secondary Glazing Product Range.

The benefits of secondary glazing are well-known. Granada products provide improved insulation, substantial reduction in noise and even better energy efficiency. Another benefit for properties with existing period windows having lower security is providing an overall improvement in window security from inside the home.

The latest version of Granada Secondary Glazing products is slimmer, better and offers an expanded glass range and improved acoustic performance. Gasket lines are neater, joints are tighter, and security is also improved. The Classic range suits traditional windows with the familiar single-glazed design. The Enhanced version comes with options for double glazing and thicker single glass.

Fixed Secondary Glazing

The fixed secondary glazing range sits inside any existing fixed or picture windows and provides improved thermal performance and acoustics. These products come in flexible sizes and are intended for windows without opening or where access to the window itself isn’t frequent. A facility for removing the fixed module for cleaning the glass comes with every product.

Lift out Secondary Glazing

The lift-out design of secondary double glazing is discreet, lightweight and suits older period properties. Like the fixed unit, it’s for windows with minimal access or those with a fixed design. An easy lift-out design enables cleaning or when removal is required for other reasons.

Just like all secondary glazing, insulation sound and security is improved whilst retaining the original features of the windows.

Horizontal Sliding modules

Secondary glazing using a horizontal sliding design is one of the most popular solutions for the home’s existing PVCu or aluminium windows. The sliding design allows access to the external windows for cleaning or opening a vent for airflow.

Slim, discreet and with the same benefits as the fixed and lift-out range, works with casement windows in steel, timber, aluminium or pvcu. Sliding modules come in made-to-order sizes and the option of two up to five independent sliding panels.

All sliding modules offer smooth sliding action and come with the option for complete removal for cleaning.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

Where secondary glazing is required to existing sash windows, other sliding window designs, and box sashes. the vertical sliding option provides immediate benefits to old sliding windows.

First of all is the way Granada Secondary Glazing sash modules integrate seamlessly and don’t detract from the aesthetics of the original window from the outside. The windows slide smoothly, and come with locking and even a tilt-back facility for cleaning the inside glass surface and the existing windows.

For properties where the original sash windows can’t be replaced, this secondary glazing solution provides the benefits of modern double glazing at a substantially lower price, both for the product and installation.

Hinged Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing designed with a hinged design creates opening window modules, ideal for larger sash windows or existing steel windows inwards. This product also hinges from the top if required and offers the option of single or double-glazed units. These products suit larger windows and even French doors in steel or timber.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing

For customers needing a bespoke product in shape or size, Granada Secondary Glazing have a bespoke design and product service meeting most homeowner or commercial client requirements.

How and where to buy Granada Secondary Glazing

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For the homeowner, Granada products come via an accredited dealer network. The trade can buy direct from the company if required. You can also contact us for more information about secondary glazing products generally, their advantages and where to buy them near you.