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Cortizo is a global aluminium systems company, designing and extruding aluminium extrusions and systems for the commercial and residential markets. With nine production centres, over 3000 employers and a presence in sixty countries, Cortizo is a substantial aluminium systems company.

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About Cortizo Systems

In the UK and based in Croydon Surrey, Cortizo Systems provide their products through a network of fabricators. The company also supplies profiles directly to some larger businesses from Spain.

It’s the Cortizo bifold door as well as the slim sliding product that’s best known in the UK. Supplied under many different brands, for slim sliding doors often homeowners are unaware their different quotations are in fact for the same system. Overall, Cortizo is better known for it’s doors than it’s windows.

For Cortizo windows, many of these remain better suited for the European market with features such as opening inwards operation or tilt and turn.

The Cortizo Systems product range.

The range of systems from Cortizo includes window and door systems, PVCu products, curtain walling, aluminium panels, solar protection systems and balustrades.

Many of these products aren’t available in the UK where sliding doors as well as bifolding doors are most dominant.

Sliding Doors range.

We’ve covered the two key sliding door products by Cortizo, in the Cor Vision and Cor Vision Plus models.

Also available as sliding doors are the 4000 series of products comprising various lift and slide and inline sliding door models.

It’s the 4700 sliding door model offering a cheaper version of the slimline sliders with 47mm standard mullion compared to 20mm of the more popular models. The 4700 offers two and three panel designs with single or double track designs.

Cortizo systems bifolding doors

The Cortizo folding sliding system is another product with several brand names across the UK and designed with similar features to Schuco bifolds.

The folding sliding door product is widely adopted by trade manufacturers all over the UK and provided to installers as a modern, slimline and feature-packed bifold.

Other Cortizo Aluminium products

The availability of other Cortizo products such as aluminium windows, residential doors or their balcony systems is very much supplier/fabricator dependent.

The vast majority of Cortizo suppliers focus on patio door products but it is also possible to find Cortizo Systems aluminium windows. Another recent innovation by Cortizo for aluminium windows is the Cortizo Arch aluminium window. This is a tilt and turn window working just like any other, but with clever hardware, that’s concealed in the frame.

The benefit of this new window product is very much aesthetics as tilt and turn window handles are by function quite a bit larger than regular casement window products.

Also quite hard to find with other systems are Cortizo horizontal sliding windows. Whilst essentially cut-down sliding patio doors, they nevertheless provide a good solution where this type of window opening is required. And with horizontal sliding sizes up to 2.2m wide and 2.6m high, the door DNA of these windows is evident.

How to buy Cortizo aluminium products.

For the British market, Cortizo provides its aluminium profiles through a network of approved fabricators and installers.  Their products are also included in the sliding door ranges of well-known systems companies.

Homeowners generally have very good access to Cortizo products but with many different manufacturers, the specifications and options available vary. The finished specifications of these doors and windows very much depend on the fabricator, the options offered and whether they choose to enhance the standard product in any way.

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You can get in touch for details of where to buy Cortizo systems products around the UK for bifolding doors, sliding doors and their window systems.