New Ultimate Evolution Bifolding Door from Sliders UK

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Nick Dardalis

Sliders UK is a nationwide manufacturer of PVCu aluminium and composite products. In aluminium, the Sliders UK product range comprises Aluminium bifolding doors from AluK.

The range of premium aluminium bifolding systems on the market has now got another system with a new product from Sliders UK. Sliders UK created their new bifolding door to offer their customers greater choice and a better bifolding door.

The introduction of a new aluminium bifolding door was necessary, say Sliders UK, to help strengthen their position as a well-known and trusted trade supplier of sliding and bifolding doors.

Ultimate Evolution Bifolding Door by Sliders UK.

Called the Ultimate Evolution Bifolding Door, it is designed from the ground up to offer a modern bifolding door that is desirable with homeowners and simple to fit for installers.

Sliders UK has used their expertise as a national trade fabricator to develop a new type of folding door. The Ultimate Evolution bifolding door has come about thanks to the experience of Sliders UK as a company. The Company has also worked with some of the very best bifolding door designers, extruders and technical experts. The result is the Ultimate Evolution BIfolding door. A product that offers several innovations and important features.

  • Adjustable frame jamb on both sides of the frame.
  • Ultra Slim Sight Lines.
  • High-quality smooth bottom running system.
  • Concealed shoot bolt locking to slave leaves with single-point handle.
  • A contemporary aesthetic and door design.
  • Quality locks and door hardware.

A trade bifold with more benefits for installers.

Sliders UK has focused on creating a bifolding door that offers real benefits to fitters as well.

Two adjustable frame jambs on a bifolding door.

The first is the ‘fitter-friendly’ nature of the new Ultimate Evolution Bifolding door. The provision of two adjustable frame jambs, one on each side, is certainly a benefit to bifolding door installers. Adjustable frame jambs help remove any irregularities in a bifolding door structural opening.

With bifolding door openings often being a large span, it is challenging for builders to construct these absolutely level along their entire length. Some bifolding door systems are not very forgiving in the final adjustments possible when setting up the doors.

Adjustable frame jambs are very useful on a large door such as a bifold to help install it plumb, square and level. All of this contributes to ensuring bifolding doors will not drop or require frequent adjustment. Installation times are reduced as a result of the two adjustable frame jambs on a door such as this.

A bifolding doors with a greater point of sale margin for installers.

Sliders UK also created their Ultimate Evolution bifolding door to provide better margins for their installers. Part of this is down to the aesthetic appeal and smooth operation of the product to the end user. The other is the price point.

The Ultimate Evolution bifolding door is priced competitively. With trade prices falling all the time on popular systems such as AluK and Smarts Visofold doors, installers can often find it hard to claw back the margins once enjoyed in the younger bifolding door market.

Sliders UK is appealing to these installers seeking better margins. The company is confident that the many quality features and excellent appearance of the Ultimate Evolution folding door will enable their trade customers to once again achieve better profit margins than with other systems.

Other features of the Ultimate Evolution bifolding door.

As you would expect from a modern, highly engineered folding door, it has been designed to meet and exceed the specifications of premium aluminium systems.

To cater for the bigger and taller bifolding door that consumers are now moving towards, the Ultimate Evolution bi-fold can be made with sash sizes up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm high. This quickly pitches the Ultimate Evolution door against the well known Schuco and other premium systems that can also achieve those big span sizes.

Also available are a choice of door styles, options and opening configurations. Doors can open in or out, slide to the left or right as well as having the option for access leaves, french door options and low threshold availability.

Sliders UK’s ultimate evolution folding door also provides slim sight lines of just 133mm where the doors meet in the closed position. The air bifolding door is thinner at this dimension as is the Reynaers, Smarts and Schuco product. This is not a disadvantage in any way as 133mm to this area of the doors is still impressive and only marginally thicker.

Colour-matched handles and door magnets are also available alongside other colour options. This enables end user customers and the trade to offer hardware choices.

A 30mm polyamide thermal break is incorporated into the aluminium profiles. This large thermal break helps the door achieve better U-Values in line with current Building Regulations requirements and to meet future changes anticipated.

For security and weather performance, the Ultimate Evolution bifolding door is tested to PAS 24 for security and Document Q compliance. It is also tested to the performance requirements of BS6375 Part 1 for its weather rating.

The Ultimate Evolution bifolding door is an impressive new bifold.

We’ve examined the available information on this latest aluminium bifolding door and we think it will be a good seller.  Sliders UK as a company has a great track record as a trade supplier.  They have designed a well engineered bifolding door that offers some great features and the adjustable frame jambs are sure to be a hit with bifolding door fitters.

In engineering and designing this new aluminium bifold, Sliders UK has worked with some of the best bifolding door hardware providers in the industry.  It is very much designed around the “hardware first” approach – a logical move. This is because the design, reliability and quality of the hardware in a folding door is what helps build the quality reputation of any brand.

A new aluminium bifolding door from a trusted trade supplier.

Sliders UK is offering lead times of two weeks on their new Ultimate Evolution bifolding door in a range of standard colours. Special polyester powder coated colours are also available.

If you are an installer or homeowner and would like to know more about the latest bifolding door to launch into the UK market, please contact us.