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Cortizo bifold doors provide fabricators in the UK an opportunity to sell a modern and slimline bifold door either under the Cortizo brand name or under their own brand. Homeowners benefit from a bifold of good quality, well-priced and designed – but it does depend on who makes it. This article explains more about Cortizo bifold doors and reveals some of the brands you’ll find this product sold as. 

cortizo bifold doors installed in a new extension in nottinham

Cortizo bifold doors review – and why it’s not easy

The many brands available all using exactly the same Cortizo product can confuse buyers. It also makes it difficult to provide a detailed Cortizo review. The reason for this is how this Cortizo system is provided by the System company itself and its network of manufacturers.

By way of an introduction to Cortizo bifold doors and how they’re supplied differently from other bifold doors, it’s worth explaining how they’re sold. All of the major aluminium systems companies provide aluminium extrusions, accessories, technical manuals and training, installation support and ongoing fabricator support.

It’s these systems you’ll find available in retail showrooms as well as trade manufacturers all over the UK. Some of these systems companies such as AluK, Smarts, Reynaers and others work with expert aluminium manufacturers helping them create a more personalised bifolding door and one providing that business with a competitive edge. 

For example, Duration of Canvey Island has done it with one of their door ranges using AluK systems. This is largely the same door but provided with a different hinge arrangement and other improvements and tweaks. Sunflex’s SVG range of sliders uses a re-engineered Visofold product that the business has significantly improved and is available under several versions. 

For systems companies, it’s an opportunity to sell more aluminium profiles. For fabricators an opportunity to create a distinctive product without the significant investment required in designed profile dies, testing and bringing a new system to market. 

Cortizo bifold doors also provide this opportunity – a well designed and executed bifolding door available to make and brand as you wish. And this model works brilliantly already with the highly popular Cortizo slider also available under many different brands, but essentially the same door. 

cortizo bifold doors in an apartment used as a room divider

Are Cortizo bifold doors any good?

Yes. Cortizo bifold doors come designed by a reputable systems company with a significant presence in Europe and the UK. These doors use high quality insulated aluminium profiles with a good thermal break and quality powder coated colour finish. As well as this they provide some of the best and slimmest mullion sightlines of just 120mm. However, the quality of the product very much depends on who makes your bifold doors. 

There are many different manufacturers of Cortizo bifold doors and each of these are separate and unrelated businesses. All they have in common is making and providing the same product. Some manufacturers have higher quality processes and procedures and some of the best manufacturers of Cortizo bifolds include Dutemann, Arkay Windows, Bifold Door Factory.

Therefore for homeowners considering this door, how good your Cortizo bifold doors are, very much depends on who makes them and above all, the quality of the installation. Correctly made and fitted, they’re excellent bifolding doors and are reliable.  So there’s nothing wrong with asking who makes your Cortizo bifolds. And you can also get in touch with us for details of where to buy these doors in your area.

cortizo bifold doors in a black colour

How much do Cortizo bifold doors cost?

The cost of these Cortizo doors depends on several factors, but prices supplied and fitted in a standard white, black or grey colour are approximate:

3-Panel bifold doors with a traffic door £3900

4-Panel bifold doors stacking to the one side £4800

5-Panel bifold doors with a traffic door £6200

Where Cortizo bifold doors and Schuco bifolds are similar

This particular bifolding door model is designed in many areas as similar bifold to the higher-end Schuco ASS70 bifold door product. Is it a copy? No, but it does share some similarities. The 120mm mullion sightlines, the size capability, the adjustable frame jamb and the overall styling are pretty much identical. 

It’s arguably the case that given just how good the ASS70 model is, it’s natural to try to replicate its best features. It’s worth seeing these two doors and comparing. One thing that will stand out is the slide and fold action of the Schuco product vs the Cortizo – it’s significantly better. 

Why choosing the right Cortizo supplier is important 

The multiple manufacturers of Cortizo products mean there’s no standard product. Therefore who makes the door and how they choose to supply it means options vary from supplier to supplier. 

Some manufacturers may choose higher quality handles with better metals. Others may give you the option of locking the bifolds from the outside, others may not. Colour options may also vary. The takeaway here is that all these unrelated suppliers of Cortizo bifold doors don’t all provide the same product even though the profiles are the same. 

3 key features of Cortizo bifold doors

Cortizo bifold doors come with these good features as standard

  • Slim 120mm mullions giving larger panel sizes and reduced aluminium sightlines
  • Panel sizes up to 1200mm wide and up to 3000mm high
  • Adjustable frame jamb, of no benefit to the end user but significant to the installer of the doors

It’s the hardware that’s one of the most important features of any folding sliding door product and again it’s how these doors come and from what manufacturer making them different. For instance, some manufacturers may choose to provide a door with a higher quality locking system, enhanced door cylinders and laminated glass as standard. 

The door comes with thick thermal breaks for impressive U-Values, PAS 24, Secured by Design and Document Q compliance and good weather ratings to BS6375.

Brand names supplying Cortizo bifold doors

Whilst certain aspects of the Cortizo bifolding doors may not be the same from supplier to supplier, these are just some of the brands or businesses selling this product. Established aluminium manufacturers of both PVCu and aluminium, trade suppliers and others offer the DeWall bifold door under different names. These include:

FD120 bifold doors made by Dutemann

The DeWall aluminium bifolding door

The Unifold Bifold Door from Arkay Windows. 

The StudioGlide bifolding door from Eurocell.

The Ultimate Evolution bifolding door from Sliders UK.

The Alutech bifolding door system

Go higher up the bifolding door supply chain and all these brands are the Cortizo Bifolding Door system.  

slimline bifold doors in a garden room

Cortizo bifold doors Review. Conclusion and Summary

Homeowners having seen or offered Cortizo bifold doors benefit from a reasonably priced and slimline folding sliding door from a mid-range brand. You’ll be happy with your purchase.

For the trade, this bifold comes at a price point and other manufacturing and installation benefits of little interest to the end-user. It’s for the trade that this door was created and it does the job well.

Cortizo bifold doors are recommended and above all, a well-made product accompanied by a professional installation creates attractive, reliable and functional bifolding doors. It’s certainly more modern looking than popular bifolds like the Visofold 1000 or the Aluk bifold.  The Origin OB-49 model is probably a closer competitor to it, but the Schuco ASS70 on which it’s styled and designed gives you a better brand and product.