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Garnalex, the trading name of Garner Aluminium Extrusions Ltd, extrudes aluminium extrusions and offers aluminium window and door systems.  Based in Denby, Derbyshire, the company is newly formed by Roger Hartshorn, previously from Eurocell, Liniar, HL Plastics and other successful fenestration businesses in the UK.

sheerline window by garnalex systems in a new kitchen design

Aluminium extrusions from Garnalex Systems.

Using state-of-the-art extrusion presses, technology and the latest product systems, the business is set up to provide all manner of aluminium extrusions to the trade. Part of the £9 million investment into their Derbyshire operations is the trade supply of extrusions.  Garner Aluminium Extrusions is also to bring out their own aluminium residential window suite of products, residential doors and other systems.  This system is the Sheerline aluminium windows and doors range. 

Autumn 2019 sees the introduction of extrusions to customers with the new window and door products coming in 2020.

The 170 Tonne extrusion press has the capability of producing 4 tonnes of aluminium extrusions per hour. These will be general aluminium profiles and not just door and window systems. The latest extrusion press also allows profile dies to change 6 times faster than older machines, optimising the production as a result.

Faster lead times, more stock profiles and better deliveries are one of many service levels offered by Garnalex Systems.  The key difference between Garnalex Systems and other aluminium systems companies is they produce aluminium extrusions.  Other systems companies buy from external extruders, even if they are in the same group of companies.

As an aluminium extruder, Garnalex aims to provide a reliable supply of 6063 aluminium profiles suitable for architectural use.

The ethos of the business centres around a full UK vertically integrated supply chain. The benefit is giving systems companies in the UK a source for profile dies, design and aluminium extrusions without reliance on the European or Chinese markets. Lead times are shorter and the generally positive message of an overall Made in Britain product. Of course, there’s also the highly positive message of supporting UK manufacturing and sourcing of materials post Brexit not to mention the better control of aluminium prices.

Garnalex aluminium windows and doors.

The Garnalex aluminium window and door systems promise to revolutionise.  Manufacturing, installation, performance and design all promise differences compared to the present systems on the market. Other innovations include better-looking products with more functionality. Garnalex also offers an improved service to manufacturers and suppliers overall.

Companies already using Garnalex for their extrusion supply report excellent product quality, reduced lead times and all-around better service.

How to buy Garnalex Extrusions

garnalex systems

Customers interested in making or selling Sheerline windows and doors sign up to workshops with the training provided by aluminium systems companies generally.

Sheerline is also promoting its British source of materials and associated services by now being a member of the Made in Britain Organisation.  Raw materials are sourced in Wales and the UK generally.  The powder coating of its aluminium profiles carried out by Vertik-Al, a British powder coater and architectural finisher.